Guide and also Walkthrough by sokkus

Toussaint secondary Quests (Continued)

Blacksmith in ~ the Tourney Grounds

The Blacksmith plays through a Skellige deck that features a little bit of everything. This other loves to usage ‘Skellige Storm" Cards which impact both the earlier and middle rows the play. He"ll shot to bring up to 3 ‘Clan one Craite Warriors" cards that he deserve to stack together using the chop Bond and has the complete collection of Muster-themed ‘Gaunter O"Dimm: Darkness" cards. The Blacksmith likewise has the ‘Cow" map which is useless together is, yet if placed into the graveyard at the end of his turn, will an outcome in an 8 strength ‘Bovine Defense Force" card remaining on the table at the begin of the next round. Additionally, he"ll have actually a pair of morale cards in ‘Dandelion" and ‘Draig Bon-Dhu" and likewise has access to the ‘Mysterious Elf/Avalla"ch" spy card.

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It have to be provided that the seller has the ‘Crach one Craite" leader card definition that he"ll have the ability to bring all of the discarded cards earlier into your decks rendering Medics useless however fortunately, he tends to usage this in the 3rd round.

Barber in ~ the Tourney Grounds

The Barber uses a Skellige deck that features a little bit that everything. If you space unlucky he"ll pat his ‘Ermion" Hero map or a ‘Mardroeme" map alongside up to 3 ‘Young Berserker" or ‘Berserker" cards which along with Tight bond abilities can add massive quantities of strength to a row. His deck additionally features many Decoys and also often the ‘Yennefer the Vendenberg" card v the Medic capability and will certainly either steal or revive and re-use any type of Spy the gets placed on his next of the table. The Barber likewise has the set of ‘War Longships" and also ‘Clan Drummond Shield Maiden" cards through their tight Bond ability.

It need to be noted that the herbalist has the ‘Crach one Craite" leader card an interpretation that she"ll be able to bring every one of the discarded cards ago into your decks calculation Medics useless and give the the ability to re-use Muster cards and he"ll usage this as early on as the second round. The finest strategy to play against the herbalist is to usage high level units and Decoys (if possible) to gain her come overcommit in the an initial two rounds so that you can diffuse her tactics successfully before the third round.

Innkeep at the Tourney Grounds

The Innkeep works v a Scoia"tael deck and also her strategic emphasis is primarily on overwhelming you v Muster cards and high value Agile cards i beg your pardon she"ll spread between the front and middle rows. She has actually the full set of the Muster-focused ‘Dwarven Skirmishers" and ‘Havekaer Smugglers" i m sorry she"ll usually pull out early to shot and seize the an initial round. She deck attributes both ‘Milva" and ‘Insengrim Faoiltiarna" car which will provide Morale come their corresponding rows. She also has several Decoy cards and also often uses the Medic capacity to recovery high level devices or Spy cards that gets inserted on her side that the table. She"ll also have a pair of Scorch cards ~ above hand, so be prepared. Unlike many of the other opponents in Toussaint, the Innkeep will likewise use weather cards reasonably frequently, so prepare accordingly.

Herbalist at the Herb Store, Castel Ravello Vineyard

The Herbalist plays v a Nilfgaardian empire deck and her deck has a major focus on utilizing a collection of high value Hero cards and mid/back row units to overpower you. She also an ext often than no will have actually a Scorch and the ‘Villentretenmerth" card and up his sleeve - so keep an eye on her front row toughness values (and save the complete under 10 or just play close variety Heroes) until he theatre it. The can additionally (but rarely) manipulate Tight link cards in the front row, for this reason be certain to save an eye on that happening – particularly in nearby games. Unlike many of the other opponents in Toussaint, the Hebalist right here will ago up her general Nilfgaardian realm strategy through handicapping you v weather cards fairly frequently, so prepare accordingly.

Armorer in Francollarts

The Armorer runs a north Realms deck and he has actually quite a couple of Spy cards in his deck the he"ll wheel out early on to obtain a large hand. It"s additionally likely that you"ll see number of Decoy and Medic cards used throughout your games with him, therefore be all set for any kind of Spy cards you place on his next of the board or a high toughness card or two to do a comeback at the time. His normal strategy revolves about loading increase his ago and former rows with Tight link cards and then supplementing their damages with ‘Commander"s Horn" cards. Additionally, he"ll have several high level hero cards consisting of ‘Triss Merrigold", ‘Philippa Eilhart", ‘Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon" and ‘Geralt of Rivia". He"s likewise going to usage Scorch at least once and also is also a fan of using weather cards come hinder her strength and will usage Clear Skies to clear out any kind of weather cards detrimental come his next of the board.

Innkeep in ~ the Dcarlet Cardinal Inn, Francollarts

The Innkeep plays with a Nilfgaardian empire deck and his deck has actually a major focus on using Spy cards come either get herself a substantial card benefit straight increase or usage them to gain himself out of trouble late in the match. She"ll place Spy cards repeatedly as well as steal them making use of Decoys or revive and also re-use lock in later on rounds making use of Medics. She does this in order come overpower you through a collection of high value Hero cards and mid/back heat units and Tight shortcut cards. She also an ext often 보다 not usage her Scorch cards more than once and will also have the ‘Villentretenmerth" map - so keep an eye on your front row strength values (and keep the total under 10 or only play close selection Heroes) till he plays it.

This complement can it is in tricky as the card advantage can be difficult to overcome. Together such, shot to incorporate as many Spy and Decoy cards in your deck as possible in an effort to directly counter his strategy.

Innkeep in ~ the Barrel and Bung Inn, Flovive

The Innkeep operation a north Realms deck and he has actually quite a few Spy cards the she"ll bring out at an early stage to acquire a huge hand. It"s likewise likely that you"ll see numerous Decoy and also Medic cards used throughout your gamings with her, so be ready for any Spy cards you ar on her side the the board or a high toughness card or 2 to do a comeback at least a couple of times. Her usual strategy revolves about loading up his earlier and prior rows v Tight shortcut cards and then supplementing their damages with ‘Commander"s Horn" cards and the ‘Foltest: The Siegemaster" leader card. Additionally, he"ll have several high level hero cards consisting of ‘Triss Merrigold", ‘Philippa Eilhart", ‘Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon" and ‘Geralt of Rivia". He"s also going to usage Scorch at least once (but generally more) and also is also a fan of making use of weather cards to handicap your capability to rack up huge strength values. She will but use Clear Skies to clear out any weather cards (including she own) if they end up being detrimental to she side of the board.

After finding and defeating all 18 people, the search will it is in completed. At this point you will also have a complete set of Skellige cards, providing you the capacity to fully customise the deck the means you want it so the you deserve to participate in the tournament.

Note: because that completing this side-quest you"ll earn the achievement/trophy "I have a Gwent Problem".

Gwent: To every little thing – Turn, Turn, Tournament!

Start Location: loss the Innkeeper in the Cockatrice Inn in a video game of Gwent.

Coming soon!

Knight because that Hire

Start Location: This side-quest have the right to be gained via a an alert posted on the notification Board through the Cockatrice Inn.

After getting the side-quest, make your means to the objective mite in the western section of Beauclair, simply south the the bridge bring about the palace and west that the ‘The Gran"place" fast take trip marker. Together you arrive, go into the building significant with the Ducal Camerlengo sign and speak v the Camerlengo inside.

After speaking with the Camerlengo, you"ll discover that this side-quest is basically a series of 15, little open human being tasks ranging from exit Settlements, come Persons in Distress, bandit Camps and Hanse Bases. Because that each successfully completed task, the Camerlengo will certainly reward you through 100 Crowns.

Completing all 15 tasks will finish the side-quest.

Master grasp Master Master!

Start Location: This side-quest can be got via a an alert posted on one of the an alert Boards in the main Beauclair city region.

Once you have actually received the side-quest we can begin it by heading to Lazare Lafargue"s Workshop in central, southern Beauclair. Speak come Lafargue inside and also he"ll prattle on for a while about Grandmaster Witcher equipment that that can create for you… if just you acquire him the diagrams. He"ll additionally let you understand that he to know of five armor sets and he"ll want you to collection them all.

Ask him around all five schools of equipment – Bear, Cat, Griffin, Manticore and Wolf and also upon completing the conversation, you"ll be offered five brand-new side-quests. Castle include:

Once you have actually undertaken one of the Scavenger hunt quests and recovered all 6 diagrams of one of the Grandmaster sets, your goals will update when again. Go back to Lafargue in ~ this point. Speak through him and also hand over the diagrams to complete the side-quest.

Note: because that completing the side-quest you"ll knife 50XP and also 500 Crowns.

Mutual that Beauclair"s Wild Kingdom

Start Location: This side-quest deserve to be got via a an alert posted top top the notice Board through the Cockatrice Inn.

After gaining the side-quest, do your method to the objective marker by the ‘Trading Post" fast travel marker situated in the northern component of central Toussaint.

Upon arrival, you"ll find a find area encompassing a tiny camp. Activate her Witcher sense to discover the area. You"ll have the ability to inspect the following:

The dead body top top the ground by a time in the southern of the search area.A pool of blood in ~ a turned end wagon simply north that the body.One the the set of discarded scales by the bloodstain.A collection of footprints in the center of the camp.

After examining every one of the clues, a scene will play. Throughout the conversation below you"ll learn around what has actually happened here and what we"ll be up against a little later on.

Once the scene has run that course, we"ll have the ability to examine the area when again, this time over there are added clues to it is in found. As such, re-activate her Witcher sense to discover the area. You"ll now have the ability to inspect the following:

Burn marks on a wagon on the western side of the find area.The smashed barrels top top the far, western part of the search area.

Once we have actually examined the smashed barrels, a scent trail will appear whilst in Witcher sense mode. Monitor this the end of the camp come the west until the scent trail vanishes. At this point, girlfriend should have the ability to locate a follow of blood stains ~ above the ground. Follow these a brief distance till you re-discover the odor trail once again. In ~ the end of this you"ll uncover the second merchant. Examine the body and loot it for Coopers" Guild Contract.

Continue to monitor the odor trail till you come across a group of Crinfid Reavers. Strategy them because that a scene. During the step you"ll have actually a timed decision come make. Depending upon your choice, the next portion of the pursuit will play the end differently. The choices include:

Option 1: “Beast needs to die. Let"s execute it”

After making the decision, the conversation will continue a little longer. We"ll it is in teaming up witht the Crinfid Reavers come fight the boss and also you"ll be able to tell lock what to carry out – either assistance you with crossbows or to help you out in a melee setting. Keep in mind that the crossbow alternative will save the boss pinned come the ground, disabling that flying assaults which is handy.

Boss: Iocaste (Silver Basilisk)

This hit is comparable to the struggle we had actually with the Griffins, Archgriffins, Basilisks and also a variety of various other Draconid enemies throughout the key game and also as such, your general flying foe strategies will work right here as well.

The easiest method to take it down quickly is come hit it through crossbow bolts or AARD whilst that is flying to lug it crashing come the soil (the Reavers will help you v this if you determined the crossbow option). When the beast has fallen, operation up and smash it a few times and then usage your dodges and rolls to avoid its ground-based strikes whilst dishing out your own once you view an opening. This details Basilisk is weak against IGNI so be sure to usage this sign typically for some an excellent damage.

Although it has wings, for the most part the boss will assault from the ground and also has quite a large area of strike due come its wings being able to carry out sweeping moves. In addition, the Basilisk can likewise jump in the air and dive bomb your position as well as utilise a nasty lunge attack, which you have the right to roll under if time correctly. Once it is in the air, it will additionally infrequently effort a swooping assault that deserve to be easily rolled under/away from but will hit prefer a tonne the bricks if not avoided. Any kind of melee attack that it hits Geralt with has actually the chance to cause a damage over time toxicity effect.

In addition to that wings/beak/claw-based melee attacks, the Basilisk likewise incorporates poison into its repertoire. Comparable to the Archgriffins and Wyverns, it is able come spit eco-friendly projectiles in ~ you which will poison Geralt if it makes contact. Be sure to dodge as soon as you view them coming!

Forcing it come the ground and also taking that on at close range is the best in its entirety strategy here. Wait because that openings and also deliver IGNI blasts or melee assaults when you view them. Repeat this procedure until a scene plays to end the fight.

Following the scene, the pursuit will it is in completed.

Note: in ~ this suggest you"ll knife 25XP and 400 Crowns.

Before leaving the area, be sure to booty the boss"s corpse because that a Basilisk Mutagen and also a silver Basilisk Trophy along with a brand-new sword and also a selection of reagents.

Option 2: “Basilisk"s no to be killed.”

After make the decision, you"ll it is in rewarded. You"ll unlock a suggest for the attempt of Compassion portion of the ‘There deserve to Only Be One" side-quest at this point.

Note: at this point you"ll knife 25XP and also 350 Crowns.

Before the conversation ends yet you"ll it is in offered additional monetary compensation as a reward. Again you"ll have a pair of selections on market that include:

“Thanks.”- selecting this option will net you a more 50 Crowns.“Don"t need any much more coin.”

Note: if you select the last option, you"ll unlock a allude for the trial of Valor section of the ‘There have the right to Only Be One" side-quest.

Following the conversation, the side-quest will be completed.

Note: in ~ this allude you"ll earn 25XP.

No ar Like Home

Start Location: This side-quest is instantly acquired throughout the ‘The Beast the Toussaint" main quest.

When you gain a cost-free moment after perfect the "Beast the Toussaint" key quest, head to Geralt"s new property at Bianco Corvo and also head for the objective marker. When you arrive, speak v Barnabus-Basil, the Majordomo of the estate and during the conversation ask because that a tour.

Note: in ~ this point you"ll knife 1,000XP.

The tour is composed of a 5-10 minute walking tour of the grounds the the estate. Simply follow Barnabus-Basil and also he"ll explain the assorted areas and what they supplied to be/could be. Once you go into the key building, finalize the conversation to finish the tour.

At this allude you"ll now have the ability to upgrade the estate. To perform so, find and talk with Barnabus-Basil.

Work on the houseGeneral renovation 5,000 Crowns, 3 day develop time.Better Bed - 1,000 Crowns - 1 day develop time.Weapon Rack - 500 Crowns 1 day develop time.Armor Stands - 500 Crowns 1 day build time.Guest Room - 1,000 Crowns 2 day build time.Work ~ above the GroundsArmour repair table - 1,000 Crowns - 1 day build time.Grindstone - 1,000 Crowns - 1 day build time.Stable - 2,000 Crowns - 2 day construct time.Herb Garden - 2,000 Crowns - 2 day develop time.

Note: ~ above purchasing all nine upgrades, you"ll knife the achievement/trophy ‘Playing House".

After completing all renovations provided above and also earning the achievement/trophy because that doing so, speak come Barnabus-Basil when again and he"ll notify you that a special discover that was made in the cellar.

Make your means to the stairs leading down to the cellar. At the basic of the stairs, if you litter Geralt"s Witcher feeling on you"ll discover that the wall surface opposite the stairway is in reality a weak one. Struggle it through a blast the AARD to knock that down.

Inside you"ll uncover your an extremely own Alchemy Laboratory and a letter – Julius ban Gavh"e"s Letter.

Return to Barnaby-Basil and speak v him as soon as again to complete the side-quest.

Note: at this point you"ll earn 10XP.

Of Sheers and a Witcher i Sing

Start Location: Speak come Le Papillon on the waterfront around halfway in between the ‘Nilfgaardian Embassy" and also ‘Lebioda"s Gate" quick travel markers.

Once girlfriend have spoken with Le Papillon to start the quest, strategy the door that the barber shop the is was standing in former of and also use a blast of AARD to breakdown the door. Proceed inside. Move right into the room and also activate her Witcher feeling to discover the area. You"ll have the ability to inspect the following:

An empty pomade jar top top the table to the ideal from the entrance.The pairs that dull scissors top top the table come the ideal from the entrance.Another empty jar top top the table alongside the doorway opposite the entrance.

Once you have examined the floor floor, it"s time to inspection the maximum floor area. Head increase the stairs and also you deserve to now check the following about the room:

The large chest in ~ the foot of the bed.Another empty pomade jar top top the workdesk to the left of the fireplace.The open up journal on the desk by the window on the right side the the room.

Inspecting the Journal will cause a scene after i beg your pardon you"ll obtain Jean-Louis Ludovic"s map. At this point your goals will additionally update.

We"ll now have to follow Le Papillon.

Return under the stairs and also exit the building. Continue after Le Papillon as he moves through the streets and exits Beauclair v Lebioda"s gate and continues south. Eventually he"ll suggest out the ar on the map (and say thus at the very same time). As he go an Archespore will arise from the ground and attack. Get rid of this prior to returning come Le Papillon nearby to continue.

He"ll lead you follow me the path another short distance prior to pointing out the barber"s basket ~ above the ground in a clearing. Activate her Witcher sense to discover the area. You"ll be able to inspect the following:

The basket in the centre of the clearing.A big number that footprints to the left the the basket.

After analyzing the footprints, you"ll notice that there is a trail of claimed footprints leading away from the area. Activate your Witcher Sense and also follow this trail through the brush and also shrubbery a brief distance until you uncover yourself in ~ the enntrance gate to a cave.

Enter the cave and move through it until you with a fire through a group of men around it attacking the hairdresser. As you strategy a scene will certainly play and also you"ll have actually a time decision to make. Depending on your choice, the next part of the pursuit will play the end differently. The selections include:

“Doesn"t it seems ~ chivalrous…” – The knight will challenge you come a one ~ above one duel.“Hair grows back” – The knight and also his posse will all become aggressive and attack you.

Either way you hit them, you"ll must beat increase the Knight and he is equipped v a shield. As such, use your AARD to knock him earlier and follow up v sword strikes at any time you gain the chance.

After beating the enemies, a scene will play to end the side-quest.

Note: for completing the side-quest you"ll earn 150 Crowns.


Start Location: This side-quest deserve to be obtained by speaking with the Vineyard Owner external of the blacksmith shop simply north the the ‘Nilfgaardian Embassy" fast travel mite in southwestern Beauclair.

Once girlfriend have spoken with the Vineyard Owner to start the quest, head end to the Cianfanelli bank to the north, simply to the west that the ‘The Gran Place" quick travel marker.

Enter the bank and head as much as the counter. Speak with the cashier and also select the ‘like to do a withdrawal". After a short conversation, you"ll be told to do your means to window no.1 because that an A38 Permit. This can be uncovered through the door ~ above the north side that the room. Speak v the cashier in here and also after an additional chat, she"ll again send girlfriend elsewhere.

You"ll have to go and speak with clerks in two various sections the the bank at this point. The an initial can be uncovered downstairs in the save area in the tiny office come the eastern of the basic of the stairs. The 2nd is top top the 2nd floor of the building in one office ~ above the northern finish of the floor. Speaking v both of the financial institution Clerks in the particular rooms will have you re-visiting window no.1 again.

Upon leave the bank Clerk"s office top top the 2nd floor, you"ll be approached by a financial institution customer that will accuse you of cutting in line. No issue your response, you"ll discover yourself outside engaged in a fistfight through him. Defeat him to continue.

Note: in ~ his point you"ll earn 25XP.

Following the fight, return into the bank.

Head earlier to home window no.1 again. As you arrive, you"ll an alert that the cashier that was here has now disappeared. A find area will appear on the mini-map and also a scent trail will appear whilst having Witcher sense active.

Exit come the main floor the the bank and also locate the scent. Monitor this a brief distance to discover that she has actually moved behind the key counter. Technique the counter and also interact v it because that a scene.

After the scene, method the bench indicated by the objective marker and sit down for one more scene. Throughout the scene, you"ll discover yourself in conversation with one more bank customer. You"ll be given the choice to pat a game of Gwent v him if girlfriend like. Even if it is you beat him in ~ cards or not, he"ll drop girlfriend a hint as to how to resolve the bank"s bureaucracy tiny easier.

Note: If you play him at Gwent and also win, you"ll earn 25XP.

Once the conversation has finished, the cashier"s break will certainly be over. Head earlier to home window no.1 again. Speak through her as soon as again and also when offered the option select either ‘Hand over flowers" or ‘just right here to see you" to progress the questline. A scene will create afterward and you"ll get to chat v the bank manager.

Note: at this point you"ll earn 25XP.

After the early conversation v the manager, monitor him under the surrounding stairs. He"ll lead you come a vault filled v deposit boxes. Geralt"s have the right to be found in the furthest next room ~ above the right. Prey the indicated box in here for one more scene.

During the conversation you"ll have two options, each of which will slightly transform the ending to the quest. Girlfriend can choose either:

“Got a week” – We"ll should return in a main after which we"ll be rewarded v 500 Crowns and also a Steel knife – The Reckoner.“I"ll rip that coin the end of your throat” – We"ll need to fight the two guards here, after i m sorry the bank manager will hand over 200 Crowns.

Either way you choose, after ~ receiving her Crowns, the pursuit will be completed.

Raging Wolf

Start Location: This side-quest will certainly begin instantly after completion of ‘Fists the Fury: Toussaint".

Once this quest has actually become active and you wish to partake in that is questiness, you"ll must travel to the waterfront in the north section of the Beauclair Port. Speak through the Bookie below to collection up a fight v the Maestro.

The Maestro will fight you, however only ~ above one condition – you"ll should drink with him first. That"s right, we"ll should defeat ours fist fighting enemy whilst Geralt is intoxicated.

Fortunately, despite the spinning screen and also Geralt"s consistent drunken swaying the fight is no all that difficult. Whilst the Maestro will use combinations that quick and also heavy attacks, normally they are rather easy to parry. Complying with a parry, relocate in and also swat your adversary 2-3 times v quick attacks before backing off. He must go down reasonably quickly.

Note: for completing the pursuit you"ll earn Fist Fighting Championship Trophy, Double Crowns of the wager you place prior to the fight and 25XP.

The Hunger Game

Note: to unlock this side-quest you must pick to break the curse ~ above the Wight during the ‘La Cage au Fou" key quest.

Once you have completed the ‘La Cage au Fou" mission with the trusted resolution, Marlene will certainly relocate come Geralt"s house base at Corvo Bianco. After a few in-game days, go back to Corvo Bianco and also speak v Marlene when again.

During the conversation you"ll have actually a pair of options, each of i m sorry will an outcome in a different outcome. Lock include:

“Go come town” – this will end the side-quest immediately.“Stay here” – She"ll tell girlfriend the ar of she dowry, causing some extr rewards.

If you determined the latter option, come track under the dowry, we"ll should head earlier to the abandoned manor through the ‘Trastamara hunting Cottage" fast travel marker that us explored during the ‘La Cage au Fou" main quest.

After start the manor, continue downstairs and also follow the key tunnel here to the really end to discover a room filled v spoons. There are several stacks of barrels situated in the recesses approximately the room. With Witcher sense on, you"ll check out these barrels glowing red.

We need to approach and also interact through each of these until you uncover the right barrel. Because that me, it to be the on the best hand wall surface upon entering and the second closest come the entrance. Loot the components of the barrel for a Gold rod of Joy trophy for decorating your villa and 404 Crowns.

At this point the quest will it is in completed.

Note: in ~ this allude you"ll knife 50XP.

The exclusive right of gift a Jailbird

Start Location: This side-quest deserve to be obtained by inspecting a loose brick in the wall surface behind our initial beginning point in Toussaint Prison throughout the ‘Burlap is the new Stripe" main quest.

To begin, when you have manage of Geralt, instead of complying with Handsome Jacques to the laundry revolve around and also with Witcher sense on. Check a loose brick in the wall surface behind whereby you were sitting during the beginning conversation. This will certainly net girlfriend Notes discovered in the Toussaint Prison. This keep in mind will begin a new side-quest ‘The exclusive right of being a Jailbird".

We"ll require to find some tools. To uncover these, look just to the right of the door bring about the to wash to discover a wood cart v some bodies inside of it. Prey these for the Small hammer and also chisel because that carving stone.

Return come the loosened brick us examined to start the side-quest and also interact with it as soon as again. Ar the Small hammer and chisel because that carving stone inside.

With that out of the way, we"ll now must wait 7 days. The easiest means to perform so is to Meditate until the anointed hour.

After waiting 7 days, go back to the stash and also loot the jail Poster the is now inside. This will finish the side-quest.

Note: in ~ this suggest you"ll earn 50XP.

The Warble that a Smitten Knight

Start Location: This side-quest is instantly acquired throughout the ‘The Beast of Toussaint" key quest.

After perfect ‘The Beast the Toussaint" and ‘Blood Run" key quests you must be offered leave to discover a little. Return to the Tourney Grounds and locate and speak through Guillaume through the infirmary tent. Progression through the conversation to begin the side-quest. We"ll it is in entering a tourney – fun!

At the end of the conversation he"ll offer you a possibility to practice some the the skills that you"ll need to use throughout the upcoming tourney events. If girlfriend aren"t quite comfortable v your abilities, it"s a great idea to exercise now prior to you put them into practice because that real.

Note: If girlfriend can finish the four tourney occasions (and a bonus one) there is no losing, you"ll knife the achievement/trophy ‘A Knight to Remember". Together such, be certain to win all of them and also create save files prior to each event so the you can reload in instance of failure.

When you room done v Guillaume, head because that the following objective mite at the inscription tent adjacent and speak v the Scribe to enter the lists. We"ll have the ability to choose the name that we"ll take part under either ‘Geralt the Rivia" or ‘Sir Ravix the Fourhorn".

After a little extra conversation, you"ll be complimentary to leave the tent. Head for the following objective marker nearby to with the archery range for the very first event.

Part 1: event 1 - Archery Competition

As you arrive, your enemy will educate you that you"ll should participate in the archery challenge with the rising sun in her eyes but he doesn"t. He"ll an obstacle you to a video game of Gwent. He"ll trade places with girlfriend in the archery contest so that you don"t have actually to deal with the sun, but only if girlfriend beat him at Gwent.

Either way, as soon as the scene is finished, the competition will begin.

During the really archery contest, you"ll should hit all nine the the red targets prior to your foe can hit all nine that the blue ones. Merely work your method from appropriate to left, shooting every target in turn. Ensure the you heat up your shots properly and don"t waste any bolts together doing for this reason will price you time to reload. If friend relax and hit every one of them without worrying too much about what the other other is doing, friend should have plenty the time come get all of the targets down prior to your adversary does.

Once the event ends one more scene will play. If you won, you"ll earn a brand-new item – Sir Ravix that Fourhorn"s Crossbow/Geralt the Rivia"s Crossbow.

Note: for winning the first contest you"ll knife 100XP.

Part 2: inspection the Tent

Following the archery contest, you"ll speak with Guillaume once again. Adhering to the conversation, you"ll it is in transported to a tent that we"ll should inspect. Activate her Witcher sense to explore the area. You"ll be able to inspect the following:

One the the sets of claw marks on the wooden objects in the room.The jar that concealing ointment ~ above the table by the far, left wall from the entry.A discarded dress top top the cushions along the left hand wall from the entry.Bowl full of salts top top the shelves directly opposite the entrance.The oriole feather on the dresser on the right hand wall from the entry.

After inspecting all of the item of interest another brief scene will play and we"ll be back outside again. Head for the following objective marker adjacent to reach the 2nd event.

Part 3: occasion 2 - steed Race

During this occasion you have actually a brief amount that time to gyeongju along a collection path and through ripe checkpoints, i m sorry we"ll need to do before said time runs out. Fortunately, we have the right to earn additional time through attacking and also killing dummy opponents planted follow me the track through your sword and also we can additionally use the crossbow whilst mounted to struggle the hanging red targets located over the track as well.

This really isn"t all that difficult, just ensure that you stick come the gyeongju line that is gift to friend on the mini-map, gallop as lot as friend can, avoid fences, rocks or various other objects that could get Roach stuck and hit any kind of targets the you encounter. Girlfriend won"t should hit every one of the targets – i missed rather a many (Geralt"s sword swing needs to it is in timed fairly precisely to hit the dummies and also I to be woeful at hitting them) and also still managed to complete it top top the first run through.

Once the event ends one more scene will certainly play. If you won, you"ll knife a brand-new item – Sir Ravix of Fourhorn"s Saddle/Geralt of Rivia"s Saddle.

Note: for winning the an initial contest you"ll earn 100XP.

Another scene will certainly play in ~ this point. Depending on the armor the you made decision at the begin of the tourney, a different, quick event will certainly play out. Castle include:

Geralt that Rivia – You"ll be challenged to a mounted duel. This calls for you come ride towards the opponent and also hit him v your sword as you ride past, before turning around and also repeating until he go down.Sir Ravix that Fouhorn – You"ll uncover yourself in the midst of a fistfight against three enemies, Guillaume will help you out, therefore it"s really no all the tough.

Either way the story goes, as soon as you have actually finished v the fistfight/duel, an additional scene will play.

Part 4: Follow

Following the fistfight/duel, you"ll speak through Guillaume as soon as again. Following the conversation, you"ll must head end to the tent marked with the objective marker nearby. Activate her Witcher feeling to discover the area.

You"ll now be able to spot a bird out on the deck overlooking the water in ~ the earlier of the tent. Technique this and it will fly off. With Witcher feeling active, it will certainly be conveniently significant for you as a red ripple.

We"ll need to follow this bird across the lake and also through the woods come the east. As you go, you"ll be struck by Panthers numerous times, so store your safety up and look out for the white ripples that represent them to recognize when a struggle is coming.

The bird will eventually lead you to a cave entrance and also then paris off. Geralt argues moving v the cavern to discover the bird top top the much side, so proceed inside. As quickly as girlfriend enter, you"ll uncover a Wight prevent your course ahead. In enhancement to that is melee attacks and projectile vomit, this specific Wight can additionally summon Barghests which deserve to be annoying. As this is the case, execute your finest to get any Barghests down (YRDEN is handy because that slowing castle down) as shortly as they appear before refocusing on the Wight.

Following the fight, continue out the left hand leave to leaving the cave. Activate Witcher Sense as soon as again to re-locate the target bird. We"ll desire to follow this again a quick distance till a scene plays.

During the scene, Vivienne will certainly tell you around her curse. Explore every one of the conversation options to learn more about it. In ~ the end of the conversation, you deserve to either head back to the tourney grounds v her or find your own way back.

Note: at this suggest you"ll earn 50XP.

Upon returning to the Tourney Grounds you"ll speak v Guillaume once again. Throughout the conversation, you"ll be able to either tell him of the curse by choosing “A powerful curse afflicts her” or conversely not tell that by choosing “Sorry. Promised “her ns wouldn"t tell.” It"s a good idea to pick the very first option together it will offer you 2 choices as to how to method curing the curse. I beg your pardon you"ll require to select from, including:

“Need to perform the egg ritual.” – this will certainly stick to the original plan.“Should try the water method.” – This will trigger the backup plan with Guillaume"s involvement.

Either method you select to proceed, at this suggest you"ll should decide even if it is to stay in the tourney or to pull out. Obviously, there are added XP, gold and also item rewards together with an achievement/trophy for proceeding in the tournament so it"s a great idea to store going at this point.

If you desire to give up the achievement/trophy and also the other rewards that the remainder that the tourney offers, you deserve to skip under to Part 6: elevator the Curse.

Part 5: occasion 3 – Arena Battle

During this fight you"ll be on a team with four other knights and will should fight versus a 2nd group of 5 knights. You"ll need to defeat all of the adversaries to win however note the you"ll be unable to usage signs throughout the fight, so it is in careful and also use her blocking, dodging and also countering skills to get rid of the various other side. Because that the record, that doesn"t it seems to be ~ to issue if her allies die during the occasion as long as you endure to the end and also wipe out the the opposite team, victory will be yours.

Once the occasion ends an additional scene will play. If friend won, you"ll be permitted to continue to difficulty the previous year"s champion in a one on one battle.

Note: because that winning the third contest you"ll knife 100XP.

If friend won, after a quick scene you"ll it is in thrown straight into a ceo fight.

Boss: Gregoire de Gorgon

Gregoire is greatly armored and also therefore boasts a lot of health and also will soak increase a the majority of damage prior to he ultimately bites the dust. That is equipped v a two handed sword that can dish the end a large amount of damage if it hits, so stop it! together per the ahead round, Geralt is unable to use his indicators (although potions space OK) for this reason you"ll be required to fight through your swords alone.

The an excellent news is Gregoire, regardless of his high strike power and also heavy armour has a collection of strikes that are fairly obviously telegraphed – you can see them coming well before they occur. The sluggish speed of his strikes gives friend plenty the time to avoid them. Numerous of his strikes will leave him vulnerable immediately afterwards, but the overhead slam assault is the finest for you together it will certainly leave that immobile for a couple of seconds, presenting a wonderful possibility to relocate in and also hit him through a couple of melee assaults before that recovers.

This struggle is simply a matter of outmaneuvering the heavier adversary by dodging or sidestepping his attacks (and preventing the occasional countering absent or backhand) prior to moving in and planting a couple of on the afterwards. Yep, it"s really the simple, it"s simply going to take it a little while because of his health pool however we can essentially rinse and repeat until he is defeated.

Once the occasion ends an additional scene will certainly play. If girlfriend won, you"ll knife a new item – Sir Ravix of Fourhorn"s Sword/Geralt that Rivia"s Sword.

Note: for winning the final dispute you"ll earn 250XP and 200 Crowns.

Note: For beating the tourney champion you"ll earn the achievement/trophy ‘A Knight come Remember".

Part 6: elevator the Curse

Now that us are all set to background the curse, we"ll uncover ourselves in a conversation through Vivienne. If friend told Guillaume around the curse, he"ll show up during the scene and also convince she to try the alternate method. Complying with the conversation, a scene will certainly play.

When friend regain manage of Geralt, do you method forward into the clearing ahead and defeat the Panther the is currently occupying the area.

Once the Panther is dead another cut scene will certainly ensue. After ~ which, if Guillaume came v you the side-quest will be completed. If not, return to the Tourney Grounds and also speak through Guillaume to complete the side-quest.

Note: for completing the side-quest you"ll knife 250XP and 500 Crowns.

The native of the Prophets space Written on Sarcophagi

Start Location: loot the Bones the the great Beggar inside Lebioda"s exit tomb located by the ‘Prophet Lebioda Statue" rapid travel marker, just throughout the river to the northwest the the ‘Plegmund"s Bridge" quick travel mite and across the flow to the north of Castel Ravello Vineyard.

From the large Lebioda statue, go inland and also away native the river and you"ll discover a huge tomb reduced into the absent face. As soon as inside, note the pair that sarcophagi below – we"ll be back for castle in a moment. To continue, technique the crumbling wall surface in the archway at the back of the very first room and also knock that down v a blast of AARD.

Move inside and kill the shade here (Specter Oil helps). It must be listed that you deserve to take him out utilizing the very same tactics together you use for consistent melee enemies, however be careful as he"ll sometimes hit you v a blast that AARD which have the right to knock friend down.

After beating the specter, loot the room the its collectibles. Of specific note is corpse on the appropriate holding Bones of the good Beggar (grabbing these will certainly kick off the side-quest ‘The native of the Prophets room Written on Sarcophagi") and the heap of scrolls the opposite the peak of the stairs (they contained Formula: Lesser Mutagen Transmutator – environment-friendly to Blue for me). There is likewise a tiny chest atop the desk to the left in ~ the height of the quick stairs containing The good Beggar"s Journal, Diagram: Manticore Trousers and Diagram: Manticore Boots.

Return to the vault room and locate the open sarcophagus here. Approach this and also interact v it – location the Bones of the great Beggar inside and also the short side-quest will certainly be completed.

Note: for completing the side-quest you"ll knife 50XP.

There have the right to Only be One

Start Location: This side-quest deserve to be gained via a notice posted on one of the notification Boards in the key Beauclair city region.

To begin this quest, we"ll should head for the small lake called Lac Celavy just to the northwest that the Beauclair Palace. Over there is a tiny island in the center of this lake that we"ll have to swim across to. In the center of this island you"ll find another pool of water through a Hermit sitting at that centre. Speak through the Hermit come continue.

Part 1: finish the 5 Trials

Following the conversation, our missions will update – we"ll must now do actions the prove our mastery the the Hermit"s five virtues. Note that if you head end to the yellow find area on the mini-map nearby you can discover five stones. Check out the engravings on every of these to complete your optional objective – the inscriptions will also give friend clues as to what sort of decision you"ll need to make in stimulate to complete the 5 trials.

Note: For analysis all five stones you"ll earn 50XP.

There are five virtues in total that you should prove and these can be undertaken in a number of ways. Listed below you"ll discover a perform of the virtues you"ll should prove and also a number of ways to attain each. These encompass the following:

Note: The adhering to list may be incomplete. As the video game only requires you do one of these work for each trial and also will no alert friend to perfect the trial a second time, it is entirely possible that i may have actually missed part locations. If you discover one that is no listed, you re welcome head down to the contact section below and swing me an email!

GenerosityFollowing the ‘Blood Run" main quest, a messenger will give you a letter from Yennefer. Market the messenger 5 Crowns.Complete the ‘A Portrait the the Witcher together an Old Man" side-quest. Top top completion, sell to purchase the paint for 1,000 Crowns.ValorSimply finish the ‘Fists of Fury: Toussaint" side-quest.During the ‘Contract: Feet together Cold together Ice" side-quest, progression until you death the Spriggen. In ~ this point, speak come Francois and let him take the trophy.Complete the ‘Mutual that Beauclair"s Wild Kingdom" side-quest. At the finish of the quest, you"ll it is in offered extr Crowns. Refuse the extra reward.During the ‘Pomp and Strange Circumstance" quest, inquiry the Bootblack and choose only the optimal conversation options.CompassionDuring the ‘Beast of Toussaint" key quest, upon death the Shaelmaar in the arena pick the choice to preventive its life.Complete the ‘Mutual the Beauclair"s Wild Kingdom" side-quest. After handling the silver- Basilisk, choose the choice to spare its life.Undertake the ‘Goodness, Gracious, good Balls the Granite!" side-quest and at the end, allow Hughes to keep the Reginald Statue"s Genitals.HonorUndertake the ‘Goodness, Gracious, great Balls that Granite!" side-quest and at the end, return the Reginald Statue"s Genitals to the arts Curator.During the ‘The Warble the a Smitten Knight" side-quest, success the equine race. Afterwards accept the placed duel and defeat her opponent.WisdomDuring the ‘La Cage au Fou" main quest, inspect every one of the items in the Wight"s lair with Witcher Sense before hiding in the closet. During the scene, effort to healing the Wight"s curse fairly than attack it.Win the Gwent tournament during the ‘Gwent: To everything – Turn, Turn, Tournament!" side-quest.

At the end of the ‘Father knows Worst" side-quest, select the “No one dies today” conversation choice for a tranquil resolution.

Note: The coming before list may be incomplete. As the video game only calls for you do one of these jobs for every trial and will not alert friend to perfect the trial a second time, it is entirely possible that i may have missed part locations. If you find one the is not listed, you re welcome head under to the call section below and also swing me one email!

Part 2: return to the Hermit

Once you have actually fulfilled the demands for all 5 virtues, you"ll obtain a blog post from the video game telling you as much. Make your way back to the Hermit at the lake and also speak v him to have him judge her deeds. Unfortunately, there will certainly be one final an obstacle – we"ll need to finest him in combat.

Boss: Hermit

The Hermit have the right to be fairly a challenging fight as he will usage a combination of melee attacks with his quarterstaff and also water magic v both direct and area of impact damage. He"ll also erect a miracle water wall surface around the lake at the begin of the encounter, for this reason you"ll have very little area to move approximately in.

The an excellent news is he"s only wearing cloth and as such will certainly take quite a many of damages from traditional melee attacks. You"ll must observe his attacks and learn to stop them whilst approaching and damaging the Hermit as soon as he gift an opening.

After beating the Hermit, a scene will play and also a brand-new Silver sword – Aerondight will appear in the middle of the lake.

Note: for completing the side-quest you"ll knife 300XP.

Note: for completing this side-quest you"ll knife the achievement/trophy ‘Embodiment of the 5 Virtues".

Till fatality Do friend Part

Start Location: This side-quest can be obtained via a notice posted on one of the notice Boards in the main Beauclair city region.

After obtaining the side-quest, do your way to the objective mite to the south west of the city of Beauclair, just eastern of the ‘Nilfgaardian Embassy" and north the the ‘Lebioda"s Gate" rapid travel markers. ‘Beauclair Palace" rapid travel markers.

Enter the structure here (The Clever Clogs Tavern) and also make your means to the second floor. Speak v the NPC named Charles Lanzano sitting at the table for a scene. Agree to aid with his inquiry to proceed with the side-quest.

Following the conversation through Charles, do your way to the large search area located at holy place Cemetery come the east. After arriving, activate her Witcher feeling to discover the area. You"ll have the ability to inspect the following:

Empty wine bottles and also leftovers through the base of a tree in ~ the northern suggest of the find area.A smashed padlock ~ above the floor by the grave yard"s northwestern gate.A set of footprints causing a collection of discarded bloomers in the much south that the find area.A shovel by an open up grave in the southeast edge of the search area.

After assessing the shovel through an open up grave our missions will update. In ~ this allude we"ll have to return come the cemetery after nightfall, so meditate till night time as soon as you are prepared to continue.

A search area will show up at this point. Uncover the stair leading down to the crypts in ~ the center of the cemetery in ~ the search area. Proceed through the iron gate and also enter the door top top the left together you enter to arrive in a little tomb.

The room is empty, so as you might have guessed we"ll need to activate Geralt"s Witcher Sense as soon as again to discover the area. You"ll have the ability to inspect the following:

A small plaque ~ above the wall surface to the left the the entrance.The flowers inserted in prior of the tombstone to the left of the entrance.The golden container on the floor in the back, left corner from the entrance.Another plaque on the appropriate hand wall surface of the room native the entrance.The smashed pot top top the ground just to the right of the entrance.

After analyzing the room and transforming up no clues, Geralt will decide to explore further right into the catacombs. Go back to the vault room through the steel gate and also this time, continue down the i to the right.

Upon start the tunnel, you"ll listen the noises again. Backtrack and re-enter the tiny room as soon as again to upgrade your objectives. In ~ this allude we"ll need to discover a place to hide. Technique the statue the opposite the entrance and also interact with the space behind it to have actually Geralt sit and also wait. A scene will play.

Once the conversation has involved an end, you"ll need to make a choice. We"ll require to move the continues to be of one of the ghosts from the room. Depending upon your choice, the remainder the the search will play out differently. Your selections include:

Option 1: eliminate Louis de Corentin"s Remains

If you select to remove Louis from the crypt, approach the gravestone top top the left next of the room and also loot the little urn here for Urn with ashes of Louis de Corentin. After a short scene, our goals will update.

We"ll need to take Louis"s ashes additional into the catacombs. Do your way over to the following objective marker and also as girlfriend arrive revolve on your Witcher Sense. Study the glow red tombstone top top the wall surface by the door on the best side the the corridor to uncover the Gwent Friendship Society"s private funeral chamber.

Continue inside and also down the stairs. At the bottom, a scene will certainly play after i m sorry you"ll have to dispatch a group of three Grave Robbers.

Once the area is clean of poor guys, check the altar in the corner where castle were initially located. Interact with the altar to ar the Urn with ashes the Louis de Corentin. If you rotate on Witcher feeling you"ll also find a lootable publication here – Ode come Gwent.

At this point we"ll desire to go back to the crypt. Speak through Margot and also she"ll offer you the place of a reward.

Make your method to the ‘Cooper"s Gate" fast travel mite in northern Beauclair and also follow the roadway from it come the eastern to uncover a yellow find area. Once the roadway forks, take the southerly path and with Witcher feeling active, examine the homes on the western next of the street till you find the sign with the tree on it. This will update our find area.

We"ll now have to search the garden behind the houses here however unfortunately all of the entrances are locked. Together such, to acquire in there, go back to the ‘Cooper"s Gate" fast travel marker and also look for a small hole in the fence simply to that east. This will lead you down to the garden.

The garden chin is guarded by a level 36 Archespore. Defeat it before turning on Witcher sense to situate the object of attention beneath the increased bushes on the eastern side the the garden. Loot this to obtain the Gwent cards Barclay Els and also Vampire: Bruxa.

Note: if friend have currently got the price Gwent cards in your collection, you"ll not obtain anything because that doing this.

With that out of the way, every that"s left is to return to Charles Lanzano at the Clever Clogs Tavern. You"ll have a pair of alternatives to choose from during the conversation here and your choice will affect the reward you receive. We can pick either:

“Just a marital spat.” – You"ll obtain 50 Crowns. “Tough fight, i barely survived.” – You"ll receive 100 Crowns.

See more: Express The Integral As A Limit Of Riemann Sums. Do Not Evaluate The Limit.

Note: informing him the truth when the asks what wake up to unlock a suggest for the trial of Honor section of the ‘There have the right to Only Be One" side-quest.