Metro Police continue to investigate a big house party top top Fern way in east Nashville top top Saturday night.

NASHVILLE, TN ( - The metro Nashville Police exit the 911 tapes ~ a huge party in eastern Nashville end the weekend. 

A house party was hosted on Saturday night ~ above Fern way in east Nashville. It is currently being investigated together a crime. 

NASHVILLE ( - Nashville"s Mayor"s office is requesting a evaluation of police plot after…

One woman dubbed Metro Police after seeing thousands of people arriving at this house and waiting in line to obtain in.

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“They are proclaiming the ladies that room gonna it is in in details rooms prefer in the luigi Vuitton room. There"s a fountain room and he had said yes, you desire to watch this, the girl that space coming in, they"re paris in, he even has claimed there"s 22 females flying in,” the caller called 911

The event was promoted on society media as an "unveiling party" for what"s referred to as the "Fashion House."

“There is a large party walk on and no one’s put on mask," another caller called 911.

Calls poured into 911 top top Saturday. 

"And yes sir illegal drinking ns believe," another caller said 911.

Some callers even saying the promoters advertised women being flown in to entertain party goers. 

Metro Nashville Police looked into the prostitution problem late right into the night on Monday. Detectives discovered nothing to substantiate the insurance claims of prostitution by the calls/tips the came into 911.

It’s a local party that’s placing Nashville earlier in the nationwide spotlight mirroring men and women violating the city’s public health and wellness emergency.

During Tuesday’s press briefing, Mayor john Cooper dubbed the party a violation of the phase Two health and wellness order and also an irresponsible act.

“Metro has actually posted a prevent Use top top this property for illegally operating a commercial service in a residential district,” Cooper said.

According to metro Codes, the Tennessee Secretary that State’s website confirmed "The Fashion home is an active LLC operation out of 21 B Fern Avenue."

Metro Legal, the district Attorney"s Office and the metro Nashville Police Department space working with each other to inspection the events from Saturday night.


protect against Use order issued after huge house party in eastern Nashville

Several city agencies space investigating a house party at an east Nashville home where hundreds of civilization were thought to it is in in attendance

Metro Police claimed so far, they have sufficient evidence to charge the owner through a misdemeanor that can land that in jail for 30 days.

News4 called and emailed the owner the the home and also the organizers several times. But they’re not returning our messages. is currently with friend on the go! obtain the latest news updates and video, 4WARN weather forecast, weather radar, unique investigative reports, sports headlines and also much an ext from News4 Nashville.


White house releases statement after big house party in eastern Nashville

The White House has actually released a explain after numerous people, countless not attract masks, attend a residence party in eastern Nashville end the weekend.


Two civilization face charges for holding party at east Nashville home

More information

2nd man associated in eastern Nashville house party surrenders

The 2nd man charged with violating public health orders after cram a big party top top Fern Avenue earlier this month has turned himself in.

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