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The experienced Supervisor is the second episode that Quan Zhi Gao Shou (The king Avatar) the aired on April 7th, 2017 alongside Episode 1.

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At green Forest, resting Moon proceeds to struggle the Midnight Phantom Cat native the previous episode. Seeing the his instance is hopeless, he tries come suck up to Lord Grim, yet he just gets brushed off. Through his attempt unsuccessful, the Midnight Phantom Cat jumps on top of him. This leads his HP to drainpipe to 0. Lord Grim choose up his weapon, the Myriad Manifestation Umbrella, which transforms right into a battle lance, and the aggro transforms to him together the just one left in the party.

Chen Guo wakes increase from her nap to see Ye Xiu play the game at a slow pace. Once she looks in ~ his screen, she watch the device announcement popular music up proclaiming lord Grim gaining the first kill for the Midnight Phantom Cat. This excites her, and she shakes and smacks the ago of Ye Xiu when she sees that he additionally got a skill book. He exits the loot display to view that the civilization chat is gift spammed by resting Moon and his groupies claiming mr Grim stole the boss. Ye Xiu explains the instance to her, i beg your pardon leads her to be upset by the shamelessness of sleeping Moon. Seeing Ye Xiu is calm, she asks the if he is mad, and also he replies that he is, though he doesn’t have actually to display it. She many thanks him because that lending she his coat, and goes to sleep.

Because of sleeping Moon’s spamming, Ye Xiu has actually trouble joining another group. He sees resting Moon and his group needing one much more player and also heads end there to sign up with their group. Sleeping Moon tells everyone of lord Grim’s alleged misdeeds again, only for that to inquiry to join their group. They permit him right into the group and also head to Green forest with plan of killing him off later.

At green Forest, Ye Xiu is leisurely carrying the group through the raid, going as much as soloing the ceo Livid shadow Cat. Seeing the Green forest is a hopeless situation and also they will not be able to kill lord Grim there, they rather go come Spider cavern once mr Grim will level 10.

The situation in Spider cavern continues v Lord Grim leading the group. Suddenly, spiders falls from the ceiling, but Lord Grim does a 180-degree win in the wait to death off the small spiders. He proceeds to hit alone, hitting a 17-hit combo. Afterwards, the ceo comes crashing in through the small entrance through Lord Grim rushing come engage. The 4 from the full Moon Guild room surprised the he is transferring them through the raid and hitting the boss four times in the waiting (which requires 170 APM). Lock deduce the his APM is well above 200, top them to think they have actually no opportunity of killing him.

Suddenly, the system announcement come on, congratulating lord Grim and also his group for the first clear in ~ Spider Cave. The scene transforms to Blue River and also his team who were 10 seconds too late from gaining the very first clear at Spider Cave, lot to the groups dismay. Blue river tells his group to uncover out that Lord Grim is.

The scene changes back to Ye Xiu and his group; everyone yet Sleeping Moon is sucking as much as him. Sleeping Moon runs as much as Lord Grim and tells him he will catch up come him, just for him to reply, “Good luck.” after ~ this exchange, castle run right into the concealed Boss Spider Emperor, and also Lord Grim speak them the he can kill the under some conditions. They do him party leader and also he rushes to connect it.

He strikes down on the Spider Emperor, and also gives everyone coordinates of wherein to stand. The rushes in the direction of it again and also slides under the boss, striking it from the back. It unexpectedly spurts out eggs from which small spiders popular music out. Lord Grim regulates them to start the attack on the Spider Emperor. Though resting Moon doesn’t do it over time to his position, mr Grim provides Shadow Clone to teleport to sleeping Moon’s position and do his project for him.

He continues to communicate it through the others forcing the Spider Emperor to be paralyzed. This shocks everyone due to the fact that they’ve never combated like this before, though he speak them to continue to be focused and also keep the rate up.

The step switches back to Blue River and his group about the case of mr Grim. That is given the summary of the situation between Lord Grim and Sleeping Moon. An additional system notice pops up announcing the very first Spider Emperor kill, congratulating mr Grim and also his team again. This reasons Blue river to panic, and also he finds the end Herb Garden and also Tyrannical ambitious had obtained the various other two covert Boss very first kills.

Back at the Happy web Cafe, Ye Xiu is looking at his materials, however then as soon as he close the door his inventory, that sees a bunch of friend invites native Blue River. Blue flow greets and introduces himself to lord Grim, explaining that he is one of the Five good Experts that Blue Rain. As soon as Lord Grim replies, Blue flow invites that to sign up with his team in ~ Frost Forest and also tells lord Grim they need a an initial clear. Ye Xiu rebuffs him and also tells Blue flow his problems of what he wants in return, this being rare materials. When 8 White wolf Fangs mister up, Blue flow spits his drink and replies with a sweating emoticon. Ye Xiu continues to it is in heartless, requesting an ext and more. They ultimately agree on the deal.

Noon arrives, and also Ye Xiu, that thinks the is morning, goes come greet Chen Guo. He tells she he gained three device announcements, i beg your pardon shocks Chen Guo. The tells she he’s going to sleep, yet suddenly remembers, his sleeping plan hasn’t been presented to him yet. She bring away him come a nice looking area, and he tells her she’s as well kind, yet then is carried to the storage room. She feeling bad about it, yet Ye Xiu tells her there’s no require as a bed come sleep in is well enough. As soon as she tries come tell that the ceiling is a little too thin, she see’s that he has already fallen asleep and leaves.

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Afternoon comes, and the cafe is dark through the news on. Excellent Era announced the their captain, Ye Qiu, chose to retire and also refused any type of offers for other positions in ~ the club. Ye Xiu feels an extremely emotional throughout this time, which causes a remind of him utilizing One fall Leaf. He goes external to smoke, yet sees Chen Guo exterior crying. She asks if he has any type of tissues, only for him to offer among his cigarettes. However, once he look at her angry face, he goes to fetch part for her. Chen Guo heads ago inside afterwards, when Ye Xiu looks throughout the street to see wonderful Era’s building. The scene ends through him walking away from his present position.