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Congratulations to Master Piaras mac Toirdhealbhaigh and HL Milisandia filia Willelmi filii Roberti for their an option as the an initial Crown to represent of an Tir because that the Barony that Glyn Dwfn! Huzzah!


With today’s announcement that August events, together with September Crown, are cancelled, you may be wonder what is happening v September Coronet.

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At this time, we are proceeding to setup for September Coronet as if it will occur as scheduled. We are likewise making plans on what to execute if Coronet deserve to not be organized as planned.

Please sign up with us top top the night of July 21st and also we’ll re-publishing a few stories, answer any questions you may have, and provide the recent updates.

Prince Kenric, Princess Dagmar

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06 Jul Cancellation of respectable Events and also September Crown

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An Tir announced the cancellation of September Crown and also the additional cancellation that all occasions through the finish of August. Other tasks are under review and also we can expect to check out a separate announcement.

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See the complete announcement from the Kingdom Seneschal

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29 Jun notice from The an Tir Equity, Diversity and also Inclusion Council

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Kingdom of an Tir,

As Interim chair of an Tir’s Equity, Diversity, and also Inclusion Council, it is my satisfied to announce that the Honorable Lady Aenor de Pessac will certainly be stepping in as our official chair effective immediately. I will continue on as a general member that the Council. It has been an respect to offer the Kingdom together Interim and also I look front to proceeding to job-related on the the supervisory board under Aenor’s leadership.

Hear the words of the brand-new chair the the EDI Council:

“Greetings, one Tir, i am Aenor de Pessac, your new EDI board of directors Chair. The mission of the EDI the supervisory board is to encourage the values of inclusive excellence throughout the Kingdom. Mine goal as the brand-new chair is to support the populace and also the members the the council in working together to attain that mission. My contemporary background is in job management, and also this suffer paired through my deep personal commitment to equity and also inclusion are what do me interested in doing an ext for our Kingdom and also our Society. Together chair, I desire to rise the communications and transparency around the job-related and function of the council. I additionally want to enhance the awareness and availability of the resources and also support detailed by the Council. The is critical that us all play a duty in ensuring the Dream is easily accessible and obtainable to everyone, for this is exactly how we will store the Dream lively not just for ourselves, however for future generations.”

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