Eldritch Battery is a keystone passive skill. The makes energy shield safeguard mana instead of life. However, it reduces power Shield Recharge price by 50%.Spend power Shield before Mana for skill CostsEnergy Shield protects Mana rather of Life50% less power Shield Recharge Rate

Energy shield protects mana instead of life. All modifiers to power shield use normally. However, that is not impacted by modifiers to mana or mana regeneration.

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Any reductions to mana (e.g. Ability costs) will instead reduce energy shield through the exact same amount.

Players lose this chance to disregard a stun through the Eldritch Battery keystone node.


Energy shield recharge

Energy shield will immediately begin to recharge if the character does no take any type of damage for a certain duration of time. Spending power shield with Blood Magic, Eldritch Battery or sacrifice mechanic does not count as acquisition damage. By default, the delay period for energy shield to begin to recharge is 2 seconds. This have the right to be decreased with #% much faster start of power Shield Recharge modifiers native passive an abilities and equipment.

Energy Shield Recharge is not interrupted by non-damage alters to your Life or energy Shield, together as as soon as you invest your energy Shield on skills via Eldritch Battery.

Energy shield recharge and recovery throughZealot’s OathorGhost Reaverfunction normally.

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Normally, the personality has any kind of energy shield continuing to be the character has actually a 50% chance to disregard being stunned. However, Eldritch Battery causes energy shields to no longer grant a chance to prevent stun.

Blood Rage and Righteous Fire

With regards to skills like

Blood Rage and also
Righteous Fire, power Shield is tho counted in the degeneration applied to health.

How to obtain Eldritch Battery?

1. Passive skill Tree

Eldritch Battery is a independent keystone situated on the upper right edge the the ability tree.

ClassDistance native start
2. Eldritch Battery Uniques

These distinctive items have the Eldritch Battery modifier, which provides the same result as this keystone. Taking the keystone in addition to equipping one of these items will impart no additional benefit.

ItemBase ItemLvl.CategoryStats
Skin of the Lords
Simple Robe1Body ArmourItem has actually no level requirement and Energy Shield (Hidden)Socketscannot be modified+1 toLevelofSocketedGems100% increased worldwide DefencesYou have the right to onlySocketCorrupted jewel in this itemItem has 6 Sockets and is fully linked (Hidden)


Replica woe of the DivineSulphur Flask35FlaskCreates Consecrated soil on Use(25-50)% increased DurationEldritch Battery throughout Flask effectLifeRecovery from Flasks likewise applies toEnergy Shieldduring Flask Effect
The Devouring Diadem
Necromancer Circlet54Helmet+1 toLevelofSocketedGemsSocketedGems have 20% reducedMana ReservationTriggerLevel15 Feast of meat every 5 seconds(180-220)% increasedEnergy Shield10% chance forEnergy ShieldRecharge to start once you use aSkillEldritch BatteryVeiled Suffix
Replica heart Taker
Siege Axe59Axe(100-140)% increasedPhysical DamageAdds 10 to 20Physical Damage(60-80)% increasedCritical win Chance+(20-25)% toCold ResistanceYourPhysical DamagecanFreezeEldritch Battery3. Eldritch Battery Jewel
object of Hope
is auniqueCrimson Jewel.

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Medium Radius: in the large jewel socket between Shadow and also Witch, both evil Ward and also Eldritch Battery have the right to be allocated.