Last minute flight deals from New York to Nashville

Feeling spontaneous? It’s never before as well late to book a trip. Here’s our pick of the finest last minute flights.

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Direct flights from New York to Nashville

Want to fly non-stop to Nashville? We’ll aid you uncover your right route.

Southwest Airlines
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New York to Nashville: Alternative routes

Compare paths from New York to Nashville below. You may find an airport to fly right into that's cheaper, much faster, or less complicated than Nashville.

New York to Nashville: Flight information

The points to recognize prior to you go.

Cheapest trip found


Average flight time

2 hrs 34 mins

Cheapest month to fly


Many popular airline

Republic Airways

Flights per week


Time difference in between New York and also Nashville

-1 hr(GMT -5)


Millennium Maxwell Housage Nashville



Hillside Crossing Nashville a Ramada by Wyndham



COVID-19 travel restrictions are changing rapid, however we"re here to assist you find the advice you need. Check our live page on take a trip restrictions to check out if you deserve to travel from New York to Nashville, and also if you"ll need to quarantine on arrival.
The finest price found on for a flight from New York to Nashville is $38. This was discovered by aggregating across different carriers and also is the cheapest price for the whole month.

New York to Nashville

Though they differ in dimension, New York and Nashville share one point in common: both are global centers of music production and appreciation. Whether you"re a New Yorker looking to suffer a more easygoing pace or passing through on the last leg of your journey, you"ll discover this expedition to be a pleasant and quick trip.

Many type of major airlines market flights alengthy this route, such as Delta, United, Amerideserve to and also Southwest. JFK Airport uses direct flights from Terminal 8, quickly obtainable through the AirTrain that connects JFK"s terminal structures in a circuit. LaGuardia Airport additionally provides straight flights at Terminals B, C and also D. If getting here at LGA by bus, be sure to acquire off at the appropriate sheight for your terminal or threat an extensive delay as the shuttle between Terminals C/D and B can take some time.

Be warned that while both airports are well-linked to the public transport grid, you might experience delays along the way. Allow extra time for navigation as well; both airports are big and also highly trafficked. On the plus side, tbelow are many type of amenities to assist you pass the moment should you arrive early on.

Arriving in Nashville

Visitors from New York will be pleasantly surprised by the warmer weather they"ll experience as quickly as they action off the aircraft. One could intend a sreduced pace, yet Nashville is a prospering metropolis in its own appropriate and has actually a lot to offer those from the Big Apple.

Experience the delights of Southern at uncommonly low prices, as a dollar here have the right to stretch 20-30% farther than in New York. There"s nopoint choose actual Tenneswatch barbeque to make you feel heat and also welcome in the land also of genteel hospitality.

Immerse yourself in society by visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Johnny Cash Museum and also the Grand also Ole Opry. In this country music funding of the civilization you have the right to hear tunes that are fairly unwidespread in more north climes. Pair via a visit to elegant Belmont Mansion and also the Hermitage for a cshed look at architectural trends emblematic to the South.

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One point to watch out for is public transportation. Expect to make better use of taxis and also ride sharing choices. If tright here for an extensive expedition, it may be wise to invest in a car rental for ease of take a trip.