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There room 2,861 people through incarceration and correctional supervision documents in Out of Dept. Custody through Court Order, Florida in our database.

pick a surname from the list listed below to watch a an ext detailed incarceration record for present or historical inmates, or a more detailed correctional supervision record because that probationers and also parolees who space or have actually been under correctional supervision in this area. Details encompass offense descriptions, violation dates, sentencing details, instance docket numbers, custody/supervision status, and biographical details.

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Search is on because that inmate accidentally exit from Colorado jailSaturday, April 8, 2017A Colorado inmate was able to escape jail by posing as another inmate that.Search for Escaped Inmate in Ellis CountySunday, April 2, 2017North Texas regulation enforcement public official are in search of a teen who escaped native guards in Ellis ar Wednesday.Search underway after inmate escapes in Sabine ParishSunday, April 2, 2017Authorities space trying come track under an inmate who escaped in Sabine Parish.Three inmates escape Athens county correctional facility, one apprehendedSunday, April 2, 2017NELSONVILLE, Ohio- Authorities have recorded one man and continue to search for 2 others that escaped from SEPTA Correctional basic in NelsonvilleMan Accused of helping Callahan ar Inmate to escape Self-SurrendersWednesday, in march 15, 2017A man accused of help an inmate escape indigenous the Callahan ar Jail virtually two weeks back has turned himself in come authorities.Oklahoma DOC unveils new inmate search featureThursday, in march 9, 2017TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) - The Oklahoma department of Corrections has unveiled a brand-new online inmate search feature obtainable to the public.According come theSearch continues for Inmate who escaped from Lawrence County work releaseThursday, in march 2, 2017Austen Larry Williams, 29, of city Creek, walked away from the countys maintenance shop throughout work information Wednesday afternoon, Sheriff Gene Mitchell check out all inmate find news.