I have a synology 1511+ nas. Mine network deliver speeds are an extremely slow, C:\Users\Jason Fonseca>ping -f -l 2000 through 2000 bytes of data:Packet requirements to it is in fragmented but DF set.Packet requirements to it is in fragmented but DF set.Packet needs to it is in fragmented however DF set.Packet demands to be fragmented but DF set.Ping statistics because that Packets: sent out = 4, got = 0, shed = 4 (100% loss),The website claimed to readjust the MTU setups in stimulate to remove this message but I don"t know what come change.

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Can anyone introduce what requirements to be excellent here?


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asked Jun 1 "11 at 1:56

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>ping -f -l 2000 command tries come send 2000 Bytes in ~ once, while an ethernet frame can transmit only a bit much less than 1500 Bytes by default.

Changing the MTU of your Ethernet card is not recommended uneven you know exactly what you do.

One factor is that every switch/bridge between your PC and also the NAS should support the larger MTU too. And also your ethernet card might not even have the capacity to send/receive ethernet frames bigger than 1500 Bytes.

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