Once again, the is Hynek's personal curiosity and the have to seek the deeper truth without any kind of ulterior motive the helps them come at a equipment of sorts

Hynek (Aidan Gillen) (L) and Quinn (Michael Malarkey) (R) shot to inspection the platoon the soldiers afflicted through war trauma. Source: A+E Networks.

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It is Hynek"s an individual interest in doing what that was brought along for, i.e. Offering a clinical explanation to these mysterious sightings and phenomena, which leads him and also Quinn to number out the possibility of a virus behind the chaos that"s walk on.

It is amazing how Hynek is able come spot the the virus that resulted in a friendly i m crying of bird to assault each other, was the exact same one the afflicted the soldiers too. And even if the inference drawn doesn"t seem prefer rocket science, had it no been for Hynek"s curious nature, neither the quarantine species would have been done, nor would certainly we have actually the usually skeptical and also dubious Captain Quinn, lastly see the light and also their farcical technique to the investigation.

The other significant development we were cure to in the episode was Mimi Hynek (Laura Mennell) and her brand-new BFF-slash-undercover-Russian-spy Susie Miller"s (Ksenia Solo) friendship reaching a brand-new milestone. No, the 2 are definitely not providing into their noticeable desires and urges behind Hynek"s back, but Mimi is a lot much more open about confiding in Susie 보다 she was before.

She confides she fears and also drops she inhibitions once it comes to allowing Susie come teach her exactly how to usage a gun, and the truth that this comes appropriate after there was no sight of castle in the coming before episode, makes it every the much more special come witness.

Laura Mennell as Mimi Hynek in project Blue book episode 8: battle Games. Source: A+E Networks.

Sadly, however, Susie"s work-related problems are still a thing, and also no matter exactly how sporadically portrayed that subplot is, it simply comes off as a next prop to add something to the character"s storyline apart from gift a potential love interest for the main character"s puzzled wife.

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We aren"t completely complaining, however, because as tempting as the unraveling of an opponent spy can seem, there are far more sinister problem to be addressed and also defeated together was laid under by "War Games." And, at this point, we can only imagine just how much an ext dangerous Hynek"s journey is going to get, in his search for the reality behind the sightings.