So, as we composed earlier, Kevaver will be joined by his friends, a principle practice party designed for Path of the Damned (which will hopefully fare well, as this is a mostly blind Playthrough).

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And to produce the “basic” team, we made a decision two of his friends to join him early on. Adonan, a difficult Aumaua Fighter and Quoril Yogsword, a Pale Elf Priest of Magran.

So initially, Adonan:

Race: Aumaua – Many kind of opponents in the frontline have actually stun or knockdown abilities. The Coastal Aumaua ability (resistant to these abilities) is wonderful against that! This enables him to better control the combat himself (and also to take fewer hits of course).

Might 13We desire some Might, yet he’s not a damages dealer, so we won’t spend too a lot on it. 13 is a pretty OK worth obtaining a nice Ft save also.

Constitution 18 (+1 = 19, from Rauatai)He’s a tank. He has to have actually many type of hitpoints. And Fortitude conserve is the most essential save for tanks as well, they have the right to take the Reflex save based Area Damage no Problem. But failing your Fortitude save will certainly bring you in trouble as many type of melee adversaries have actually abilities simply versus that conserve.

Dexterity 12Dexterity isn’t crucial for an excellent tank, but it’s simply so great primarily. We just need to take it to carry down cooldowns and recovery times a bit.

Perception 13On Hard we would dump this stat, as we wouldn’t have actually a problem hitting opponents anymethods. On Path of the Damned, if your Perception is as well low, you will certainly have actually difficulties through anypoint combat related (if you’re not only buffing / healing). So, a compromise.

Intellect 3The only ability we have the right to afford to dump. It’s not vital for a tank also though it wouldn’t hurt either. But many effects and also abilities of the tank are prompt and have to do through doing communicate / disengeras. Intellect won’t help tbelow a lot. We are bleeding on the protective Auras though, yet periodically, we have to make sacrifices for a acquire in other places.

Redeal with 18We are playing a tank. He have to have good deflection. This helps. It’s quite usemuch less for a non-tank though.

Second, Quoril Yogsword

Race: Pale Elf. He is more resistant to elemental damages now which have the right to be a trouble also in the ago row (think Fireballs or spells in general). This will certainly help him, as he has actually that super low Constitution…

Might 18We want our spells and also abilites to be as strong as feasible. We want to do damage as well, if utilizing tools. This is giving us the power. What we sacrifice is..

Constitution 3Our priest is mostly a buff / debuff character through ranged strikes. So we don’t ever desire him to be under assault. He’d be dead then through Con 10 as well, so no point in going for more than the minimum. We’ll have to be careful via him though, as tright here are many type of archers and also other ranged opponents in Pillars of Eternity.

Dexterity 19Now exactly how excellent is quick spellcasting, quick strikes and also quick recoincredibly time? Speed has actually, in most RPGs, been a vital ability for spellcasters and, of course, healers. Pillars is no exception.

Perception 9 (10 with The White that Wends)Not that great yet not as well bad either. We desire to have the ability to hit things when debuffed. Or we desire to debuff them. Buffs are more necessary still, but we won’t cripple our Perception completely. That would be neither helpful nor needed.

Intelligence 18Just nice to have. A great area for the location spells and longer lasting buffs. Maxing that is mandatory.

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Resettle 10We won’t dump that as for a healer, some help via concentration deserve to be vital. But we won’t increase it too. As it’s really a tank stat.

Alright, I’m out – check out you on YouTube in the Playthrough!

Have fun gaming,


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Pillars of Eternity, Path of the Damned, Creating our Key Character

Hi friends!

We had began a PoE Playthrough, but it was on Hard. And “Hard” was simply also basic. So, we’re founding on Path of the Damned currently. With a major character that have to be effective, and also exciting to play from a tactical and a roleplaying point of view! With a see to playing even to the second part of the White March Expansion