Grammy-nominated Panic! in ~ The Disco this summer in Baltimore as part of your Pray for The evil Arena Tour as soon as they pat Royal farms Arena on Saturday, July 21. A R i Z O N A and Hayley Kiyoko room support because that the 28 city tour.

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Award-winning globally acclaimed rock band Panic! at The Disco released their fifth studio album, fatality of a Bachelor, in January 2016. The album debuted in ~ No. 1 top top the Billboard 200 chart, v their single "Victorious" debuting in ~ No. 1 top top iTunes peak Songs, iTunes different Songs, and Billboard and also Twitter's Trending 140 charts just hrs after that is release.The June 22, 2018 release of their hightly anticipated 6th studio album, Pray for The Wicked album will certainly be celebrated by a U.S. Arena tour, produced by AEG Presents, that will certainly kick turn off on July 11, 2018 in Minneapolis, MN, and will visit major markets transparent the summer before concluding in the band’s hometown of ras Vegas on respectable 18th.

Ticketmaster ( is theOFFICIAL TICKETING PROVIDERfor Royal farms Arena. Tickets purchased from various other sources may be 1) more expensive, 2) invalid and 3) ineligible forassistance.Royal FarmsArena is not responsible because that tickets purchased from other sources.

To avoid problems with counterfeit, steal or voided tickets, guests have to make your purchases with authorized outlets just (Ticketmaster). Royal farms Arena will certainly not be responsible for validating tickets the were no purchased through an authorized outlet and is unable to carry out you with information or aid with any kind of ticketing issues.

The complying with items room NOT allowed in the Arena:

Bags larger than 13 5/8' x 15 1/4", Tablets, Go-Pros, selfie Sticks, Recording tools of any type of kind, Laser Pointers, weapons of any kind, Illegal Substances,Long Lens expert Cameras, Noise Makers, external Food & Beverages and also Bare Feet. For your protection and also the security of others, all Patrons are subject to find as a problem of join to the Arena during an event. Refuse to send to such search might prevent join to the Arena. We thank you for her patience and also understanding. Security for every one of our guest is a priority because that Royal farms Arena.

The Royal ranches Arena is a smoke-free facility. smoking of any kind of kind, including e-cigarettes, is prohibited by law and also violations will an outcome in ejection from the Arena there is no a refund. Smoking is only permitted in the designated smoking cigarettes area external of doors E-7.

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