As a lover of herbal oils in skincare, I wanted to try rosehip oil on mine wrinkles and also see even if it is it functions or not. However, ns was a little bit afraid of the smell.

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I’ve review some reviews the it smells prefer fish and other horrible things. But I still believed I’d give it a shot and watch (or quite smell) myself and also here’s what ns found.

What should Rosehip Oil smell Like

Rosehip oil has an indistinct earthy smell. Comparable to various other cold-pressed essential oils, you can hardly odor anything as soon as you open up the bottle. Same as jojoba oil, or grapeseed oil, these herbal oils are almost odorless. Nothing favor conventional creams or crucial oil, which you can smell for hours after rubbing castle onto your skin.

Would you mean a rosy fragrance? there is none since it’s not made indigenous roses however rosehips.

I don’t recognize why however the increased fragrance in perfumes has constantly put me off. And that’s come say ns love roses! however the organic smell the roses is fully different than the one in perfumes.

Of course, rosehips have actually nothing to execute with roses, however there is some similarity in the name and I was a bit concerned whether the smell of rosehip oil i will not ~ resemble rose fragrance.

Luckily, there was none. The rosehip oil v retinol ns purchased is practically odorless.





Conclusion – What does Rosehip Oil odor Like

Rosehip oil, being terrific natural source of provitamin A and vitamin E and also linoleic acid, no have any type of distinctive smell.

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If you uncover fragrances in cream annoying and prefer fragrance-free skincare products, this oil is a perfect equipment for you. It deserve to be combined with retinol and also used together a serum ~ cleansing or in a DIY facial.

If friend are also interested in jojoba oil, i beg your pardon is great to be combined with rosehip seeds oil, this is is mine article around the properties and also my experience with jojoba oil: Is jojoba oil good for aging skin?



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