I always tell my 10 year old that he might be a young Barack (because that his ears) for this reason the existing President the the United claims seemed prefer the perfect costume because that him. Mine daughter, who is 6, coincidentally make a an excellent little Michelle.

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My daughter’s outfit was pretty simple, ns bought her a tiny dress and also sweater and also a belt to go over both…finish off with a pearl necklace and earrings…very common Michelle Obama style. V some construction file and cloth glue, I likewise made her a button that said “Vote for my husband, 2012”

My child wore a simple blue suit, white shirt, and red tie and also black dress shoes. I likewise sprayed his hair an extremely lightly with white, aerosol hair repaint to make it watch gray.

The podium was a cardboard box with the bottom and top cut out. Then ns took a piece of foam board, reduced the front right into the podium shape and folded a 6 inch piece over the height of the box. I covered the box and also the foam plank in blue product purchased in the handmade department. Ns left several of the crate exposed for the “wood” result on the bottom. The foam board was glued to the front of the box and also I allow it dried overnight.

For the microphones, I damaged a headband in fifty percent and offered the two “half U” shapes. Then I spanned cotton balls in black felt and taped them, through black duct tape, to the height of the headband halves. I tape-recorded them separately very first and once they looked thick enough….I recorded them together. I placed a cable coat hanger in the bottom that the microphone unit, secured that with much more tape, and also stuck the other end of the hanger into the part of the foam board that was folded over the former of the box. I tape-recorded that underneath the the foam board to keep it in place.

For the Presidential seal, i took a Styrofoam plate, spanned it in the same blue material and also glued to the prior of the foam board. Ns then published out the seal native the internet and also glued the on the plate.

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Keeping package secure to be tricky for this reason I taped a belt within of the box and put it roughly his waist. That wasn’t an extremely sturdy, the did need to hold is several of the time…someone recommended suspenders however I never ended up make the efforts it.

This Homemade Barack and Michelle Obama couple Costume to be a very easy costume come make and it was a large hit in mine area!

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