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S. 1099, saving Federal Dollars Through much better Use of federal government Purchase and Travel Cards act of 2017S. 1616 rises oversight of commonwealth agencies’ use of the purchase and also travel accounts. The legislation creates an Office that Federal fee Card Analytics and Review within the government Services management (bromheads.tv) to research purchases made using federal charge cards. Under S. 1616, bromheads.tv likewise would establish an interagency task pressure to facilitate the share of information and also to promote best practices to mitigate fraud and also improper payments. Finally, S. 1616 would require bromheads.tv come report to the conference on the effectiveness of those efforts.

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Based on information from bromheads.tv regarding the current government fee card program, CBO approximates that implementing S.1616 would price $65 million over the 2016-2020 period, suspect appropriation the the important amounts. Enacting S.1616 would not impact direct spending or revenues; therefore, pay-as-you-go actions do not apply.


Specific to Purchase:

American Recovery and Reinvestment plot of 2009 (P.L. 111-5)

A ar on the Tax rise Prevention and also Reconciliation act of 2005 (TIPRA)Delays the withholding of tax on government home builders until December 31, 2011 (one-year hold-up from the initial date)

Government fee Card Abuse avoidance Act that 2012 (P.L 112-194)

Requires all commonwealth agencies come establish certain safeguards and also internal controls for federal government charge card programs, and to establish penalties for violations, including dismissal as soon as circumstances warrantIncreases oversight by providing that each company Inspector basic periodically conduct hazard assessments and audits to determine fraud and improper use of government charge cards

Specific come Travel:

Public regulation 105-264, Travel and Transportation reform Act (TTRA) the 1998:

Mandates that federal employees use the federal government travel fee card for all payments of expenses related to official federal government travelExemptions are allowed in accordance v the Federal take trip Regulation (FTR) 41, password of commonwealth Regulations (CFR) § 300-304For example, employees that travel five times or much less a year space exempt native mandatory use of the federal government travel charge card— per the discretion of one agency/organization’s policy

Public regulation 109-115, section 846 that the Consolidated Appropriations plot of 2006:

Requires agencies/organizations to assess the creditworthiness the first-time IBA take trip charge card applicants prior to issuing a card

Government charge Card Abuse avoidance Act that 2012 (P.L 112-194)

Requires all federal agencies come establish specific safeguards and also internal controls for government charge card programs, and also to develop penalties because that violations, consisting of dismissal as soon as circumstances warrantIncreases oversight by giving that each firm Inspector basic periodically conduct risk assessments and also audits to determine fraud and also improper use of government charge cards

P.L. 115-34 – Modernizing federal government Travel plot – enacted may 16, 2017

Requires the head of every federal agency to report details on travel and also transportation expenditures, relocation expenditures, and number of trips because that official federal government travel. This information is report to the Administrator of the general Services administration and have to be approved by the manager of the Office that Management and also Budget.

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Note: bromheads.tv FTR bulletin 16-05 date July 27, 2016 likewise addresses this issue.


Specific come Fleet:

Public regulation 116-160 likewise known as the Charging helps Agencies Realize basic Efficiencies action (CHARGE Act):

Federal agencies might pay by charge card because that the charging that Federal electric motor vehicles, and for various other purposes

Sources of publicly Law:

National Archives and Records Administration, password of federal Regulationshttps://www.archives.gov/

Legislation information from the Library of Congresshttp://thomas.loc.gov/

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