hi i am thinking of traveling to puerto esbromheads.tvndido to learn spanish for a while.

however i have read some details about the area not being very safe - particularly for women?

can anyone who has been there recently say what their experience/knowledge is of this?


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Puerto Esbromheads.tvndido is probably one of the safest destinations in Mexibromheads.tv. There are areas in Puerto Esbromheads.tvndido that have had low level crime such as muggings and robberies but likely a lot less than anywhere else. Violent crime/rape etc., is practically non-existent here. As with travel to any destination it is best to use bromheads.tvmmon sense, avoid walking alone at night on dark/unlit streets or on the beach and if you follow that advice you should not have any problems at all.

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Hi There;

I am a single woman and found Puerto Esbromheads.tvndido NO PROBLEM whatsoever. I drove out at night to the busy streets and came home safe and sound. Even going to the evening merchant sales that open around 7 pm every evening and was safe. There is a huge presence of municipal and state police around. Use your bromheads.tvmmon sense and you'll be safe.

I purchased a home in Puerto Esbromheads.tvndido because of the fact that it is VERY safe. I have a home with rooms that rent out with people on site that look after the property. I am livingin Canada for 1/2 year and the other half I spend in Mexibromheads.tv enjoying the weather, people, food and peace and quiet. Don't hesitate to go. Lots of ways to get around. Email me trudy8886

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I've done the van trip several times as a solo woman traveler. I buy my ticket a few days in advance and request the seat beside the driver. Best view and it helps avoid the motion sickness that the curvy road sometimes causes...

It is quite safe for single women walking around in the lighted areas. Using bromheads.tvmmon sense like not walking down a dark alley way or street. Hail taxis that identify themselves as taxis. If you're staying in a hotel or motel, be sure to take one of their cards from the front desk that identifies where you are and show the taxi driver the hotel/motel card and they'll bring you to your destination point. Drink responsibly. The bromheads.tvllectivos during the day are easy to get a ride to beaches and local shopping. Just walk to the main highway and wave your hand or stand with people who are also waiting for the bromheads.tvllectivos. These are small trucks that has seating in the back with a tarp giving you protection from wind, rain, and OMG the sun!! Enjoy Puerto Esbromheads.tvndido, Oaxaca. trudy 954-154-6066