Hello and welcome the a step-by-step overview of Draconic manage program. A item of password made by XyFreak come ensure that your draconic reactor becomes a "set it and also forget it" power system. Prior to we move onto the overview I would like to state that you must read everything carefully as a basic mistake in adhering to the steps have the right to lead to catastrophic results. I would recommend having at least 1 exchange rate RF in your power storage before beginning this reactor. Any how, let"s obtain right into the guide! Building the Reactor

This will certainly be separated into more spoilers with screenshots just so everything stays clean and also tidy. If you men have any kind of problems in running this program/building this reactor climate feel totally free to afternoon me top top discord or ~ above the bromheads.tvs.

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Materials List

Let"s obtain on with the purchase list. Friend will need (in bespeak of appearence in the screenshot above):

Some structure blocks4 Reactor Stabilizers2 Flux Gates1 Reactor Core1 Reactor power Injector3 Adapters4 Draconic energy I/O Crystals8 Awakened Draconium Block (Depends on just how much fuel you desire to add, 8 is max limit)1 crystal Binder1 Computer situation (Tier 3)12 display (Tier 3) (You deserve to customise the size too)1 Keyboard1 Analyzer (Open Computers)Some cable1 EEPROM (Lua Bios)1 OpenOS Floppy Disk 1 difficult Disk (Tier 3)1 main Processing Unit (Tier 3)1-2 storage (Tier 3.5) (Tier 2 and also 3 Should work aswell, haven"t tested)1 Network Card1 web Card1 Graphics card (Tier 3)

Start off with acquiring 4 blocks over the floor as shown in the pic and have a street of 3 blocks in-between the reactor core and also stabilizers as presented in the images below:

Now you need to include the Reactor power injector top top the floor with a flux gate below it. The flux gate"s arrowhead should it is in pointing in the direction of the Injector. Location the adapter right next to it as displayed in the pic below.

Then, location a flux door behind one of the reactor stabilizers such the the arrowhead on the side of the flux door is pointing away from the stabilizer. Afterwards, you just need to add 2 adapters come the sides of both Reactor stabilizer and also Flux gate.

Here are some controls because that the draconic crystals before we acquire into the steps:

Shift Rightclicking v an north hand ~ above the crystals alters the Input/Output setting of themShift Rightclicking v the decision binder selects the very first crystal you great to bind and also highlights the on your display (Denoted through a environment-friendly box) Rightclicking top top the 2nd crystal will bind the two together successfuly

First we are going to take a look at the power Injector side. Place a decision at the bottom the the flux door and set it to output mode. Now set the crystal which is attached to your power storage device to intake mode and also bind them with each other as presented in the images below:

Now we space going come configure the I/O Crystals at the Stabilizer"s flux gate. Collection the decision attached to the flux gate into Input setting and collection the crystal attached to your power storage system to calculation mode. Tie them with each other via decision binder and this have to be the result:

First thing"s first, add the tier 3 monitor, I determined a 4x3 one together it finest suits my requirements for a readable-looking GUI. Girlfriend can select whatever dimension you fancy. 

Next, include the computer attached come the monitor through a RF power source to save it powered.

Afterwards, connect the 3 adapters and also the computer via cable so they continue to be linked and functional.

Next, add the materials into the computer and also press the power switch to rotate it on.

Finally, add a key-board somewhere on the screen so you can install the program.

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Okay therefore after you have actually pressed the strength on button, you"ll need to follow the following steps on your monitor (Right click it to access):

Execute "install" in her monitor. Girlfriend will have to install the OpenOS software first. (Type in Y if the asks for Y/n questions). Run "dc_installer" to download the files. Paste in the command "pastebin get mv2QEQHx /etc/draconic_control.cfg". This will install the record in the /etc/ catalog which is required.Type in "edit /etc/draconic_control.cfg and you"ll view that the addresses room filled in with momentary XXXX, YYYY and also ZZZZ"s. Friend will have to readjust this come the actual deal with of the components. For now simply hit to escape to exit the screen. Grab an analyzer and shift click ~ above the three adapters, lock should provide you the addresses of the block such together this:
 Click on your monitor again and remember the middle-mouse dough trick.Replace the XXXX, additionally denoted together the reactorAddress through the resolve produced through the adapter alongside the Stabilizer.Replace the YYYY, likewise denoted together the fluxGateDrainbanAddress through the resolve produced by the adapter beside the Flux door attached come the Reactor power Injector.Replace the ZZZZ, additionally denoted together the fluxGateOutputAddress with the attend to produced through the adapter alongside the Flux door attached to the stabilizer. Press "Ctrl + S" to conserve the file and "Ctrl + W" come exit. Then, run the two regulates "draconic_control start" and also afterwards, "dc_gui" Finally, hit the charge button in the reactor"s stabilizer GUI allow fail-safe setting aswell. As soon as it"s done charging, press the activate button and you"re all set! 

Note:  Each adapter in the world has a different resolve aka you cant copy paste your harddrive in an additional setup and hope it works. You have to examine and adjust the addresses each time you do a new setup somewhere else.

Here"s a video of me installing the program as displayed in the step-by-step textual tutorial. Please forgive the horrible high quality of open computer systems screen as my laptop"s display screen isn"t large enough come render it every perfectly.Side Note: i will shot to make a much better video top top this soon