Rejectors room Princesses, too (Princess Jellyfish)

“Why? Why am ns so puzzled right now? A typical girl would be happy to hear those indigenous (”Will friend marry me?”), right? I’ve seen it over and over again in TV shows and manga. When the guy proposes, the woman cries through happiness. So how come I’m no crying?”

For many of us who’ve have fallen in love with someone and tried come confess ours love to that person, much more often 보다 not, we get rejected. After handling all the negative emotions connected with the rejection, we move on. There’s ton of advice on how to resolve rejection. Yet what if you were the one that did the rejecting? after ~ finishing upPrincess Jellyfish, i was reminded the the perspective of the human who needs to put up with a love confession by who they aren’t interested in.

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Near the end of the series, Tsukimi Kurashita goes with an ordeal whereby she end up in ~ Singapore to study fashion in order to conserve her friends from gift homeless. After ~ Kuranosuke Koibuchi rescues and brings her earlier to Japan, Tsukimi runs into the one man she to be interested in native the start of the series, Shu Koibuchi, the older brothers of Kuranosuke. Shu simply came back from Italy to acquire a jellyfish ring there together a way to suggest to Tsukimi. Once Shu gets his large chance to propose to Tsukimi, Tsukimi doesn’t recognize what to think at all. After some deliberation, Tsukimi rejects Shu’s marital relationship proposal saying that she still has things she wants to do.

Throughout the early-to-mid components of the series, there to be a large focus ~ above the potential romance in between Tsukimi and also Shu. Both had extremely different personalities, yet they discovered out each other attractive and their inner strengths admirable through multiple dates. However, throughout the effort to conserve her home of Amamizukan from gift sold, Tsukimi make the efforts to with Shu via phone. However, Shu reduce his mobile phone in the water. That brought about Tsukimi’s lone journey into Singapore. This lack of communication in between them roughly this time produced a huge literal distance in between the 2 that doomed the future of their relationship.One have the right to argue the this adjust in plans for both characters threw the traditional script that a destined couple awry. This scriptlessness is part of a mental phenomenon where civilization think they’re happy if something an excellent happens come them, however they get a an unfavorable reaction instead. Ns heard around this idea of scriptlessness from a podcast episode about the growth of BS jobs. It to be a discussion about how specific jobs are an alleged to make you happy, however can finish up making girlfriend miserable if the work there provides you feel favor you’re not contributing to something bigger 보다 yourself.

There was a brief part where unrequited love was compared to BS jobs.

“Q: you argue the there are also spiritual consequences of b.s. Jobs, and also one of them is something the you contact scriptlessness (ph). What execute you average by that?

A: i remember being an extremely impressed by a emotional study which looked at civilization in - friend know, kind of looked at time they’d remained in love or civilization had remained in love through them once they were teens and how they’d managed to integrate the endure or - particularly unrequited love. And also what they uncovered out was that, you know, if you are in love with someone that does no return your feelings, well, girlfriend know, it’s difficult, but you have the right to come up v a story about it. You know, you - civilization would pertained to terms through it. They practically remember the incidents fondly two decades later.

It to be the people who had actually other people who were in love through them, that didn’t in reality feel the same method about them, that were still sort of hurting. They were yes, really confused. They felt guilty, yet they felt indignant. And they just didn’t know exactly how to feel.

And one of the factors why, lock suggested, is because, girlfriend know, if you’re in love v someone that doesn’t love you, girlfriend know exactly how you’re supposed to feel. There’s, like, 2,000 year of literature telling you specifically how you’re an alleged to feel, exactly how you’re claimed to behave, what’s appropriate, what isn’t.

Whereas if you’re on the other side, you’re pretty much at a loss. You know, there space no novels composed from the suggest of check out of Roxane instead of, girlfriend know, Cyrano (from the play “Cyrano de Bergerac”). And so those people didn’t have a script.

Tsukimi was Roxane. She was somewhat at a loss over Shu’s proposal. Numerous girls would be ecstatic if the males they loved want to marry them. However, there’s a many societal pressure around marriage and for ladies to just settle down in spite of all the avenues women have gotten over the years. The societal push leads to guilt. If they room the rejectors, they may get criticism via statements choose “Why walk you refuse him? he looked favor a an excellent guy!” that starts come sting because the rejector is technically the main source of the the rejected’s pain. There’s yes, really no real hands-on for that all since since being rejected is an global feeling that’s an ext easy to talk about.I did find that study on unrequited loveand it’s rather the read. Rejectors don’t get portrayed often in media and when lock do, it’s no well. They’re viewed as villains. No many world want to understand rejectors’ perspectives because they view them as being selfish. Rejectors may also decide to it is in quiet around rejecting someone the end of fear that their“interest” might retaliate v anger. Think around the bad relationships the women and men continue to foster as result of their fear of gift socially shamed.

Tsukimi walk the appropriate thing in telling Shu exactly how she yes, really felt. She walk love him at one point, however her desire to accomplish something coherent herself to be greater. Shu’s love became unrequited end time. To be fair, he to be worried that Tsukimi’s jellyfish obsession would make her the end of reach for him. There’s likewise a huge age and social course gap in between the two.

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There’s an dispute made that clarity is valued less than faint in date these days. Shu’s marital relationship proposal to be clear and blunt together hell. It’s also a substantial shocker because no one knows what life would bring. Ns is bound to happen more when relationships become more intimate. Shu is noted to be really naive as soon as it involves romance as he flourished up mainly studying and trying to acquire into politics. That doesn’t fully grasp the plenty of intricacies romantic relationships bring.Tsukimi became an ext willing to embrace a certain level of pass out after she experiences in Singapore. She started to watch there were things an ext important than just romantic love. Also though she’s in full-on fashion designer setting by the finish of the story, Tsukimi to know how necessary Kuranosuke is come her. She can love a man at some suggest whether it’s Shu again, Kuranosuke, or who else. She can not.As Akiko Higashimura listed in the end, Princess Jellyfish is a neo princess story because that the 21st century. Romantic love shouldn’t it is in the only form of love the matters. Also, much more importantly, loving something/someone also means saying“no” sometimes. I wish more people establish that. Saying“no” doesn’t do you one ass. When done v politeness, assertiveness and also respect, it makes you look great in prior of others. Think around it - no one desires to be approximately a“yes” human who keeps doing things to you re welcome others and ends up disappointed them (and themselves) over and over again.Saying no is an plot worthy of being worshiped royally favor a prince or princess.On a next note: Princess Jellyfish to be a funny read. Ns remember talking about starting it with among Kodansha Comics’ civilization at Anime NYC last year. Currently that i finished the series just before Anime NYC this year, I can see why Princess Jellyfish was well-known in the U.S.. There’s a good amount that quirkiness that makes it was standing out. Some parts were a little over-the-top and also the hiatuses hurt the collection a bit, however I introduce Princess Jellyfish to anyone who loves a silly romantic story that tries to convey a strong message around being beautiful.