My treatment Journal prior to Shark Tank

Rodolfo Saccoman and Alexis Saccoman room brothers and also they are originally from Brazil. Alexis Saccoman is a therapist and has his very own private exercise in san Francisco and also Rodolfo is the director of digital marketing for a major resort chain in Palm Beach, Florida. Rodolfo Saccoman claims that he and his brothers have an unified both of your expertise, and created creative business, which has actually tons of moneymaking potential, but more importantly, that will likewise be maybe to aid a the majority of people.

Alexis Saccoman states that he and also his brother were born in Brazil and also they live there it spins the age of ten and also six, which was likewise the point when his dad make a huge breakthrough. Your father started as a manufacturing facility worker in Brazil, working his means through high school, college and also earning two master’s degrees. Your father really want Rodolfo and Alexis to discover English, since if lock learned English, they can eventually move to the United claims of America. Rodolfo claims that an investment from the Sharks would justify your parents’ sacrifice and the fourteen year he have been in the USA, and says the he is looking forward to finally have the ability to taste the American Dream.

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My treatment Journal throughout Shark Tank

“Rodolfo and Alexis Saccoman go confidently and also stand in front of the Sharks”

Rodolfo and Alexis begin their presentation by presenting themselves and also stating that they are the founders and creators the the website dubbed My therapy Journal. Rodolfo Saccoman proceeds by saying that they room seeking an invest of eighty thousand dollars, in exchange for a twenty percent stake in their company. Alexis Saccoman continues by questioning the Sharks come close their eyes for five seconds and also to think around something that makes them feel good and happy, after which the asks the Sharks to open their eyes again.

“Kevin O’Leary makes a joke and also says the ten million dollars provides him really happy”

Rodolfo Saccoman claims that they are in the service to supply that precise feeling, to much more people, much more often and also in more places. He states that he himself and his brother are revolutionizing therapy. Alexis Saccoman proceeds the presentation by saying that My treatment Journal supplies an online psycho-therapeutic tour. Rodolfo Saccoman says that they are offering the many effective and also affordable different to traditional therapy.

“Rodolfo Saccoman asks Alexis Saccoman if he might demonstrative come the Sharks what their software application is capable of”

Alexis Saccoman says that, currently, their whole website is data driven, and that their website has two components. The an initial component enables you to pour her heart out and also write down every one of your feelings and also thoughts, in among the many secure digital journals. The 2nd component reflects a persons’ progression questions and also progress graph. This permits people come track their emotions, behaviors, diagnoses, problems, ambitions, hobbies and anything rather that people would desire to track. Whatever will it is in logged in a heat graph, which enables people to see exactly how they are doing today, contrasted to last week, last month or critical year.

“Kevin O’Leary sarcastically asks how he will be able to make money off of depressed people”

Rodolfo Saccoman answers the question by stating that their website has over a thousand members, and also that they have actually paying customers. He likewise states that they are already making money and that there space no overhead costs.

“Robert Herjavec asks Rodolfo exactly how much world need come pay because that a membership”

Rodolfo Saccoman answers the concern by saying that they have different memberships. If people sign up because that a year, they need to pay $7,95 every month, if they authorize up for three months, they need to pay $11,95 every month and if they just want a membership for a month, they have to pay $14,95.

“Daymond john asks Rodolfo how much money the firm has grossed last year”

Rodolfo Saccoman answers the concern by saying that they have actually grossed about four thousand dollars critical year.

“Daymond man looks surprised and also states that he assumed My treatment Journal had over a thousands members”

Rodolfo Saccoman claims that they have actually over eleven hundreds members that have actually signed up for a totally free trial. The complimentary trial lasts for fourteen days, and also after the trial ends, the users have an alternative to continue using My treatment Journal through signing up for a membership.

“Daymond man asks just how many human being turned over to purchase a membership”

Rodolfo Saccoman answer the concern by speak that about ten percent the the complimentary trial users have turned over and bought a membership. He continues by saying that the My therapy Journal website has about eighteen thousand distinctive hits in total.

He additionally states the the lot of visitors space low and he and his brother have invested a hundred and twenty 5 thousand dollars of their savings, in order to have the ability to create My therapy Journal, ninety 5 percent that which have gone into arising the software. Rodolfo cases that they did not have sufficient money for advertising and also they carry out not have a PR agency. The way they advertised themselves is by word-of-mouth.

“Barbara Corcoran says that she quiet does not know how numerous paying customers room signed approximately My therapy Journal”

Rodolfo Saccoman answers the question by stating the they have a hundred and also twenty one payment customers so far, i beg your pardon is not much at all.

Barbara Corcoran states that she likes both Rodolfo and Alexis, but she does not choose the company idea at all. She states she does not want to invest in the agency and she is out. Kevin Harrington continues by saying that a hundred and twenty one client is an extremely low and also that the is a tough decision for him, and the firm is too small for him. Kevin Harrington says that that is out as well.

Alexis Saccoman says that this is the infancy of their website and also that they are right now at the third stage in the conversation through Aetna, the insurance money company, which has thirty 7 million clients.

“Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec seem really interested and ask the brothers to tell them an ext about their conversations v Aetna”

Rodolfo Saccoman continues by stating that they have been in contact with several human being in the insurance money business, who saw the potential in My therapy Journal.

Robert Herjavec says that Rodolfo is currently interesting, and also that up until this point, they had insignificant users and the website is really insignificant, very an easy and the is just an online journal, and nobody cares around that. Robert proceeds by saying that if My therapy Journal could get backed by a huge insurance company, they would certainly be ~ above something. He claims that a large insurance agency signs up and also provides My therapy Journal to their clients. It would certainly be also a far better scenario if the insurance firm would force their client to use My therapy Journal, and pay a usage fee.

Kevin O’Leary claims that he has actually an idea, and offers eighty thousand dollars because that a fifty percent stake in My treatment Journal. Robert Herjavec states that he could want to offer more money, however to him, the agency does not have any kind of value till Aetna come in.

Kevin O’Leary claims that he would certainly be willing to partner with Robert Herjavec, and that as soon as the Saccoman brothers started with your presentation, he believed that it was just an additional internet smalltime idea, and also that there space a the majority of them out there. Daymond John says that he wants to invest in My treatment Journal as well.

Robert Herjavec says that the would prefer to market eighty thousands dollars because that a fifty one percent stake in My treatment Journal. Barbara Corcoran states that the Saccoman brothers need to pay fist to the subtle readjust that occurred over the past pair of minutes. She says that there was a fifty percent offer and also now she is hear fifty one percent, which way that

Robert Herjavec is trying to very own the bulk of the company. Robert Herjavec answer by saying the Kevin O’Leary made a tiny mistake, because what the Saccoman brothers yes, really need among the money, is a an excellent guide. Kevin O’Leary states that the Saccoman brothers could not find far better investors, even if castle tried.

“Rodolfo and also Alexis Saccoman questioning the Sharks if they have the right to have a minute to think about the offer, and also they walk away”

Kevin O’Leary tells Robert Herjavec to not think that him the he is cold, and sarcastically asks Robert what they would require Daymond for, that is a third wheel at this moment.

“Rodolfo and Alexis Saccoman are mentioning if they need to accept the offer or not, and also they room doubting because they carry out not desire to lose the majority share in your company”

The Saccoman brother walk earlier and Rodolfo says that they have actually a counteroffer, i m sorry is that the Sharks receive a fourty nine percent stake, and also that the brothers keep the fifty one percent stake in My therapy Journal. Rodolfo additionally states that they have worked so hard to acquire My treatment Journal turn off the ground, and also that they believe that the specialization of the Sharks will aid their vision to with the next level.

“Because Kevin O’Leary threw Daymond man under the bus, Daymond john decides to do his own offer”

Daymond John provides the Saccoman brothers a hundred and also twenty thousand dollars, because that a fifty percent stake in My treatment Journal. Robert Herjavec says that Kevin O’Leary is right, and that Daymond john does not include any value, because he has actually never done a deal over the internet. He continues by saying the he is the human being who construct up an web company, and also sold it because that a pair of million dollars. He says that Kevin and himself have the right to turn My treatment Journal around and also make it an extremely successful.

“Alexis Saccoman seems to agree and it looks favor the brothers want to expropriate Robert and Kevin’s offer, but before they can say anything, Daymond john asks the brothers if they came to the USA, simply to hand the regulate of their company over to someone else”

Rodolfo Saccoman says that they require the field of expertise of people who have actually experience v online companies, and also he many thanks Daymond because that his offer. The Saccoman brothers accept the sell that Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec made, i beg your pardon is eighty thousands dollars, because that a fifty one percent stake in My treatment Journal

My treatment Journal now in 2018 – After Shark Tank

Rodolfo and Alexis Saccoman were struggling come get new members because that their virtual company, but apparently there was some real interest in an online journal company, since they were having actually talks with big insurance companies. Lock were not able come gross a many money, since they only have about a hundred and also twenty payment customers. The Saccoman brother used all of their life to save to have the ability to develop the software program for My therapy Journal, which meant that lock did no have sufficient money come advertise. They regulated to gain an invest from both Kevin O’Leary and also Robert Herjavec, which intended that castle will have actually their field of expertise to assist them to acquire My therapy Journal turn off the ground. Over there is no cite that My treatment Journal is the best or worst ~ above Shark Tank.

You deserve to use My therapy Journal by walk to your website at and by signing up for a cost-free 14-day trial. After the trial, girlfriend will have the ability to either authorize up because that a month, three months or a twelve month membership, relying on how lot you took pleasure in using My treatment Journal. The prices will walk down, the longer your membership duration is. The website has actually testimonials from your users, which every seem come be very positive around the website. Some also say the they have actually stopped using a diary, just due to the fact that My therapy Journal is better at showing them exactly how they development through life.

I would not say that My treatment Journal failed as a company, since they to be able to acquire an invest from the Sharks, and also not many companies deserve to say the same. However, as soon as I look in ~ the website, that is straightforward to check out that it is really old, making use of old technology and it has not been updated for a long duration of time. In my opinion, if you desire to really succeed as an virtual company, you have to constantly upgrade your website and keep up through the current technology.

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The My treatment Journal website looks favor it is do in 2007, and also never to be updated after ~ that, i m sorry is a shame.