about (I"d Be) A Legend in mine Time

"(I"d Be) A Legend in mine Time" is a song written and recorded through Don Gibson in 1960. It showed up as the B-side of his hit "Far far Away", indigenous the album Sweet Dreams. Gibson re-recorded the song on the 1972 album nation Green. Typically covered, the tune is commonly titled without the parenthetical lead. Versions have actually been recorded by Connie Francis, Johnny Cash (on the album American V: A hundred Highways), Waylon Jennings, B. B. King, Timi Yuro, and also Frank Ifield, and a live variation by Tammy Wynette and the great Guys on marine Hoedown NH-21, amongst others. Roy Orbison spanned the track for his 1961 album Lonely and also Blue, and also recorded a second later variation which to be featured top top his 1967 tribute album come Gibson, Roy Orbison Sings Don Gibson. A 1973 rendition by Sammy Davis Jr. Became an Adult contemporary charts, getting to #33 in Canada and also #29 U. S. The tune was recorded by Ronnie Milsap and also released in November 1974 as the lead single from his album A Legend in mine Time. This to be Milsap"s sixth country hit and also his 3rd number one. The single stayed at number one for a solitary week and also spent a complete of ten weeks in ~ the height 40. Milsap"s recording transformed the tune from its original 3/4 time signature come a 4/4 time signature.more »

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If heartaches carried fameIn love"s crazy gameI"d it is in a legend in my timeIf they gave gold statuettesFor tears and regretsId it is in a legend in mine timeBut lock don"t offer awardsAnd there"s no praise or fameFor a heart that"s to be brokenOver love that"s in vainIf loneliness meant civilization acclaimEveryone would recognize my nameI"d it is in a legend in mine timeBut castle don"t give awardsAnd there"s no prayer or fameFor a love that"s been brokenOver love that"s in vainIf loneliness meant people acclaimThen anyone would recognize my nameI"d be a legend in my timeI"d it is in a legend in mine time

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Ronnie Milsap Ronnie Lee Milsap (born January 16, 1943) is one American nation music singer and also pianist. He to be one of nation music"s many popular and also influential performers the the 1970s and also 1980s. He became country music"s very first well-known remote singer, and also one of the many successful and versatile nation "crossover" singers of his time, appeal to both country and also pop music music sectors with effective songs that incorporated pop, R&B, and rock and also roll elements.

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Milsap’s best crossover hits incorporate "It Was practically Like a Song," "Smoky hill Rain," "(There"s) No Gettin" over Me," "I Wouldn"t have Missed It because that the World," "Any work Now," and also "Stranger in mine House," among others. That is credited with 6 Grammy Awards and also 40 number one nation hits, 3rd to Ge… an ext »