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Arguably Peter, Paul and Mary"s ideal document because their debut LP, Album 1700 (called for its catalog number) found the trio confidently incorporating the stylistic advances initially presented on Album while flourishing enormously as songwriters. As usual, their songwriting peers were included, as the album led off via Eric Andersen"s "Rolling Home," adhered to by John Denver"s "Leaving On A Jet Plane" (a recording that would uncover belated success in a couple of years) and also also featured "Bob Dylan"s Dream," another Freewheelin" alumnus.
But eight of the 12 songs were credited to the singers, singly, or in combination through co-authors. And they were of unexplained high quality. Yarrow"s "The Great Mandella (The Wheel of Life)" was an agonizing anthem about the struggle and also death of a pacifist. The song not just expressed what many type of in the anti-war motion felt, yet predicted a lot of the cynicism and despair they would come to suffer.
Stookey"s "The House Song" was an extensive metaphor that started a journey of self-exploration for the songwriter. "The Housage Song" was a curiosity for me bereason it truly began as a song around a house and also then transcreated itself," Stookey redubbed. "It began walking, it came to be the shell of my life, and also it was a start, really. The Housage Tune was incredibly considerable for me because it was the start of telling the fact around my life, which then compelled me, in a sense, to take salso years off to implement because before that I had not been playing via a right deck." Such songs were deeply felt statements, and also they were just the highlights of an album that likewise boasted Yarrow"s "Weep For Jamie" and also concluded through the stirring, group-created (with Dave Dixon and PP&M on-stage bassist Dick Kniss) "The Tune Is Love."
Yarrowhead identified one necessary new name in the credits as a force in achieving the albums creative success: chief engineer Phil Ramone. "It is only, really, from my perspective, our association through Phil that tright here a kind of creative flow and flex that unified the album so it felt of one piece, even though each song sounded different," Yarrow described. "Phil would certainly make each song its own sonic human being. He was officially only the engineer, but he was as much the producer as he ever before was. He would certainly imply concepts that were extremely, incredibly unusual. In a song for instance like "Weep For Jamie," he would gain a small spiritual pump body organ that would have actually this textural power that was so solid, and he would certainly set the echoes in a way that was masterful."
He adds, "It was just so current and also so affluent and also so spatial, the echo that he produced, and he was such a catalyst and also such a creative perboy. His treatment of echo, for circumstances, on "The House Song" was simply extraplain. The Paul Winter Conkind joined Noel on that. We for the initially time used percussion on that album. Tright here was a group referred to as the Paupers, and their percussion player played on some of the songs, favor "If I Had Wings". This was a actual breakvia album for us. It completely realized what the experiments were around, and also it was really somepoint which, as soon as guided by Phil and also led by Phil, really got to a brand-new artistic high for Peter, Paul and Mary: I"d say the second wave of our recording experience was personified by that album. In regards to recordings in the studio, no doubt tbelow was a great leap that we created Album 1700."

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Album 1700 gone into the Billboard Top LP"s chart for the week finishing September 2, 1967, and peaked at #15 on October 21. It remained in the charts 28 weeks, falling out of the list in March 1968. Then it returned to the charts in July, stayed for 2 months and also dropped off again. Peter, Paul and also Mary were also nominated for the 1967 Grammy Award for Best Folk Performance for Album 1700.