Red warm Chili Peppers Co. Had actually the following task in its many recent year of operations.

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(a) purchase of equipment.

(b) Redemption of binding payable.

(c) sale of building.

(d) Depreciation.

(e) Exchange of equipment for furniture.

(f) Issuance of capital stock.

(g) Amortization that intangible assets.

(h) purchase of treasury stock.

(i) Issuance that bonds because that land.

(j) Payment of dividends.

(k) increase in interest receivable on note receivable.

(l) Pension price exceeds amount funded.


Classify the items as

(1) Operating—add to net income;

(2) Operating—deduct from network income;

(3) Investing;

(4) Financing; or

(5) significant non-cash investing and financing activities.

Use the indirect method.

Intangible legacy An intangible legacy is a resource controlled through an reality without physics substance. Unlike other assets, one intangible asset has actually no physical existence and also you can not touch it.Types of Intangible Assets and also ExamplesSome instances are patented...

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