Denver Public institutions is tho criminalizing ours students and also ignoring the demands of ours community.

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In direct violation that the 2020 resolution to gain cops the end of schools, DPS has broadened its own equipped police force by 25%. DPS has likewise given its equipped security pressure the same power to ticket students the SROs had, completely going against the entirety aim that the resolution: to protect against ticketing, arresting, and also criminalizing our students. This expansion of policing in ~ DPS is following under new superintendent Dr. Alex Marrero, placing the futures of our students in ~ stake and risking whatever our ar has dealt with for.

Sign our petition now to finish the criminalization of our students IMMEDIATELY.

Las Escuelas Públicas de Denver todavía están criminalizando a nuestros estudiantes e ignorando ras necesidades de nuestra comunidad. 

En violación directa de la resolución de 2020 para remover a los policías de ras escuelas, DPS ha expandido su propia fuerza policial armada en un 25%. DPS también ha dado a su fuerza de seguridad armada el mismo poder para multar a los estudiantes que tenían SROs, completamente contra el objetivo full de la resolución: parar multas, arrestos y la criminalizacion de nuestros estudiantes. Esta expansión de políticas en DPS se está tomando bajo el nuevo superintendente Dr. Alex Marrero, poniendo en riesgo el futuro de nuestros estudiantes y poniendo en riesgo todo lo que nuestra comunidad ha luchado.

Firma nuestra petición AHORA para terminar INMIDIATAMENTE con la criminalización de nuestros estudiantes.



Padres & Jóvenes Unidos is a multi-issue organization led by civilization of shade who job-related for educational equity, gyeongju justice, immigrant rights and also advocating for equal access to accomplish a far better quality that life. Our flexibility to Learn structure is based on the belief that education and learning is a right, no a privilege. We think that all students, regardless of race, income, or immigrant status, deserve equal access to high-quality public institutions that prepare them for college. Click to learn much more about us.

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