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A. Boost the results of both.B. Have no result on control ability.C. Mitigate the results of the medicine or medicine.D. Minimize the impacts of the alcohol.

Never drink alcohol if you are taking other drugs. It can be dangerous, frequently multiplying the results of the alcohol and the other drug. Acquisition one drink once you are likewise using one allergy or cold remedy could affect you as lot as several drinks.

A. recovery from headlight glare.B. Reaction time.C. Judgement that distances.D. every one of these choices.

Alcohol slows her reflexes and also reaction time, reduces your capability to see clearly, distorts your judgment of speed and distances, regularly reduces your inhibitions from taking chances, and makes you much less alert.

A. her body weight.B. how much friend drink.C. just how much time passes between drinks.D. how physically fit you are.

Your blood alcohol content (BAC) mostly depends on:How lot alcohol girlfriend drink. Exactly how much time passes in between drinks. Her weight.

For a male weighing 150 pounds, 12 ounces that beer would contain enough alcohol to rise his BAC by around .02 percent. ~ above average, it takes the human body about one hour come dispose the that lot alcohol.

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Chemical tests use blood, breath, to pee or saliva to measure a person`s blood alcohol contents (BAC).

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