Hi everyone,I to be going to lend SIL mine wipes warmer, but I have lost the instructions. I recognize it"s not specifically rocket science, but I forget the details. My memory of it is simply plug the in, soak the pad in water and also stick that in the warmer. Include wipes and also then peak up water every couple of days/once a week... Is over there something about washing/cleaning the pad thing, too? Help!!Oh, and also if it matters, i bought mine warmer ago in 2005.TIA!

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I think I had the exact same one. I just provided it far last week, but I scanned the indict (which are printed inside the lid) first. I never ever put water right into the warmer. I would take the pad and also squeeze it out under running water whenever that would start to dry the end (every couple of days) . My pad rotate a little brown, but still worked fine. The direction say to readjust the pad every 6(?) months, however (1) I"ve never seen one in a store and also (2) ns didn"t find that necessary.

Great! thanks for her reply. Ns didn"t realize/remember the the indict were published inside the lid. I will certainly tell SIL (already provided it to her). Together for the instead of pads, ns bought them in ~ TRU yet had checked out them in a neighborhood high-end infant store. A pair of times, ns accidentally permit the pad dry up and it gained a wee bit brown and crusty
for this reason I had actually to look for out the replacements.

Yeah, I simply rinsed the pad out around once a week. And I"ve discovered the instead of pads at BRU. They are in a funny place, over with the tiny rolls that plastic bags you placed in her diaper bag, the huge diaper pins, that stuff. Near the shampoos and soaps. HTH
I"ve been utilizing mine for number of years. Honestly, I"ve only replaced the pad once. As lengthy as you keep it hydrated, you shouldn"t have any type of troubles through it transforming brown. Ns actually run tap water over the pad if it"s in the warmer (unplugged of course) and also then add my wipes ~ above top. Works wonderfully!
I only replaced the pad when I started using the again v ds2. That dried out and got brown all the time, however I uncovered that if ns soaked it in heat water for a while, the brown greatly seeped out and it was fine. I was surprised to read on the instead of pad package that the pad must be device washed every couple of months. Never did that and also never would have thought to execute that! ns think it claimed no bleach or fabric softener - that appears logical.
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