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The pursuit for a perfect picture to write-up on Instagram is truly an art. In Bloomington, we're happy to be surrounded by a selection of photogenic spaces that store both locals and visitors exploring, seeking inspiration through the lens. If you're top top the hunt for some aesthetically pleasing B-Town shots for the 'Gram, role on.

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Amy Weingartner Branigin Peninsula

The Amy Weingartner Branigin Peninsula is Bloomington's most distinct trail — it's a mile-long peninsula that juts out right into Monroe Lake. It's a financially rewarding hike for several reasons: the views are incredible, the practice is great for you, and you're maybe to capture a 12/10 shot for the 'Gram.

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Beanblossom bottoms Nature Preserve

Beanblossom bottom is an additional beautiful nature destination in Monroe County. The wetland habitat is residence to variety of wildflowers, birds, and also endangered species. The tangled, overgrown nature maintain is important stunning — girlfriend feel choose you're stepping into nature as it once was long ago: totally uninterrupted. 

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The B-Line Trail

What makes the B-Line for this reason photo-worthy is the miscellaneous downtown destinations it winds through and by: Switchyard Park, Hopscotch Coffee, Le Petit Cafe, the ar Farmers' Market, WonderLab science Museum... We can go on, but we think you acquire the picture. (Pun 100% intended.)

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BuffaLouie's in ~ the Gables

BuffaLouie's is the ideal place to get wings in B-Town, and also it's a really cool experience for IU sports fans. The exterior that the restaurant looks choose a German-style home of sorts, but the inner is a vision to behold for the Hoosier sporting activities aficionado. Decked the end from floor-to-ceiling v IU sporting activities memorabilia, fan-fare, and art, the restaurant provides Indiana sports photo ops favor no various other in town.

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Buskirk-Chumley Theater

The Bus-Chum was as soon as a quiet movie house, erected on Kirkwood way in 1922. Noted on the national Register of historic Places, the theater is currently primarily a venue for musical, performing arts, and also other touring acts. Its vintage authorize is that is standout function — capture it yourself next time you're in B-Town.

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Butler Winery

Butler Winery is Indiana's 4th oldest winery, situated right below in Bloomington. Its charming grounds make for the perfect Instagram backdrop — raise her glass of alcohol in front of the farming grapevines, or smile for a photo with your crew on your patio.

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Cardinal Spirits

With that clean, difference aesthetic and vibrant mural top top one next of the building, Cardinal soul is yet an additional picture-perfect spot in B-Town. Your food & drinks space beautiful, too, so you'll walk away from the distillery through plenty to share on the 'Gram!

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The cacao Moose

The coco Moose's new downtown location is what IG desires are make of. From your perfect ice cream developments to their pink-accented interior to the colorful mural ~ above their patio, this is another Bloomington foodie location that inspires tons of photos.

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Dunn Woods

Dunn Woods is one of the most beautiful point out on IU's campus, especially throughout fall. The grand trees, the winding brick sidewalks, and the charm of old IU make for a gorgeous nature shot come share on Instagram.

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Fountain Square Mall

One side of fractional Square shopping center is painted a quite pink shade, which makes for a great backdrop any time the year, yet the wall surface really mister during summer when all of the windowsill planters are in full bloom. If you capture only the wall surface and nothing else, the looks choose a scene the end of Greece!

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Fourth Street

Fourth Street is recognized as global Row because of its countless restaurants that serve worldwide cuisine. Girlfriend can discover authentic Korean, Turkish & Mediterranean, Thai, Indian, Tibetan, Chinese, Burmese, and Japanese cook on this colorful, culturally diverse street — both the food and the restaurants do for good Instagram photos.

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The Graduate Hotel

The Graduate is Bloomington's most distinctive hotel — the entire architecture is influenced by the culture of Bloomington, Indiana University, and Indiana. That is decor is absolutely a contributing factor to the Instagrammability (that's a word, right?), however they also offer an remarkable view of downtown from their Jack & Diane Terrace, a funky mural top top one side of your building, and shelves inside wall with kitschy cookie jars in your Poindexter Cafe. 

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Griffy Lake Nature Preserve

Griffy Lake offers kayaking & canoeing, fishing, hiking, paddleboarding, picnicking, and also even ice cream skating. These activities, along with its scenic lake and also wooded views, do it a great B-Town location to capture for the 'Gram in any type of season.

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Hickory Ridge Fire Tower

The Hickory Ridge Fire Tower is among the most well-known destinations as much as Bloomington photograph ops go. The tower is 110 feet tall and also offers a check out of the Hoosier National forest like no other. Those who room afraid the heights may challenge a challenge with the 133-step staircase, yet we promise that the check out is well worth the climb. 

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Hopscotch Coffee

Hopscotch Coffee is a local-favorite coffeehouse with two areas in Bloomington. Your beverages, café interior, dog-friendly patio, and also aesthetically satisfaction to-go roastery all do for 10/10 shots because that Instagram. 

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Indiana Memorial Union

Almost every corner & crevice of IU is photo-worthy, but the IMU is close to the top of the list. With 3 floors of interesting shops and also lounges, as well as gorgeous views all the means around that 500,000 square-foot exterior, you'll have enough photos to produce a specialized Indiana Memorial Union IG account.

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Indiana college Biology Greenhouse

The biology Greenhouse is a B-Town destination everyone should visit at the very least once. House to rainforest, desert, and also insectivorous plants from about the globe, the greenhouse transports you come lands much from Indiana and also provides plenty of photo opportunities for the 'Gram.

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Kirkwood Avenue

While over there are certain places on Kirkwood that room top-notch photograph spots, favor the Buskirk-Chumley Theater and also Graduate Hotel, the entire avenue is also worth capturing. It's nearly a Bloomington rite of i to shoot a picture looking under the top street from one of two people Sample gates or The Square.

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Leonard Springs Nature Preserve

Leonard Springs is a beautiful nature preserve that functions two caves, a spring, and an abundance of forestry. Visitors and locals love to capture photos of the caves, the spring, and the wooded staircase top top the Leonard Springs Trail.

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Monroe ar Courthouse

Located in the heart of downtown, the Monroe county Courthouse is among the most famous photo destinations in town. Photographers, visitors, and also locals all love come share your shots that the historic courthouse ~ above Instagram — its beauty beauty can't be denied!

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Monroe Lake

The largest lake in Indiana resides in beautiful Bloomington, and it offers tons of remarkable views to share on Instagram. Whether you're boating, beaching, hiking, camping, biking, or fishing, there's a an excellent photo opportunity available on every coast of Monroe Lake.

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Oliver Winery

Oliver Winery is one of the nation's many renowned wineries, and its grounds are just as tremendous as the wine. With beautiful landscaping, a scan patio, and a pond nestled in the valley of their wooded grounds, Oliver looks like a mystery garden that you'll certainly want come share on the 'Gram.

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Sample Gates

If you can only take it photos at one clues on Indiana University's campus, it needs to be at the Sample Gates. The most iconic and most photographed attribute of the campus is something that all visitors, regardless of if lock attended IU or not, feeling a sentimental link to. It's a 15/10 shot for any kind of Instagram feed.

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Showalter Fountain

But if you can walk approximately campus and also take an ext photos, certainly make sure Showalter fountain is on your list! The fountain is known for that legendary missing fish (look it up if you're not familiar with the story) and stands in prior of the IU Auditorium, providing a stunning watch of the fine Arts Square for her camera come capture.

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Soul Juice

Soul Juice is a smoothie key joint the was motivated by the culture and fresh foodstuffs of Turks & Caicos. The shop offers a little slice of island life in our beloved B-Town, and also every corner (and smoothie bowl) provides a dry aesthetic for you come share on your feed.

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The Square

Much prefer Kirkwood Avenue, The Square offers a few specific places worth capturing, but is photo-worthy as a whole as well. Shoot a photo with your camera feather down any type of of its 4 streets because that a great downtown shot, catch a pic of the numerous visually-captivating storefronts, or shoot native a street corner to catch the Courthouse and also as lot of The Square as possible.

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Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist cultural Center

The TMBCC is devoted to fostering, preserving, and also sharing the Tibetan & Mongolian cultures with the Bloomington community and also the United says as a whole. Your grounds offer countless beautiful views of cultural architecture, decor, and design that make friend feel like you've to be transported to Asia. It's Bloomington's most unique place to visit, and also you'll definitely want to capture picture of your experience.

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Want to view your most Instagrammable B-Town picture in among the galleries above? Post your Bloomington shots on IG making use of #visitbtown and you just can find it here in the future!