Gunnery Sgt. Corey L. Kerr that the U.S. Maritime Corps speaks during Monday"s Veterans work observance in mount Airy, including on the require to keep a solid military. -
Members that the phibìc Surry High institution Air pressure Junior ROTC solemnly command a flag-folding ceremony. -
Members that the Disabled American Veterans team wave during a parade in downtown mountain Airy Monday morning. -
Veterans that the U.S. Marines stand during a medley of song highlighting each branch that service, as audience members applaud. - -
North Surry High school Air force Junior ROTC cadets salute as the Greyhound sounds choral group, seated, shows on the day"s significance. - -
Three students through the Greyhound sound choral team from north Surry High School, native left, Juliana Cooke, tress Ramey and Reagan Amos, was standing outside very first Presbyterian Church in it will be cold temperatures to rehearse a rendition that “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” they later will song inside. - -
A maritime Corps league float makes its means down North main Street during Monday"s parade. - -

Many native were talked during a Veterans work observance Monday in mountain Airy, but a common thread among those uttered to be “never forget.”

“I think that’s the worst are afraid of any type of veteran,” Dale Badgett, a retired 28-year member of the U.S. Air pressure who is chairman of the Surry county Veterans Council, stated of one’s company being forgotten and lost come the sands the time.

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Badgett was one of around 10 speakers during the city’s yearly Veterans work ceremony, hosted Monday as result of the vacation falling on Sunday this year.

Another readjust involved the regimen being relocated inside to first Presbyterian Church native its usual location external at the mountain Airy war Memorial since of cold and also rainy weather — although a Veterans job parade rolled through town together scheduled.

The weather did not dampen the overall spirit the the occasion, nor to be its mission thwarted: to recognize and also honor present and also former military members who’ve served selflessly in stimulate to defend America’s freedoms.

Expressing appreciation because that veterans deserve to be done in a number of ways, pointed out Kelly Epperson, a neighborhood radio station owner that emceed the regime at the church which attractive a standing-room-only crowd.

A basic “thank friend for her service” deserve to make a difference, Epperson said, if a handwritten letter the gratitude is even an ext meaningful. However he argued something else the is paramount in state of historic significance:

“Help veterans re-superstructure their story — before it’s also late,” Epperson urged. “So plenty of veterans’ story go untold.”

This practice can be useful to both the teller and listener. “It’s a basic gesture, but it deserve to make an impact,” Epperson told those in attendance, a mix the veterans and also their families and also rank-and-file citizens, in addition to groups from north Surry High School.

“It have the right to make his or she day — or yours.”

The preservation of history also to be a focus of Jim Armbrister, a member of the mountain Airy plank of Commissioners that was a special speaker because that Monday’s service.

It’s nice to name roads or structures after veterans, Armbrister said.

“But currently you have the right to look in ~ the human being beside you and also say ‘I’m sitting next to history,’” he added in recommendation to the audience representing an nested of citizens and veterans.

Keeping that history alive have the right to be one of the ideal ways to honor persons serving in the military, Armbrister stressed.

“Take time to it is in a goalkeeper of stories,” he claimed of account from human being who have actually answered your country’s call to faraway enemy lands and also lived come tell around their experiences.

“We have so lot to discover from our veterans,” Armbrister added, who should consequently “remember that it does matter.”

Mayor David Rowe, one more of Monday’s speakers, shown that one needn’t consult a library, the web or a television documentary for story of army heroism — they deserve to be uncovered right below in the community.

Rowe pointed out a recent conversation he had actually with a veteran that the Marines throughout the oriental War. The male related exactly how his unit to be positioned simply down a ridge from North korean forces, however that was not the Marines’ only adversary. It also was 23 degrees listed below zero, which make Monday’s temperature in the short 40s it seems ~ balmy by comparison.

“And his ear were frozen come his face,” the mayor stated of the former military member who relayed that story.

“For all those veterans that are here today, we are honored to it is in in the presence of your greatness.”

Mark Alderman, previous president and present secretary the the mount Airy Elks Lodge — a group with patriotism together a core mission — stated it is committed to law what others urged Monday.

Alderman stated a promise make by the national Elks organization in 1948: “So lengthy as there room veterans, we will never forget them.”

Veterans’ perspective

Although Monday’s observance was a means of saying many thanks to present and also former military members, the view of veterans additionally was highlighted, including by Gunnery Sgt. Corey L. Kerr that the U.S. Maritime Corps.

Kerr, billed together a distinct speaker because that the occasion along with Armbrister and Alderman, cited the commitment common by him and also others. In his case, it to be a issue of arriving at a marine recruitment facility after the 9/11 attacks and also then gift shipped overseas.

“And I’ve been doing it ever since,” Kerr claimed of offer in the Corps, i m sorry he hopes will lead to an additional infantry assignment.

Kerr’s endure as Marine has made that keenly mindful of the need for the U.S. To preserve a solid military.

“Theodore Roosevelt claimed it best,” he claimed in paraphrasing the nation’s 26th president. “Speak softly and carry a heavy stick — come me that way diplomacy can’t job-related without that heavy stick.”

Kerr stated America constantly must run from the position.

“One thing I’ve learned is the adversary preys ~ above the weak and defenseless, and that’s wherein we step in,” the naval Corps member commented.

“I’m thankful to have actually the chance to offer my country.”

Badgett, the retirement Air force member that is the Surry county Veterans council president, offered additional insight into that sentiment.

“We do what us do since we love our country and also we love our families,” the said. “Our households serve simply as much as every member the the military.”

Students play vital roles

Military households in the audience were recognized Monday in addition to veterans native every branch that service. Lock took transforms standing come applause together the Greyhound sounds choral team from north Surry High institution performed a medley highlighting the main songs that each.

The phibìc Surry Air pressure Junior ROTC, led by Lt. Col. Man Bowes and 1st Sgt. Kenneth Goetzke, also played key roles in Monday’s observance, including leading the Pledge the Allegiance.

Cadets likewise conducted a solemn flag-folding awareness explaining exactly how each that the 13 main folds has actually significance, and offered special remarks.

That had Cadet Weatherly Reeves giving a tribute come Medal of respect winner Bryant Homer Womack. Womack, a phibìc Carolina native, got the nation’s highest military decorate posthumously after ~ aiding other soldiers during a mortar assault in the korean War in spite of losing an arm. He passed away from his wounds on the battlefield.

Womack military Medical center at ft Bragg is called for him.

In addition, 3 members the the Greyhounds sang “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,” one iconic song from world War II.

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“Our future is in good hands,” Badgett said of the students’ authorized in Monday’s program.

“It’s humbling to be below today to stand for our veterans of Surry County.”