Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor look to settle the score in ~ UFC 202 top top Saturday night. Esther Lin, MMA Fighting
This is the UFC 202 live blog for Nate Diaz vs. Conor McGregor 2, a welterweight bout in ~ Saturday night"s UFC event at the T-Mobile Arena in ras Vegas.

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Diaz, who has won 3 of his past 5 fights, will challenge McGregor, who has actually won four of his past five fights, on the key card.Check the end the UFC 202 live blog below.

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Round 1: John McCarthy will certainly ref the big rematch. A phalanx of defense stood in between Diaz and also McGregor throughout the intros. No touch the gloves. Leg kick from McGregor, and also another. Head absent from Diaz misses. A tiny feel the end here. One more leg absent from Conor. And also a nice tiny combo up peak from Diaz, who is right currently trying to gain his rhythm. Clear the McGregor"s walk to attack that command leg , though that time it to be checked. Within leg absent from Nate. Pretty uppercut and left follow-up native McGregor. A directly left and also Diaz his the canvas! the gets back up after gaining rocked. Jab lands native Diaz. Uppercut again from McGregor, and Diaz counters through a slashing right hand up top. Inside leg absent from Diaz. Pretty combo again from McGregor, and then a vast leg kick. Noticeable welt not. Diaz consists up and also McGregor comes in. An extremely measured ingredient from the Irishman. Diaz takes an additional leg kick, and also those are beginning to take a major toll. Left respond to lands do the washing up from McGregor. He"s been far superior in the rematch for this reason far. Diaz isn"t circled out. McGregor v yet another leg kick. Part blood top top Diaz"s eye, too. A sluggish spinning kick from Diaz, nothing on it. McGregor clips him through a right, and also a large shot at the end. All McGregor the round. MMA Fighting scores R1 because that McGregor, 10-9.

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Round 2: Diaz nicked up heading right into this round. Watch if that can obtain rolling. Leg kick from McGregor, as has actually been the thing. Appropriate hand fall Diaz top top the fence, and also McGregor lets him ago up. Wow! McGregor is simply picking Diaz apart. McGregor drops the again, a straight best I think. Diaz upkicks, but McGregor lets him earlier up again. Leg kick from McGregor, and Diaz — sleep oozing blood — simply can"t acquire rolling. He"s trying come hit the jab, but McGregor preventing it. Pretty right counter from McGregor. McGregor tho fresh together a daisy. He"s beginning to talk, too. Both are. Diaz make the efforts to gain some volume, but McGregor is just quicker with the combos, and varying up things after annihilating the command leg. Diaz coming on, and also he"s taunting. He"s landing now. Diaz with a combo, and just blasts McGregor on the fence. Wow! Volume now. Diaz is just wailing away on McGregor, and the tables space a turning. Near round, however still could be McGregor"s. MMA Fighting scores R2 because that McGregor, 10-9 (20-18)Round 3: Leg absent from McGregor, yet he"s breath hard. Diaz putting it on. Diaz is pressuring, and also he"s landing again. Currently on the fence, in the clinch, and this is Diaz"s realm. Grueling stuff here. McGregor currently faded, this won"t help. "Diaz" chant kicks up in Vegas. Diaz takes a brief elbow ~ above the break. McGregor through a nice respond to that takes part stream out of Diaz. A shooting lands and Diaz laughs, throw his hands up, and then take away a leg and also drives McGregor right into the fence. Diaz going because that the twin leg, and also McGregor lands an elbow. Currently McGregor transforms Diaz come the links and also they toil there. Diaz with a combo ~ above the break to the body. McGregor runs to the various other side. And Diaz is punishing him in ~ every turn. Daiz has that swagger now. Each time he takes a shot the shakes his head no. Respond to from McGregor, and also Diaz presses on. Huge combination from Diaz on fence, and a series of a dozen shots land. McCarthy looks in. Body shots now. McGregor is acquiring decimated. Diaz just making it his fight. MMA Fighting scores R3 because that Diaz, 10-9 (29-28 because that McGregor)Round 4: McGregor gets earlier to the leg kicks. Diaz bleeding ~ above his cheek. Tho a mess, but man. Diaz boxing up McGregor in close. Body kick from McGregor, and the blood keeps flowing roughly Diaz"s eyes. Fight has actually slowed a big, and also a leg absent from McGregor wobbles Diaz. McGregor acquiring the far better of the early on exchanges, and Diaz drops under for a double — it"s thwarted. They are on fence, and They room clinching. Large shot native McGregor through the elbow in close. Wrist manage from Nate, who lands a knee come the body. An nice combo native McGregor, adhered to up through a nice sequence from McGregor. This is together a cursed crazy fight, simply straight attrition. Neither male wants to give in; no will. Great combo native McGregor, v a difficult left in ~ the end. He"s light Diaz increase a little bit in this round, surprisingly, given the method the third round played out. A slip by Diaz in ~ the end of the round, and McGregor do the efforts to absent his face. The would have actually been a foul. MMA Fighting scores R4 for McGregor, 10-9 (39-37 because that him overall)Round 5:Diaz stalking forward, and also a flying knee effort from McGregor. Now they clinch ~ above the fence, and Diaz — blood smeared — nudges into him. Castle exchange. Together a good fight. Currently Diaz come forward and drops because that double, can"t acquire it. McGregor doing well to store this point standing. Currently Diaz flips off McGregor that is rolling far from him. A collection of uppercuts indigenous Diaz, and also they walk to the fence again. He"s boxing him increase on fence, now a huge elbow. McGregor looks in ~ the clock. The is tired. Knee come the human body from Diaz, and he drops down for a takedown. They stay on fence, and also McGregor just taking a beating there. Yet he transforms Diaz around, and now he goes come work. Diaz currently leans right into McGregor, clinches, and lands a pair of shots in close. Clock winding down. Takedown indigenous Diaz at the end of the fight! the will obtain him the round. This is walking to be interesting. To be the 3rd a 10-8 because that Nate? Diaz helps McGregor up. Wow. Sportsmanship in the end. MMA Fighting scores R5 for Diaz, 10-9 (48-47 in its entirety for McGregor).

UFC 202 main results: Conor McGregor def. Nate Diaz via bulk decision (48-47, 47-47, 48-47)