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WASHINGTON, in march 25, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- on Saturday, in march 25, 2017, the nationwide Walk for Epilepsy gathered over 2 thousand supporters for their annual 5K walk focused on detect a cure and also raising awareness for epilepsy. The event, which is celebrating its 11th anniversary, was held on the Washington Monument grounds. Epilepsy affect 3 million world nationwide and also is the 4th most common neurological problem. This year alone, an additional 150,000 people will it is in diagnosed with epilepsy.

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The nationwide Walk for Epilepsy started in 2006 and also has increased over $10 million come help administer services for civilization living through epilepsy, developed awareness of the more than 40 species of seizures and also appropriate an initial aid, and provided research towards far better treatment and brand-new therapy options.

The “Talk about It” tent, presented by Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, make its 2nd appearance at the Walk. This year’s tent offered participants the chance to share your epilepsy hero and also their an individual experiences with epilepsy. Walkers additionally enjoyed live performances, family tasks in Walker’s Village, and heard native medical specialists in the “Ask the Experts” Q & A dashboard after the Walk. The event also included one optional 1 mile “Family funny Walk” that loops approximately the Washington Monument.

“Each action taken now will aid raise awareness, advice therapies, and provide support and services for all people living with epilepsy and also seizures,” stated Phillip M. Gattone, President and also CEO that the Epilepsy Foundation. “Every year the walk brings together a devoted group the walkers, volunteers, and also Epilepsy foundation staff. This year was no exception. With the stamin of this amazing community, i truly think we have actually the power to avoid seizures, find cures, and also save lives.”

The Epilepsy structure thanks this year’s national Walk Chair, Alan Strauss, who has a son living through epilepsy.

Special guests booked to appear: DJ HAPA, rick Harrison (Reality TV personality), Left top top Lincoln, Jenny LaBaw (Crossfit athlete), Jeff Klauk (former PGA Golfer), Chanda Gunn (Olympic ice hockey medalist), and Zach McGinnis (former skilled swimmer).

About Epilepsy

When a person has two unprovoked seizures or one unprovoked seizure through the likelihood of more, they are considered to have epilepsy. Epilepsy influence 3 million people in the U.S. And also 65 million worldwide. This year, another 150,000 civilization will it is in diagnosed with epilepsy. In spite of all easily accessible treatments, 4 the end of 10 human being with epilepsy proceed to endure uncontrolled seizures while many more experience less than optimal seizure control.

About the Epilepsy Foundation

The Epilepsy Foundation, a nationwide non-profit with virtually 50 establishments throughout the U.S., has led the fight versus seizures due to the fact that 1968. The structure is an unwavering allied for individuals and families affected by epilepsy and also seizures. The mission of the Epilepsy structure is: to lead the struggle to overcome the challenges of living through epilepsy and to advice therapies to stop seizures, find cures, and save lives. The structure works come ensure that human being with seizures have actually the possibility to live their lives to your fullest potential. For extr information, you re welcome visit

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