Denver Public Schools is still criminalizing our students and ignoring the needs of our area.

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In direct violation of the 2020 resolution to gain cops out of schools, DPS has actually increased its very own equipped police force by 25%. DPS has likewise given its armed security pressure the exact same power to ticket students that SROs had actually, completely going against the whole aim of the resolution: to speak ticketing, arresting, and also criminalizing our students. This development of policing at DPS is following under new superintendent Dr. Alex Marrero, putting the futures of our students at stake and also risking whatever our community has actually battled for.

Sign our petition NOW to end the criminalization of our students IMMEDIATELY.

Las Escuelas Públicas de Denver todavía están criminalizanperform a nuestros estudiantes e ignoranperform las necesidades de nuestra comunidad. 

En violación directa de la resolución de 2020 para remover a los policías de las escuelas, DPS ha expandiexecute su propia fuerza policial armada en un 25%. DPS también ha daexecute a su fuerza de seguridad armada el mismo poder para multar a los estudiantes que tenían SROs, completamente contra el objetivo full de la resolución: parar multas, arrestos y la criminalizacion de nuestros estudiantes. Esta expansión de políticas en DPS se está tomanperform bajo el nuevo superintendente Dr. Alex Marrero, ponienexecute en riesgo el futuro de nuestros estudiantes y poniencarry out en riesgo toexecute lo que nuestra comunidad ha luchaperform.

Firma nuestra petición AHORA para terminar INMIDIATAMENTE con la criminalización de nuestros estudiantes.



Padres & Jóvenes Unidos is a multi-problem organization led by people of color that work for educational equity, racial justice, immiapprove rights and also advocating for equal accessibility to accomplish a much better quality of life. Our Freedom to Learn framework is based on the belief that education is a best, not a privilege. We believe that all students, regardmuch less of race, revenue, or immigration condition, deserve equal accessibility to high-top quality public institutions that prepare them for college. Click to learn even more about us.

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