The old adage “a snapshot is worth a thousands words” verified true in the debate over the unified States’ imperialist ambitions before, during, and also in the consequences of the Spanish–American War. Human being in 1898 had actually varying levels of literacy, and also political cartoons in newspapers and magazines got to a broader audience than articles. The cartoons ongoing to form public opinion ~ the war had actually ended and America had acquired overseas territories.

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“Opening that the fishing season. Uncle Sam seems to it is in making a great catch!” native The Journal, Minneapolis, 1898

politics cartoon that Uncle Sam stop a fishing rod through lines going to fish the look choose Cuba and the Philippines.
Here again, Uncle Sam is a symbol of the united States. The is portrayed as a fisherman catching fish that represent the new overseas territories. What comment walk the cartoonist it seems ~ to it is in making about U.S. International policy?

"Before and also After..." from Cartoons of our War v Spain by Charles Nelan, 1898

politics cartoon of Uncle Sam who states to doctor, "After 4 months usage of your good Humanitarian-Expansion-Specific. Friend wouldn’t understand me. Ns am getting fatter and fatter and never felt far better in my life."
This cartoon is a parody that a before/after "diet" advertisement. The surname of the brand-new territories hang together ribbons from Uncle Sam"s belt in the "after" picture. What is the cartoonist implying about the "humanitarian" pertains to that led the United claims to "expansion"?

“How some apprehensive people photo Uncle Sam after the war.” from The News, Detroit, 1899

politics cartoon shows children representing the newly got territories clinging top top Uncle Sam and also making pandemonium.
Consider exactly how the cartoonist depicts the brand-new territories as "children" and what the says about the benefits and drawbacks of ruling the new territories. Carry out you think the cartoonist supports Beveridge’s debate that non-whites are incapable of judgment their own countries, or is the cartoonist supplying an argument versus the imperialists?
take Notes

For every cartoon, take into consideration the inquiry in its caption to take note on any pro- or anti-imperialist arguments you view (either proclaimed or implied).

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