I to be a diffuse thinner. I decided to shot peppermint oil v a jojoba oil carrier. I have actually been act this for 3 main now and also something weird has happened.

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I have noticed no regrowth, but my shedding has actually halted almost completely. I am gaining 1-2 hairs in the shower and also not getting any type of hairs as soon as run my hands thru mine hair whereby I would certainly usually acquire 5-6 every time.

Everything I have read here is telling me this is no possible. Please someone assist me explain, ns don’t desire it to work-related if it shouldn’t be working.

I am not on min or fin


Who stated it shouldn't work? I had hair regrowth utilizing Peppermint oil and also Dermaroller. I don't even know why people bother through harsh side effects of Minoxidil. Wrinkles and baggy eyes and also all in Minox use.

I can't purchase pepermint oil with coconut oil in mine country. Just esential pepermint solo is available. Can I use just that and apply it? Or do I need to mix that uo through something else?

Care come share what type of peppermint oil did friend buy? or her routine. I tried to find it top top amazon however i review it requirements to be diluted or something

Some world have had actually positive results with peppermint and I’m walking to try it soon myself + dermarolling

Apparently shedding happens in cycles. It could just it is in coincidental, yet then again it can be working. Let us know in a few months if it keeps working.

Peppermint Oil promotes Hair development without toxic Signs


I tried Nizoral 3x a week, and peppermint oil twice a day. For virtually year and also didn't really see any results. Though ns should have actually been dermarolling the whole time. Possibly that would have actually made me check out some results.

During the time, i didn't view any more hairloss. Ns didn't melted like I burned on min.

The shedding indigenous min has been crazy.

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