That to be a an essential question i asked myself after watching Outsiders Season 2 illustration 9 when it to be revealed that Ledda had miraculously entered remission. 

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For me, it to be a random twist and very emotional. I assumed for certain this would be her final episode because her problem seemed to be deteriorating. 

When Elon appeared exterior her house, it seemed choose she was coming come terms with dying, however in reality, it was more than likely Elon"s hug that helped her pertained to grips through her predicament. 

How deserve to you go from telling everyone you were close come death and have a miraculous recovery a mere couple of weeks later? It to be an interesting development that"s make me think there"s an ext to this story than meets the eye. 

Elon"s spirit leaving the hill shocked me, too. Perhaps it to be something to perform with Wade help the Farrells obtain Li"l Foster earlier that signaled this act of goodwill, but we"ll probably not know for another couple of weeks yet. 

It can not be a coincidence the G"Win was close to death on Outsiders Season 2 episode 8, only to do a restore when large Foster seemingly began to believe in the praying the others to be doing. 


I"m interested to see where this goes, however did the child dying from poisoning render him unfit to be safe? There"s never been much of an explanation about how this every works. 

When ns think about it, why does anyone seem therefore concerned about death up on the mountain if there"s a possibility it can not stick? Is over there something that few of them room being maintained out the the loop about?

The government poisoning the crops and also the child was downright nasty. I acquire they desire the mountain cleared, yet surely over there were an ext ethical means of managing them. 


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It seemed prefer a society shock for every one of the Farrells once the helicopter showed up at the height of the hour. It"s something none have ever traveled in or most likely laid eyes on before. 

It was unpreventable they would certainly react by increasing their guns. How else to be they intended to protect themselves from part unknown (to them) aircraft?

I was surprised there was not more of a heated reaction from the Farrells for the large death, however something tells me Haylie will wind up payment the can be fried price. 


She"s been illustrated as a villain over the food of the series, yet she"s been doing part decent points behind the scenes. Changing Breece"s start day was a dumb move, but she walk what she thought was best to take some of the pressure off Ledda. 

She most likely felt a bit responsible because that his actions by employing him in the first place. Also, she had Hasil on she payroll in exchange for information. 

Deep down, Hasil knew she was no at fault for any type of of this, but he played in addition to the mission, anyway. That knew his human being lived by a code and people going against that could prove deadly. 

What I uncovered bizarre about the entirety thing was that she was in the trunk through her cell phone. Walk she no think to do a phone speak to while she was in the trunk to say Hasil was one of the males who took her?


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Is she that ominous that her mobile battery to be empty? If she does do it earlier down the mountain, i think she"s walk to have actually some info that will acquire her back in an excellent graces with Matt and her employer. 

That"s a huge if. There"s a great chance she might wind up dead because that not following orders. Favor Foster, a many the human being on the hill are not going to it is in impressed through her and could vent their frustrations top top her. 

"Loyal come the Bone" was an additional exciting illustration of this WGN America drama. The drama is hitting crazy new heights, and also I can"t wait to check out what wake up next. 

Is it negative that I"m shipping Wade and also Dana already? You can tell Dana was right into Wade directly off the bat. Ns think go was against going there with Dana because of everything else walking on in his life with Ledda and also the potential of gift investigated. Sally Ann returning to education and learning would it is in a great move. She has not appeared happy recently, and component of that was under to her worrying around what to be going to take place with her living arrangement. Where walk the apology indigenous Foster to Hasil come from? He"s proceeding to make certain to readjust his methods by composing his wrongs. It"s weird but great character development. Will Li"l Foster be able to get over killing in prison? the seems prefer he"s around to walk off the deep end. 

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Over come you, Outsiders Fanatics. What did friend think of every the drama? are you purchase Ledda"s recovery?