A preterm child is one born prior to _______ ~ conception
What infant perception research technique involves offering an child a choice at what to look at and also then trying to find a reliable preference for one stimulus over the other?Preferential looking
According to Piaget’s concept of cognitive development, official operational thought is _____.

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logical, systematic, abstract, and also idealistic
Infants who display secure attachment _____.use your caregiver together a secure basic from i m sorry to explore the environment
Sucking, swallowing, coughing, blinking, and also yawning are all examples of:reflexes
Sam is a participant in a examine of moral development. In an answer to the Heinz moral dilemma story, Sam says that “Heinz do not do it steal the drug because if the steals he will go come jail. Jail is a negative place for this reason Heinz shouldn’t take the threat of such harsh punishment.” Sam shows up to be operating at i m sorry of the following stages of moral development?Preconventional
Which is not a component of Bonanno’s theory of grieving?Determination
Chloe is a baby who cries a lot. She does no eat or sleep top top a constant schedule and she often has challenge adapting to brand-new experiences. Psychologists would certainly say the Chloe’s temperament deserve to be defined as _____.Difficult
Which the the following statements about mind development is false?Aside from growing larger, the brain does not undergo any type of anatomical change after birth.
Kohlberg’s model is based upon the ________ perspective, wheras Carol Gilligan’s is based upon the ________ perspective.justice; care
Nicotine and also rubella are instances of:teratogens
Four-year-old Jennifer mistakenly believes the her mom would favor to receive an Elmo doll because that Christmas. This best illustrates Piaget’s ide of _____.egocentrism
Bill believes the his culture expects males to be aggressive leaders who provide the sole income for the family and do not participate proactively in son care. Take away together, these are materials of Bill’s _______.gender schema
Although _____ did not think that society and education play essential roles in children’s cognitive development, _____ thought that cognitive advance is really much an interpersonal procedure that wake up in a social context.Jean Piaget / Lev Vygotsky
By the end of the _____ period, the heart begins to beat, the arms and also legs become much more differentiated, the challenge starts come form, and also the minister tract shows up in human being beings.embryonic
Developmental psychologists usage the term _____ to refer to a person’s gene or organic inheritance.nature
Accumulated information and also verbal an abilities are contents of _____, vice versa, the capability to factor abstractly is a component of _____.crystallized intelligence / liquid intelligence
According to _____, as we age our cells end up being less qualified of dividing.cellular-clock theory
Children of permissive parents tend to _____.expect to obtain their own method and regularly show difficulties respecting others and controlling your behavior
Research ~ above adolescent brain development has shown that the _____ is associated with emotional reactions, conversely, the _____ is connected with reasoning and decision making.amygdala / prefrontal cortex
Which that the adhering to characterizes pubertal readjust in adolescents?The optimal of pubertal adjust occurs in ~ an average age of 11½ for girls and 13½ for boys.
Correct stimulate of Kubler-Ross model1. Refusal 2. Fury 3. Bargaining 4. Depression 5. Acceptance
You tried to play peek-a-boo with your 6-month-old nephew, yet whenever you hid her face, he would cry. You shot it again three months later, and now that laughs and also enjoys the game, do the efforts to uncover your confront with his hands. Her nephew has started to develop _____.object permanence
Janet has maintained her composure in the confront of the death of she mother. She brother, Joe, has gotten in a deep depression and also is can not to face work or family members obligations. These two siblings show up to differ substantially in terms of what characteristic, which shows our capacity to adapt to difficulties?Resiliency
According come Piaget, accommodation occurs when individuals _____.adjust their schemas to new information
According come the circumplex design of mood, a wheel of mood states can be developed from the two independent size of _____.valence and also arousal level
The Cannon-Bard theory predicts that after angry a shocking event, a human being will _____.experience physical and emotional reactions simultaneously
Which that the complying with statements about instincts is false?Instincts space learned behavior responses.
Darrin is a great piano player. As soon as he is alone and bored his arousal is low and also he often gets distracted and also makes mistakes. When he is in a recital v strangers, he periodically gets too nervous and aroused and likewise makes mistakes. His best performances are generally at home when family and also friends are nearby, and also his arousal level is moderate. The sport in Darrin’s performance have the right to be finest explained by the _____.Yerkes-Dodson law
According come self-determination theory, human being are most fulfilled when they fulfill which three an essential needs?Competence, autonomy, and also relatedness
The principle of _____ involves a emotional state, vice versa, _____ involves a physiological state.drive / need
Professor Rothbaum surveys students about their an inspiration for attending college. I beg your pardon of the following responses is the best example of solid intrinsic motivation?“I’m in college since I love learning. Education and learning satisfies my curiosity and also makes me feel prefer a i was sure well-informed person.”
Evan obtained an ugly pair that pajamas because that his birthday. Even though the didn’t favor the gift, he smiled and also thanked his grandmother because that the present since that to be the expected behavior for the situation. Evan’s habits can be defined in regards to _____.a display rule
Setting goals, planning because that the implementation that goals, and also monitoring progression are all aspects of _____.self-regulation
Marsha walk a an excellent job since she knows her performance will result in a bonus if she meets her goals. Georgia go a great job due to the fact that she feeling a feeling of accomplishment when she meets she goals. Both women perform the very same kind of work. That is most likely to execute better?Georgia is most most likely to carry out better
You are feeling upset once your mommy turns toward you and also says “turn that frown upside down.” You revolve your frown right into a smile and also realize that you currently feel happy. This experience can be finest described through the _____.facial feedback hypothesis
The broaden-and-build model begins with _____.the affect of optimistic emotions on cognitive processing
Which the the complying with is true that the sympathetic concerned system?It prepares the individual because that fighting or running away.
According to Schachter and Singer’s two-factor theory, feeling is determined by 2 factors: _____.physiological arousal and also cognitive labeling
William has volunteered to work-related in a war-torn country to shot to enhance the resides of the occupants there. The citizens at this time have enough to eat and drink. Follow to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, what would certainly these citizens be in need of next?safety
You are having dinner with your girlfriend Sophia as soon as she experience a suddenly onset of intense terror, there is no warning and with no details cause. Sophia would most most likely be diagnosed as suffering from _____.panic disorder
_____ space sensory experience in the absence of actual stimuli. _____ space false, unusual, and also sometimes magical ideas that room not component of one individual’s culture.Hallucinations / Delusions
Individuals who experience from _____ have an intense are afraid of gift humiliated or unpleasant in public/collective situations.social phobia
Which the these shows a adjust included in the newest (fifth) edition of the DSM?the removed of aspergers syndrome
David Rosenhan sent out eight fake patients to assorted hospitals, report hearing voices. I m sorry of these best describes what taken place to this eight people?All were diagnosed through schizophrenia, and also kept in the hospital from 3 to 52 days.
What statement ideal describes the relationship between dissociative amnesia and dissociative fugue?Dissociative fugue cannot exist without dissociative amnesia
Marilyn is depressed a good deal the the time and also seeks assist from a doctor. She is diagnosed as having actually a mental illness caused by a chemistry imbalance. Marilyn is most most likely being cure by someone who adheres to the _____ design of mental disorders.medical
Which that the complying with statements around dissociative identification disorder is false?Each personality has actually knowledge of the memories, behaviors, and relationships that the other personalities.
_____ requires a far-ranging depressive episode and depressed characteristics, such together lethargy and hopelessness, for at the very least 2 weeks.major depressive disorder
Regulation of i m sorry neurotransmitter is strongly implicated in schizophrenia?Dopamine
What is just one of the difficulties in identifying world with antisocial personality disorder?They often are able to con also skilled mental health and wellness professionals
Problems in regulating _____ are related to both anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa.serotonin
Justin enjoys city hall pornography top top the internet. That believes it is in everyone’s best interests if he isolates self from them. This habits is not just jeopardizing his job, however it is additionally interfering v his relationships. Justin’s girlfriend is upset that he spends too much time ~ above the computer, and also she is threaten to rest up with him. I beg your pardon of the complying with criteria for abnormality walk Justin’s behavior meet?maladaptive
All the the following are symptom of borderline personality disorder except _____.hallucinations
Your roommate is acting really strangely. Back she has not slept lot in the past couple of days, she says she is on height of the world. She has cleaned and also re-cleaned she closets numerous times. She additionally took all her savings and invested it in a questionable jae won venture. This duration of non-stop task has lasted for well end a week and is in sharp contrast to the depression and fatigue she exhibited previously this semester. Your roommate is exhibiting symptom of _____.bipolar disorder
Joshua has actually received low grades in math throughout his school years. In the reduced grades, the would try to study hard, yet the results were always the same. Eventually, he stopped trying to do far better in math due to the fact that nothing the tried appeared to work. Joshua has developed _____.learned helplessness
Which is the present edition of the group manual used by many psychologists and also psychiatrists in the joined States?DSM-5
Which of the adhering to is a an adverse symptom of Schizophrenia?Flat affect
Jacqueline has remained in relentless pursuit of thinness for the past six months. She has actually been starving herself to with this goal. Jacqueline is exhibiting symptom of _____.anorexia nervosa
When Sandra to be 18 year old, she remained in a serious vehicle accident. Back she do a complete recovery from she injuries, she experienced excessive anxiety afterward. Sandra is now an extremely anxious as soon as driving, has nightmares about the accident, and flinches when she goes with intersections. Sandra has actually symptoms suggestive the _____.post-traumatic stress disorder
What is among the challenges in identifying human being with antisocial personality disorder?They often are able to con also skilled mental health professionals
Xanax, Valium, and also Librium room benzodiazepines that are frequently used drug therapies for treating _____.anxiety disorders
Which that the adhering to statements around psychosurgery is false?The impacts of psychosurgery have the right to be reversed with intensive therapy.
Which course of drugs is thought to law schizophrenia through fewer side-effects 보다 the neuroleptics?Atypical antipsychotics
Dr. Patterson tries to produce a warmth supportive setting to aid her clients improve their self-concepts and to encourage understanding into problems. Dr. Patterson says tiny to her depressed client. Instead, she waits for him to express his feelings and for the to decide what he desires to do about his problems. This focus on encouraging self-reflection shows that Dr. Patterson is practicing _____.client-centered therapy
Prozac, Paxil, and also Zoloft space what kind of antidepressant drugs?Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)
Dr. Billings is a therapist who specializes in psychoanalysis. The varieties of methods that she is likely to use would incorporate _____.free association, dream interpretation, transference, and interpreting the client’s resistance to stating painful memories
Your psychotherapist asks you to “free associate.” What room you gift asked come do?You room being inquiry to just “talk” in one undirected way without reflecting on what friend are about to say.
Systematic desensitization entails _____.pairing a fear stimulus with a state of deep be sure by being exposed to feared situations in a progressive hierarchical fashion
Which that the following is true the neuroleptic drugs?If one individual through schizophrenia stops taking neuroleptic drugs, the symptoms return.
Which that the complying with is a behavior therapy based upon classical conditioning?aversive therapy
A psychologist who methods cognitive treatment might shot to assist a patient that suffers indigenous a significant depressive disorder by _____.trying to acquire the patient to stop having actually irrational thoughts and dysfunctional attitudes
Research reflects that _____ is the most crucial determinant of therapy outcome.the high quality of the client's participation
Electroconvulsive treatment (ECT) is a treatment occasionally used because that _____.depression
Research top top the efficiency of psychotherapy _____.clearly mirrors that psychotherapy works
Which of the following features of group therapy helps individuals who share a psychological disorder observe that others feeling anguish and also suffering together well?universality
One facet of household therapy is the idea the a family member’s symptoms are a function of the family members relationships. If, for example, a teenage kid is the scapegoat the the parents, which family members therapy technique would be the most ideal to use?detriangulation
Which of the complying with forms of treatment counts on paraprofessionals?self-help groups
Which view encourages civilization to recognize themselves and also to thrive personally, through a clinical focus on self-healing capacities?humanist
Luanne is being treated for depression ~ a breakup with her boyfriend. She therapist points the end that she thoughts, and also not the case itself, cause her depression. Luanne’s therapist seems to exercise _____ therapy.

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beck's cognitive
Lithium is an effective _____ drug.mood-stabilizing