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I composed a diary in 2010 on human Rights. It got tiny to no interest. What interest there was came to a regarded slight. I have actually re-written that diary, adding to, and subtracting indigenous the very first one in wishes that folks will certainly hear me now. I shudder to think that what our country and our human being will end up being if we proceed to let ourselves be split into distinct interest teams at odds through one one more or are only concerned around our own agendas.

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It is imperative the our action be centered upon securing human being Rights because that every one of us.

"No one is cost-free when others room oppressed." ~ author Unknown

Human rights are under assault, both in the united States and also around the world. Religious intolerance and hate room preached and practiced through Theocratic movements and threaten Democracy in ~ every step.

None of the is about Pro-Choice or the health and wellness of women. That isn"t around the GBLT neighborhood or their right to marry, or also in some situations to exist in ~ all. The isn"t around the civil liberties of world of color. That isn"t around the civil liberties of Labor.

The MegaCorps and also their bought and also paid for political leaders are waging war versus Humanity. They space forcing “austerity” upon us, even as lock pad their very own pockets. They room proposing to market off windy lands the belong to the PEOPLE. They space taking end our towns and also cities and also running lock as little fiefdoms. They are gutting regulation that safeguard the people from abuse and unsafe problem in the workplace or which control the poisons gift spewed right into our air, water and also earth. And, they room using our money, our taxes to carry out it.

Even the very straightforward genetic codes that make us who us are and of the food us eat are being patented and controlled by multi-national MegaCorps who’s only purpose is to do money while enjoying the exact same freedoms that provided to be scheduled for living, breathing, bleeding and dying human being Beings.

Bill Moyers said about the Citizens united Supreme Court ruling that ,

"Corporations were endowed with the civil liberties of “personhood” however exempted from the obligations of citizenship."Corporations are considered human being now. Us, not so much.

They space taking steps that could force women to have actually as numerous babies as their bodies can tolerate, and also then, once the kids are born, give no aid for their care and also upbringing. In your world, a zygote would certainly have more rights of not just the mother, but more than the living and breathing boy they might well become.

They space taking actions that might force the GBLT community ago into closets and also asylums, prisons or also send them to your deaths.

They room taking procedures that, as soon as again, might relegate civilization of shade to the ago of the bus.

They room taking actions that can reduce the working human being of our country to third world status.

They room taking steps that might remake The united States into a Theocracy.

They room taking measures that could totally shred our Constitution and also our invoice of Rights, reducing them to nothing much more than worthless pieces of paper.

Lives space at risk here. Women’s lives, men’s lives, the stays of ours children and also grandchildren, gay, straight, transgendered, spiritual or not, people of color, we ALL must face the truth that we room running out of the necessities the Life on a limited planet even as the MegaCorps and also politicians seek to control what is left…in an effort to control all of Humanity.

It is nothing less than our human Rights that are at stake here.

But here’s the thing….”They” are mostly white, middle aged wealthy guys who are scared to fatality that sooner or later on we will understand what they space doing, and stand TOGETHER against them. They are afraid that us will attract a line in the sand and also tell lock “This far and also no farther”. They work at keeping us divided in order to save themselves in power. They recognize that they room outnumbered if we ever realize the we have actually a usual cause.

They fear becoming a minority (although they already are) that must they lose control…lose the strength they have over us, that they will certainly be treated together they have treated us. They fear that due to the fact that it is what lock would execute if they to be in our shoes.

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Benjamin Franklin said, ~ above the signing the the declaration of Independence, that;

“We must, indeed, every hang together or, most assuredly, us shall all hang separately. “No truer native were spoken with regards come what is keep going today… united we will stand, divided, we will surely fail.