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Our animal leather Pocket deal with Book conveniently slides into a purse, coat, or shirt pocket. Half the weight and three time as quick as a smartphone. The same format as our Desk address Book, including work and home records, email addresses, faxes, and cell phone numbers. Gold gilded web page edges. Personalized Pocket address Books available.

Whether you room deployed or in ~ home, maintaining track of her lifelong Air force friends and family is basic with ours USAF Pocket attend to Book. This bag sized publication makes continuing to be in touch through your career mentors, friends, and also Air Force family members easy.

Book BoundBonded LeatherSoft Cover6" x 3.25"96 pagesInterior book Code - PG96A

Officially license is granted product the the U.S. Air Force. Endorsement by the U.S. Air force is no intended nor implied.



Texture and also Finish

Acadia - Smooth, contempt glossy finishWith a subtle glazed-like, smooth grain, our Acadia external inspection leather has actually a great feel v a slightly glossy finish.


U.S. Air Force

When girlfriend buy one of these U.S. Air force licensed products, the license fee we pay come the Air force helps fund the Morale, Welfare, and also Recreation (MWR) programs on U.S. Air force installations. We took good care handcrafting this collection. Us hope you take as much pride in owning our U.S. Air pressure licensed attend to books together we took in making them.



By personalizing your purchase, you add that extra touch come make any kind of item your own. Customizing your attend to book is a great way to express her style. Collection Leather uses several different color and also texture options. By including the recipient’s initials or including a message, you produce a coherent gift that will be cherished for years to come.


Caring for your Leather

Leather is a beautiful, long lasting material when cared because that properly. Our bonded leather is ideal cared for through normal handling. Your hands administer natural oils that nourish many leather. Our external inspection leather is tanned especially with one-of-a-kind oils that change the should apply any kind of creams or waxes. For regular dirt and also spills, use a soft washcloth dampened through lukewarm water and also mild detergent. Once clean, dry her leather v a clean towel. Execute not use alcohol, clean solvents, oils, varnishes, or polishes. Avoid too much temperatures.


Assembled in Bar Harbor, Maine, USA

Craftsmanship is a way of life in Maine, specifically here ~ above the coast and islands that shape Frenchman’s Bay and serve as the gateway come Acadia national Park. Because that the past 40 years, collection Leather has actually been component of that well-off tradition, handcrafting leather commodities of superior quality. Over the years, we have made leather items for countless of phibìc America"s deluxe brands, every assembled by hand in Maine and guaranteed come last because that generations.

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27 Industrial way Trenton, ME 04605 Phone: 877-811-7901

Hours: Monday - Friday: 8 am - 4:30 afternoon Saturday - Sunday: Closed

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Craftsmanship is a method of life in Maine, an especially on the coast and also the islands that shape Frenchman"s Bay and serve as the gateway to Acadia national Park. Because that the previous 40 year the collection Leather agency has been part of that rich tradition, handcrafting leather commodities of exceptional quality.

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