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With 4 episodes to go (counting this one), it’s around time the season choose up its pace. Fortunately, if this mainly wasn’t bursting through revelations, the plot is at the very least kicked forward a bit, with an engagement and a potential suspect… or possibly a potential assistant? there is one scene, really random musical interlude, that does the contrary of plot-pushing… but we’ll get there.

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We open up with Aria and Ezra tho in wedding-prep mode. Well, Ezra, in ~ least. He’s signed lock up because that dance classes, yet Aria is distracted. Ezra, stunner man, bring away this to mean she’s gaining wedding jitters. Uh, try “working because that a nameless, faceless, blackmailing sociopath in order to keep you the end of prison because you room a statutory rapist.” due to the fact that of run class, Aria misses three video clip calls indigenous A.D., that goes into much more detail about the paper they’ve to be holding over Aria’s head: It’s a police report she wrote yet never filed from year ago, and also apparently there’s no state of limitations, therefore he might still go under for what she said.

Elsbromheads.tvhere, Marco is proceeding his investigation of everyone around Spencer (read: Hanna and Caleb) since he couldn’t get that receipt that would placed her behind bars. (Which ns still think A.D. Has.) Hanna and Caleb ~ do so they recognize nothing, so Marco also starts sniffing roughly Ashley Marin. Yet Ashley’s been v this before: also though she doesn’t know anything and doesn’t exactly know she has to protect Hanna and Caleb, she doesn’t litter them under the bus or anything. She would certainly never! I’m really torn in between being impressed the Marco is the first competent detective the Rosbromheads.tvood PD has ever hired, and also being annoyed the he desires to put my friends in jail. (Have i been watching this display for also long?)

The game has been quiet, however Hanna is prepared to play. Unfortunately, girlfriend can’t just pick up your little player and also go — it has actually to select you. Aria is summary questioned about not having actually a revolve yet, but the subject transforms when Mona waltzes in. “What’d i miss?” she says, to which Spencer replies, “An invitation.” but Hanna describes that she let Mona in ~ above it due to the fact that they need her help. Spencer tries to describe that Mona isn’t on the game board, but Mona reminds her who addressed the windshield after Archer Dunhill into it, and, well, it’s difficult to argue v that.

Later, as the Hastings are packing up your house, Aria fall by to carry them part takeout. It appears sweet… however “sweet” is not in Aria’s wheelhouse these days. Sneakily, she pairs a cell phone with the Hastings’ bluetooth speakers, drops the in an unobtrusive box, and also leaves.

Then, a taped conversation starts playing over the speakers. It’s mar Drake talking to Mr. Hastings about Jessica’s murder, and also how Mr. H and Jessica were in reality planing to carry out the exact same to Mary. Mr. Hastings freaks out and starts tearing the house apart to discover where the sound is coming from, ultimately pulling a speaker down from the shelf. Yet when that leaves… the recording simply starts play from a various bluetooth speaker. Later, he tries to convince Mrs. Hastings and Spencer that it wasn’t yes, really anything, but they’re also smart for that. “It to be a century ago!” that says, come which Spencer deadpans, “Six.” of course, she convinces Mrs. H not to speak to the cops.

I have to say, this iteration that A.D. Is finally using modern technology in a scary way again, as with the show started with that is creepy blocked texts. Last season’s emojis were the furthest point from frightening; castle were simply ridiculous. Yet self-FaceTime calls and phantom bluetooth sounds? very real, and also extremely terrifying. Who in my structure (?) by chance (???) combine a machine onto one of my bluetooth speakers just last week and it was one of the most intrusive, chilling things ever. And it only lasted a couple seconds before they realized the mistake! Anyway, go A.D. But Aria… as soon as will this stop!?

Maybe soon, if Mona has anything to execute with things. She convinces Emily to go watch the doctor who impregnated Ali v her, and also to carry out so, they pose together a lesbian couple. (Ali is off this main “visiting Jason in York.”) once they challenge the young doctor around what that did to Ali — for enough cash to pay his med institution loans — he claims they’re “not right here for the right reasons” and sends lock out. (Wait, space we watching The Bachelorette? Or is this male committing catchphrase fraud, too?) Emily thinks they failed, however the outing was productive for Mona, who has stolen a magazine through the doctor’s home attend to on it… for this reason they can go with his personal mail. They uncover the proof they need, then go earlier to face him, questioning for the surname of either the sperm donor or the person who arranged and paid because that the entirety insemination. Obviously the doctor was never told any type of names (seriously, ladies: This is no your an initial rodeo!! A.D. Is no going to just determine himself or herself to some sketchy doctor!!!), but he offers them an I.D. Number.

Back in ~ the step of Dunhill’s death (again: really?) Hanna tries to look because that the shovels they offered to ask him, i beg your pardon she’d simply thrown ago behind a shed. (After Spencer’s credit card mishap, she’s worried around all the mistakes she probably made.) A cop or park ranger defines that the shovels to be confiscated since they can have been part of a crime, and Hanna disappears.

At the Hastings’, Spencer finally finds the burner phone and also calls Aria. She desires to simply go ahead and tell her mom about the game, but Aria convinces she to let Mona view what she deserve to do about the phone first. Then, back at Ezra’s, he still think she’s acting weird because of the — which ns guess isn’t completely false. “Maybe there’s some part of you the hasn’t forgiven me for taking benefit of you and also your friends for the sake of a book,” he says. Uh, that and also a other things, dude.(Recap continues on page 2)

Marco may be chasing anyone else down, yet he hasn’t rather finished with Spencer. They fulfill in a sketchy ar (I couldn’t quite tell if this was planned or not?), and he tells she he’s uncovered out the she and also Caleb offered to be much more than friends… is this why he extended for her? Is this why she to be drinking in ~ the bar the night? that goes together far regarding ask whether she to be interested in the (Marco) just since she necessary a cop in her corner, and also she states if he has anything real to ask, they have the right to talk in the interrogation room. Is that doing his job and also a tiny pissed, or is that actually more hurt through this totality thing than he’s letting on? Nothing’s worse than a cop with a vengeance…

Anyway, there’s not much time to contemplate this due to the fact that when Spencer gets ago in her car, she finds mar Drake in the backseat informing her to “Drive.” They acquire to the shed Woods (HOW IS THIS location STILL STANDING) and also Spencer asks if she planted the phone. Mary says no, however she’s happy Spencer heard it. Spencer says Mary has actually done part heinous things, and Mary tells her not to judge: “You’d it is in surprised at the points you need to do to protect yourself.” Actually, mar — Spencer isn’t surprised in ~ all.

We acquire a remind of the start of Mary’s confrontation v Mr. Hastings and Jessica. Every Mary desires is to watch Spencer, but they won’t let her. So to stand approximately her bullies and stands up because that herself, she takes the pills the were supposed to kill her and also gives castle to her sister. After every this, Mary uses Spencer a 2nd chance: She’s great at remaining under the radar, and also they can run away and also finally get to know each other. “Wouldn’t it be nice to ultimately be free?” she asks. It’s tempting.

Over in ~ Lucas’ loft (a.k.a. Usually Hanna and Caleb’s apartment), Caleb has invited Ashley Marin over because that dinner. Ashley admits come being sort of suspicious around them being ago together. Did Hanna require his help? yet Caleb explains that it’s no that at every — he necessary her help to figure out how he felt around her. And also what space those feelings exactly? “I can’t imagine my life without Hanna,” the says. “I want to marry your daughter, Mrs. Marin. No bells and whistles: just the 2 of us trading vows.” Hanna is happy! So to be I!

Of course, PLL can’t have a high without a really strange low… and also suddenly we reduced to a black-and-white step of Aria in a toilet file veil, Mona singing, and Ezra gaining punched continuously in the face, all in a fake jail that’s ripped right from some high college theater production. Oh yeah, Mrs. Hastings is there, too, call Aria a “selfish small bitch” once she asks for forgiveness. Look, i love musicals — even bad ones. I saw High institution Musical live in concert (when i was a small too old to carry out so). Yet this to be ridiculous, and also not in a funny way. Simply a rubbish of time — and beneficial time, when we literally have actually a finite amount of minute left to gain answers! judging from the response on Twitter, ns think most people felt the same. WTF?

It all transforms out to be a nightmare in Aria’s mind (that component was obvious), but when she wakes up, A.D. Texts and also says, “You’ve waited long enough. Her rbromheads.tvard is below at The” She searches the ar until she finds an envelope under a table with a large puzzle piece inside and also a note reading, “CONNECT THIS. YOU’RE practically THERE.” Mona is standing at the counter, putting sugar in she coffee, and she and Aria exchange a wave. She’s really making it s her conspicuous here, too. Walk Mona have the same address A.D. That Aria does? walk she drop the note, or is she simply keeping an eye top top the girls? Whose next is she on? Frankly, if they make Mona A.D. Again after every this, I’m going to be angry.

In one more scene the I loved however was more than likely a waste of time, Caleb and also Hanna key a tent in the woods and also exchange cigar wrapper “rings.” It’s a throwback come the scene when they shed their virginity, which I’m particularly fond of since I love Hanna’s outfit (black lace American Apparel bodysuit! Okay, now who’s wasting time?). I think us can take into consideration this their main engagement, since, er, i don’t think a non-ordained consciousness or cigar-wrapper rings are legally recognized in Pennsylvania. Ns did love Caleb saying, “I would certainly marry you ideal this 2nd if we could find a bear that was licensed.”

But ago to the matters at hand! Spencer returns home to her parents, that are reading Mary’s letter — the one, Spencer said Aria previously in this episode, that provides her cry every time she reads it. Mr. H tries to tell Spencer mar is manipulative and that he to be trying to defend his household from a deranged sociopath. Spencer claims it wasn’t Mary, and also Mrs. H seems ready enough to believe her yet asks who did plant that recording. She also says they won’t be relocating to Harrisburg, and also she’ll have to provide up she state senate seat. She might not have committed the crimes Mr. Hastings did, however she stayed married to him, and also she can’t take that job understanding someone could be about to rip it away from she at any kind of minute.

Spencer return to Mary and says she can’t go through her, and Mary understands. “She’s her mother, and you’re lucky to have actually her,” she speak Spencer. Spencer reminds her that she requirements to forgive herself because that everything, too.

And for the final scenes: Aria puts the puzzle item in the game, and also her “grand prize,” according to the game-phone, is appropriate behind her. It’s the police report, ns think. That’s nice of you, A.D.!

Emily goes come Mona’s to provide her the burner phone call Spencer found (that Aria planted) to watch what she can number out. Emily likewise made her own progress in the paternity investigation and also wants to display Mona what she’s discovered — possibly the agency where the donor was from. Mona brushes she off and shuts the door behind her, sitting under at her computer. Behind her? A complex wall of papers — including a map/blueprint the Liar’s Lament — that could either be component of her exclusive investigation, or… her A lair. Together if the photos and nbromheads.tvspaper clippings aren’t enough, she likewise has the muddy shovel from Archer’s interment stashed in the corner. But did she swipe lock to protect Hanna & Co.? Or because she’s making use of them as blackmail and also working through A.D.? hope we discover out soon.

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