The Spirit Blade Mountain is a manhua based on the novel that goes by the name "Once Upon a Time There Was a Spirit Sword Mountain" or "Congqian Youzuo Lingjianshan". There is also an anime with two seasons under the name "Reikenzan: Hoshikuzu-tachi no Utage". The story follows Wang Lu, our cunning protagonist that has the most rare Spirit Root in the world. After entering the Spirit Sword Sect, he becomes the Inheriting Disciple if the 5th Elder, cultivating while going on adventures.

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The Two Continents


The world of Spirit Blade Mountain is divided into two major Continents; Nine Regions and the Western Continent. Both have different workings, from their culture up to the way of cultivation.

The Nine Regions have long been divided into two categories; mortals and cultivators. The difference between the two is as vast as the heaven and the earth. Because, cultivators are stronger, smarter, faster and they cultivate their way with the goal of reaching the True Immortal rank which will allow them to ascend to the Immortal World, while mortals can only stare in awe.

The Western Continent doesn"t have ranks of cultivation and they also lack the belief that they can ascend to another world. Instead, they have professions and bloodlines (for reference, a profession is on par with a Jindan stage cultivator, a Holy One is on par with a Supreme Lvl Cultivator). There is one major reason for that; one is the difference in the continents. The Law of cultivation is different in the two continents making it impossible to cultivate like the nine regions. In fact, cultivators from the nine regions that are below the rank of Jindan, cannot utilise their powers and even then, they remain weakened because of this.

Western Continent Lore


Not much is known about the Western Continent backstory; they seem to be completely isolated from the Nine Regions for the most part. All we know is that a long time ago, there was a King who United all the Western Continent, who was nicknamed the Golden King because of his immeasurable wealth. When he died, he made a tomb which would allow him to reassurecet many years later and was a way for people to challenge their limits and obtaining treasures depending on the trials they cleared. The one who cleared the most trials would be the Administrator of the Tomb.

After the King"s Death, the unity of the Western Continent didn"t last for long, and it was divided into many "states". Some states would be just a city, others would be as big as countries and so on. The Knight King managed to once again unite the continent only to be backstabbed by her own people, which allowed the second strongest power, the Holy Sea Religion to take control of the situation. Unable to accept this defeat, the damaged spirit of the Knight King went to the Nine Regions to find "A way to win all the battles". After many years of searching, the damaged soul took refuge to a certain sect that went by the name "Spirit Sword Sect".

Nine Regions Lore


To properly explain about how the power works and the story of the Nine Regions, we would have to go thousands of years in the past. Then, the spiritual energy was plenty and many people managed to have extraordinary achievements and soar to immortality. A great battle with the Demons took place, that severily damaged both sides and ended with the cultivators if the Nine Regions destroying the World Tree and sealing off the space, making a second invasion impossible. Following the war, everything changed when the Age of Chaos came. A calamity that changed the nature of spiritual energy, causing many geniuses to die or lose their cultivation. The calamity also made it harder to cultivate, as the energy was greatly lowered.

After the Age of Chaos, the spiritual energy was not as good as before, many geniuses died or were crippled and the rate of cultivation greatly fell. Not even one person managed to soar to immortality since then. However, this resulted in the massive improvement in techniques and tools.

Balance of Power for the Nine Regions


Alliance of Ten Thousand Immortals

The Alliance of Ten Thousand Immortals is an organisation that manages all the cultivators in the Nine Regions. Every sect must enter, otherwise they will be treated as Evil Sects, that can be hunt down and taken out. There are countless sects, with the "leaders" being the Five Unique.

Five Unique

The five most powerful sects. There five have far more powerful than normal sects, have more resources and govern over a bigger area. The members of the five uniques are;

-Shengjing Sect, the leader of the Five Uniques. The Sect Leader is supposed to be the most powerful cultivator in the Nine Regions.

-Spirit Sword Sect, weakest of the five uniques but has more power than the one they show

-Royal Soldier Sect, the most powerful sect strength wise. The members are battle junkies.

-Thousand Arts Sect, a sect that focuses on knowledge instead of pure power. The ratio of men and women is 10:1.

-Kunlun Sect, has the largest history and has many books that contain ancient knowledge.

Evil Sects

A cult that does not follow the ways of the Alliance of Thousand Immortals. They are to be hinted down one sight.

Stray Cultivators

Cultivators that are not a part of a sect. They are mostly weak and will sometime make their own sect or join an existing one.

Energy of the Verse


There are different kinds of energies in the verse. The four main ones are Spiritual Energy, (sword) Qi and Magic Power and Immortal Energy.

Spiritual energy exists in all nature and is the main energy used for cultivation. When absorbed into the body, the cultivator can turn it into his own energy and empower his body, soul and mind. The more powerful the body, soul and mind, the more energy can be absorbed. The amount of energy that can be absorbed is directly related to the Spirit Root if the person, which is something they are born with (artificial spirit roots exist, but they are inferior most of the time).

Qi is the energy tied with martial arts. Unlike magic power, it is classified as martial arts. When used, it can be used to dominate even a Foundation Building Stage cultivator, as it can reflect spells and make the user immune to them.

Magic Power is the energy needed for using spells. There are many cultivators that rely on spells to fight and even the weakest cultivators can cast spells.

Immortal Energy is the energy used by Immortals or Immortal Treasures. It is far superior to the others, being stronger and helps cultivation by a lot.

The Strength of Cultivators

Cultivators in the Nine Regions are separated into stages. The stage is a not a sure-fire way to judge someone"s power, but the general rule puts most cultivators into a specific tier based on his stage. Moreover, that also applies to speed, as for the most part, people of a lower stage cannot react to someone of a higher stage. There are 8 stages

Body Refining Stage

Unknown Physicals or power. Cannot use magic. Although weak, it"s an essential step, as gathering Qi inside the body would cause the person to blow up.

Qi Refining Stage

Building Level physicals, at least MHS speed. This is where people can start using spells. Although the advantage of enchanced physicals and the addition of spells makes them stronger than mortals, martial artists using the Study Protection Qi can slay them pretty easily.

Foundation Building Stage

Unknown stats, have all the previous abilities. One way to progress through this stage is via splitting into many avatars and reaching Yuanying stage with them.

Unity Stage

Multi-Continent Level. Stronger members are Moon Level. Higher speed than earlier. Every move they make contains their Dao. Upon reaching this rank, the cultivator earns the title "Supreme".

Mahayana Stage

Unknown, just a fraction of their soul is millions upon millions times stronger than normal.

True Immortal

Unknown, Ascended, can apparently live forever.

Sword Spirits

As the name implies z there exist sword spirits that live and cultivate inside their respective treasure. The spirit"s power is directly tied to their age and the treasure they are residing in. The reason Spiritual Treasures are the highest quality of a treasure before Immortal Treasure, is because they have their own spirit inside. Of course, the weapon"s spirit may have been killed or left dormant after many years, such is the case for Liu Li"s Skybreaker. The existence of a strong spirit greatly affects the power of the cultivator, as Liu Li was placed below Qiong Hua, just because the spirit inside Skybreaker was dormant. Zhu Shiyao, who was not able to beat an Earth Immortal because her sword is only a High Rank Spiritual Treasure and not an Immortal Treasure.

Rankings and Abilities

The most powerful group consisted of people that are at least Mahayana Stage. They cultivate Immortal Techniques and are armed with Immortal Treasures. Immortal Are on par with Conceptual Lvl techniques. Some of their powers include, but not limited to; Illusions that affect reality, Poison, soul and mind manipulation, attacks that always hit, calculations that affect reality, existence erasure, durability negation, regeneration, ressurection, negation, regeneration negation. Some earth immortals are Bai Zhe, Xuan Mo, Calculation Immortal, Food Immortal, Little Poison Immortal, Illusion Immortal. Not shown in the manga yet.

Supreme He Tu

Leader of the Shengjing Sect and is considered to be the strongest cultivator. His power is unknown, but he cannot be erased and made the earth immortals surrender their fight against him, saying only the strongest members could have a chance.

Knight King

Although from the western Continent, she regained her power thanks to Wang Lu and is helping Nine Regions. Her power is that of a Supreme (and a powerful one at that) and has a special sword strike that will kill anyone as long as he has guilt in his heart.

The Holy Ones

The powerful individuals of the Western Continent. The Pope has the most energy and physical prowess with his powers remaining unknown. The Prophet can change and select the future for the opponent, but was beaten by Feng Yi. The only thing we know about them is that they have the means to ressurect themselves. Not shown in the manhua yet.


A demon from the Western Continent that manipulated the soul and mind. It"s cultivation is almost on par with a Yuanying, although it mostly attacks by invading the mind, possessing the soul and body. Extremely hard to kill, as it is incorporeal. Not shown in the manhua yet.

Supreme Tiang Lang

Sect Leader of the Ten Thousand Art Sect. His immortal treasure is a wheel that turns with his calculations and can shape reality from the endless void. Not much is known about his ability, but he is one of the strongest cultivators.

Feng Yi

A Spirit Sword Sect disciple and the inheriting disciple of the Sect Leader, Feng Yi. Her aptitude on the Divine Stellar Eyes is greater than that of Feng Yi, but she is still inferior to him for now. Possessing a high rank Spiritual Treasure, the Great Sun Golden Brilliant Sword that shines as bright as the sun itself and being able to see the future, she is one of the strongest Jindan in the Nine Regions. Her only downfall is that she dies not possess and Immortal Treasure, which greatly lowers her strength compared to the other elite disciples that do wield one.

Liu Li

Another Spirit Sword Sect disciple and the inheriting disciple of Elder Ming, having the same powers as he does, but on a lower level. Her Brilliant Sword Heart gives her the most powerful attack in the Jindan stage, except Wang Wu. She wields many flying swords and the Immortal Treasure "Skybreaker".

Qiong Hua

The Inheriting Disciple if Supreme He Tu and the one who will inherit Shengjing. Second most powerful attack in Jindan Stage, losing only to Liu Li. Incredibly powerful but not much is known about her technique, which is why she is ranked so low. Has the most powerful attack in Jindan due to her Kill Immortal Sword, an Immortal Treasure that can destroy the world, but that was until the spirit inside Liu Li"s treasure was awakened, taking her spot. Not shown in the manhua yet.

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An Immortal Beast that is not adept in fighting. Although that"s the case, she has excellent healing capabilities, can spam elemental attacks and can improve her allies attacks be a lot, due to the insane amount of energy she possesses. Is currently the Immortal Beast of Non-Phase Peak. Moreover, her original life force is many times superior to that of normal humans, allowing her to live for many years even without cultivation. She is automatically Jindan stage since birth due to her status as an Immortal Beast and can only grow stronger.