Is this the First NUDE NORMA JEANE BAKER DOUGHERTY (MARILYN MONROE) ?Photos present Filmspilgrimage, Modelscope via box and also retouched version of photo. (2 various other models additionally on 3 pair filmstrip)Comes via the Modelscope stereo 3D viewer. Box has some tape on inside flap.We cannot verify that this is the very initially nude photo of Marilyn Monroe.What complies with is a description of the Nov 2006 auction where the image offered for $6,490.00:3-D FILMSTRIP DEPICTING NUDE NORMA JEAN BAKER DOUGHERTY (LATER KNOWN AS MARILYN MONROE)Norguy Jean Baker showed up nude on a very renowned 1950s calendar and being the initially Playboy Playmate. She is, of course, much better recognized as the iconic movie star Marilyn Monroe. However before, that calendar image photographed by Tom Kelley in 1949 might not be the first time Norma Jean appeared in a mass developed nude picture. A Virginia roofer, who wishes to reprimary anonymous, found a naked picture of Marilyn Monroe, or someone that looks simply favor her, in a surprise stash of photos, and now the rare photo will certainly be auctioned on November11, together with other Americana. In 1997, the roofer was working on a Falls Church house once construction employees rehabbing an old home following door uncovered a secret cache of photos in the rec room ceiling. Everypoint was dumped on the curb as trash, but the roofer took house the amazing bits. One of them was a collection of 3-D slides placed in a plastic holder. The slides, on Anscoshade film, had turned magenta from age, but upon closer inspection, he chose that one of the six nude models on the 35mm filmstrips looked just choose Norma Jean Baker, Monroe's early experienced name. After years of exhaustive research study, the roofer is persuaded that the historical image is not just the extremely first nude photo published of Monroe, yet the photo is amazingly taken in the 3-D format. He took the photo to Sloans & Kenyon auction home in Chevy Chase, Maryland also, wbelow it will certainly be on the auction block on November 11 . "We believe it can be her first nude," says Sloans and Kenyon Auctioneers and also Appraisers President Stephanie Kenyon. "A leg sautomobile matches one from other authenticated photos of Monroe at the moment."The photo might have actually been made by W.O. Schwartz in May 1945, once the 19-year-old version was just beginning her career. The picture is totally nude but not full-frontal. Photographer Douglas Kirkland also, that photographed the actress in 1961 for Look magazine said, "Entirely possible." Kirkland also saidMonroe survived by modeling at that time, although he had actually never before seen anypoint choose the filmstrip. The filmspilgrimage, mounted in a plastic filmstrip holder, consists of imeras of six models. A Hollytimber company dispersed 3-D slides in a comparable plastic holder under the names Modelscope or Treasurescope. This might be one of the Modelscope 3-D slides. The filmspilgrimage, made to insert in a hand-held viewfinder, likewise contains other models from L.A.'s Blue Publication firm, all posing for cheerful girlie shots in a style typical of the period and also popular via World War II GIs. The plastic filmstrip holder is a reddish color and has actually tiny molded pins that allow the viewer to "lock" the slides right into position as soon as put right into the viewer. To see the 3-D slides the user moved the plastic filmstrip holder either left or best till it locked right into position. It is not recognized if the Modelscope plastic filmstrip holder came in color variations. The Modelscope brand is a likely candiday as to the original format. Several photographs offered by the owner of the slide holder and the imperiods on the slides show the slides in the same form plastic slide holder as the Modelscope and the images contain a similar numbering mechanism as Modelscope slides. Research by the owner additionally confirmed that various other models from the agency are the same as those showing up on the various other images of the filmsexpedition. The item description for the auction reads as follows:SLOANS & KENYONSale 25 Lot 1488 RARE 3-D FILMSTRIP DEPICTING NUDE NORMA JEANE BAKER DOUGHERTY (LATER KNOWN AS MARILYN MONROE)Circa May 1945.

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