I have been assigned to create a database. The information offered was to develop the database partly from ms Excel, therefore I established how to income the data and also create different tables that pertain to mine task.

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I am, however, unable to create any relationships in between MS accessibility tables. I have double checked the the data types are the same between corresponding tables.

For example:

Table Vendor:

VendorID (autonumber) VendorName (short text)

...that i am do the efforts to affix to a seller field (short text) in ~ a Product detail table.

I think among the worries may be the there is duplicate information in the tables since the same merchants pop increase multiple times.

I have currently created a find query and form but the does not work: I suspect this is as result of a absence of relationships between tables.

ms-access relational-database ar relationship primary-key
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Make certain you have actually your VendorID collection as the same datatype in both the tables.

N.B: also if that is stored as a number, make sure they are both long integers. The duplicates shouldn"t stop you from developing a relationship: duplicates limit only once you shot and develop a relationship v referential integrity.

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I had the exact same issue. In one table I had guestID together a primary vital with the AutoNumber format, and had a 1 to countless relationship through guestID in a various table. Ns must have actually put the style to brief Text by accident, so as soon as I readjusted it come Number, it removed the problem.

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answered might 25 "16 at 15:50

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