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Hey Era, I"ll try to save it short, the gist of that is that ns don"t know which video game to start with. I recognize they may be two various beasts and also not at every comparable yet one the them will certainly be mine next game to go through and I"m really torn in between the two. Pillars of Eternity:
+ it looks pretty interesting+ It"s a 3rd of the price of big 2 in ~ the moment+ I"m yearning because that a video game that offers me the "choices matter" feeling and interesting dialogue/characters reminiscent of play Torment- I...I battle a lot v the genuine Time through Pause nature of games like this (Baldur"s gate etc), personally i dislike the a good deal. Torment didn"t have a emphasis on combat i m sorry made it much an ext bearable. I know that PoE II supports a newly enforced turn based mode however I don"t think PoE ns does?- No controller assistance Divinity initial Sin 2:+ watch pretty cursed good+ Combat seems rather fun (but hope that it isn"t the major focus that the game)+ shows up to have received unanimous crucial acclaim (as protest to PoE) and also comes throughout as a very solid game- ns haven"t played the first game- Unsure if my laptop (I5 7300HQ and also GTX 1060) can run the video game 60fps top top high settings- A bit an ext expensive than PoE however both games are on revenue at the momentWhat execute you all say, i beg your pardon one must I walk for first?

Hoo-dooAttempted to circumvent ban v alt account
Oct 25, 20174,295The Netherlands
You don’t require to have played D:OS1 to begin 2.I did not really gain into Pillars of eternity while D:OS2 is most likely one the the ideal games I ever before played. So take that how you will.

Oct 27, 20173,019
The biggest dispute I have the right to think of versus Divinity is in reality a confident for it aswell. Big is a yes, really cool coop game, and if you ever before think you might play through it coop through a friend part day I"d host off to have that very first time suffer together. Pillars deserve to only ever be solitary player therefore you will certainly never shed that very first time coop suffer by playing it solo now.Anyhow, while friend don"t need to play the an initial one come play the sequel to divinity, the an initial one is tho a really good game and probably cheaper right now.Edit: I will certainly say the Divinity is a really combat focused game. Like there is numerous reading and also dialogue, but the core part of that video game is the yes, really well excellent combat system.

Oct 27, 20176,549
I haven"t had the possibility to play Pillars yet, despite loving the original Baldies Gate collection so much.I will say divinity OS 2 is among the finest RPGs i have ever played. It"s massive, engaging and has some peak gameplay. Yet be mindful it"s combat is turn based, for this reason it may not be for everyone.

Oct 31, 20171,657
Divinity 1 and 2 are both truly good games.I"ve recently started Pillars of Eternity, yet I gotta say managing your party and the combat itself feels super bad to me. Favor I"ve delighted in some real time with pause combat systems in the past (FF12 and Dragon period Origins) however Pillars of forever feels extremely frustrating and also clunky. The saddest part about the is that the world and back lore seemed pretty cool, but there"s a 0% possibility I"m walk to survive this game.
Oct 27, 20174,085
You won"t get 60FPS in big (hell even an excellent rigs can struggle unless act 4 got updated) but I"m not sure it yes, really matters. The combat"s rotate based anyway.
ChivalryChicken Chaser
Nov 22, 20183,894
Pillars is fully forgettable and also you"d be much better off playing any kind of of the superior old rpgs. Pillars 2 is better and features pirates. Great 2 is exceptional no matter just how you part it. Beat DOS2.
Oct 2, 2018486
Original sin 2 is among my favorite games of all time and it definitely has that choices matter feeling. I couldnt get into Pillars of eternity at all, yes, really dislike the combat system.
Oct 31, 201712,593Barcelona
I enjoyed PoE a lot, and I"m do the efforts to uncover time to play the 2nd game. The music, art and also lore space great, and also while the key plot is not that good it isn"t any type of bad either. The combat device lacks maybe more feedback or more streamlined menus, as it"s tough to see what"s happening even if you pause constantly. Likewise 6 characters is possibly a lot to manage. Ns think the PoE2 fixes many of these issues.Don"t know around Divinity 2, I only played some hrs the first game and also at the very least at launch was a technical mess and also the graphic style/story were no that good.
Oct 26, 20172,002
If you desire to play just one video game - big 2. But if you desire to play both, play PoE very first as it"s "weaker" game.

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Oct 27, 201713,894
Pillars is way far better IMO, yet D2 is also very good. If you only want to play one or the best, beat Pillars. D2 has actually severe balancing issues and also the last act is trash. I additionally really disliked that you can"t revisit old locations. Every plot is basically one big map and when you room finished friend can"t walk back. I additionally vastly favor Pillars combat system, however I can see why world love D2"s through all the cool mechanics and elements.