p1 posted his bank account info and also was excited to announce that he has actually paid turn off his mortgage. That is questioning others to write-up their financial institution accounts as well.

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p2 "I have much more than that yet I have enough tact no to obstacle it in her face."


It means to inform someone or remind someone that you room superior to him or more fortunate 보다 him in a way that is too much to the point of rudeness. That is, you are not simply pointing out your advantage, yet emphasizing it in a method calculated come embarass the other person or construct yourself up.


It method to save reminding someone of what they have actually done wrong. The reference is to training a puppy through rubbing its sleep in whatever it has deposited on the floor.


"Rub your confront in it" go come native dog training but it has an ext do to with pointing out others mistakes and failures 보다 it does flaunting one"s very own achievements.

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I know this to be a while ago but I assumed Jay yes, really misled girlfriend on the meaning. No violation intended.



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