“Cleopatra Queen that Denial” peaked in ~ #11 on Pam Tillis' album Homeward looking Angel. The song features Egyptian music adhering to the first and 2nd chorus.It is a very… read More 

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Well I said he had actually a most potentialHe was just misunderstoodYou know, he yes, really didn't typical to act me so badHe wanted to be goodAnd ns swore someday I would certainly tame himEven though he loved to run hog wildJust speak to me Cleopatra, everybody'Cause I'm the Queen of DenialI knew the didn't have any kind of moneyYeah, that's why he couldn't purchase me a ringOh and just due to the fact that he bought self a brand new pick-up truckReally didn't prove anythingAnd the never had actually to say he love meI could see it every time the smiledJust speak to me Cleopatra, everybody'Cause I'm the Queen of DenialOh Queen of DenialBuying every his alibisQueen that DenialFloating down a flow of lies, yeahhh
Well I'm not gonna jump to conclusionsOr litter away this perfect romanceEven though I observed him dancing critical nightWith a girl in leopard skin pantsOh he's more than likely stuck in trafficAnd he'll be below in a little whileJust call me Cleopatra, everybody'Cause I'm the Queen the DenialOh Queen of DenialBuying all his alibisQueen of DenialJust floating down a flow of lies, oh yeahhh
“Cleopatra Queen of Denial” peaked at #11 on Pam Tillis" album Homeward looking Angel.

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The song attributes Egyptian music adhering to the an initial and second chorus.

It is a an extremely catchy song around a woman that won’t recognize that she is in denial about the male she is in a relationship with. She is constantly making excuses for him, why he is late, why he hasn’t bought she a ring, why he doesn’t tell her he loves her…and she also saw him dancing with an additional woman.

The video clip for this tune won nation Music Association’s Award for Music video clip of the Year in 1993 and also Academy of country Music compensation for video clip of the Year in 1994.

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