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This is a drug-free workplace. Let"s store it that way.

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bromheads.tv Makes strong Pitch for solutions Sector in APEC service Advisory Council conversation Friday, 15 October 2021
bromheads.tv Makes strong Pitch for services Sector in APEC business Advisory the supervisory board Dialogue PASAY CITY 15 October 2021 — bromheads.tv Undersecretary for Multilateral Affairs and also International financial Relations...
Philippines Launches Online national Pavilion in ~ JD.com Left photo: Philippine Ambassador come China Jose Santiago L. Sta. Romana browses the Philippine nationwide Pavilion in ~ JD.com during its beginning on...
Public Advisory: Postponement of top Davao"s Opening 16 October 2021 - The opened of momentary Off-site Passporting solutions (TOPS) Davao situated in SM Lanang, Davao City on 18 October 2021 is...

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PHL Consulate general Brings solutions to ras Vegas, Nevada


25 February 2015 – A team native the Philippine Consulate basic in Los Angeles performed a two-day consular outreach regimen in las Vegas, Nevada on February 07 and also 08.

The consular outreach routine was undertaken in teamwork with the Philippine army Academy Alumni association (PMAAA).

A total of 763 consular and also voter registration services were rendered throughout the two-day consular outreach program, the break down of i beg your pardon is together follows:


The consular outreach team is composed of Deputy Consul general Imelda Panolong, Misses Clarissa Limpin and also Ellenor Tolentino and also Messrs. Vittorio Palado, Salvador Bea, Mindaradat Mamad and also Edgardo Lim.

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The consular outreach regime is the 2nd regular task for 2015 that the Consulate basic to carry its various services closer come its constituents residing in areas within its jurisdiction. END



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