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Discord: Ohoho, but that's no all! when I checked out look because that them again, they were on the ceiling!Fluttershy: Oh, Discord, I've never known anypony together funny together you! i love that story around the time you tried come train your ideal paw... fetch her left leg! Oh, I execute love our Tuesday teas, and I can't wait because that you to accomplish my friend Tree Hugger. She's going come love friend too.Discord: Tree Hugger? Fluttershy: ns met her on a expedition to watch the Breezies. She's a member of the Equestrian culture for the preservation of rare Creatures.Discord: how nice for you. Fluttershy: We're every gonna have actually so much fun together at the cool Galloping Gala!Discord: Oh, ns was wondering as soon as you were going come ask me. I'd love to.Fluttershy: Oh. Oh, no. Um, I'm afraid I've currently asked Tree Hugger. I'm sorry, Discord. I assumed you'd have actually your very own ticket because you and also Princess Celestia room friends now. Were you not invited?Discord: Who, me? that probably gained lost in the mail. No biggie, as the foals say. Well, gotta go!Fluttershy: however we haven't had any of our Tuesday teacakes.Discord: Well, i guess we're just going to need to exclude castle from our party this time. Oh, did ns say that out loud? ns mean, ta-ta.

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Spike: Gemstones... Gah!Discord: Where's Twilight?Spike: Uh, she's in Canterlot, help Princess Celestia with the Gala!Spike: Rarity: Oh, your very first Grand Galloping Gala! The excitement, the anticipation! ns wouldn't miss out on this for all the jewels in Equestria!Scootaloo and also Sweetie Belle: We're going to the Gala! We're going come the Gala! We're going to the Gala!Applejack: Alright, y'all, save it down. It ain't prefer it's a life-changin' endure or nothiiiiing... My tiny sister's all grown up! Rainbow Dash: Hey!Cutie note Crusaders: This is gonna it is in the finest night ever! Discord: i don't mean that, uh, this adorable little cutie pies have their own tickets to the gross Gruesome Gala, perform they?Apple Bloom: Rarity: Ahem! to answer your rather rude question, they're going together our dates, our plus-ones.Sweetie Belle: We're plus-ones!Cutie note Crusaders: We're add to ones! We're plus-ones!Discord: Yes, yes, yes, I believe I obtained that!Rainbow Dash: Yeah!Pinkie Pie: have actually a wonderful, special, terrific day! Oh, hi, Discord. Want some cake?Pinkie Pie: i can offer you a perform of all the seasonings we have actually in bespeak of many delicious come incredibly, unbelievably delicious!Discord: Actually, Pinkie Pie, who room you acquisition to... Ns mean, carry out you... Eugh, oh, you understand what? i am famished. I'll take every the cakes.Pinkie Pie: every one of them?! that wants all of the cakes!Discord: Well, I'll need all my energy when I'm dancing at the Gala, if ns decide to go the is. Oh, through the way, space you bringing anypony?Pinkie Pie: Oh, of course! ns was gonna ask mine mom, due to the fact that she's, girlfriend know, mine mom, yet it turned out she didn't desire to go, therefore I began asking around and also around and around, and also I couldn't think the anypony, and I was around to simply go through myself, and also I realized, of course! that loves sophisticated exciting affairs much more than anypony else? my sister Maud!Discord: You know what? Cancel mine order.Pinkie Pie: You desire none that the cakes now?!Fluttershy: Oh, my, you room funny!Discord: ns guess every gift in Equestria is funny today.Fluttershy: Oh, exactly how rude the me. Tree Hugger, this is Discord. Discord, Tree Hugger.Tree Hugger: Radical to satisfy you. Yes, really digging your vibe.Discord: mine vibe?Fluttershy: It's a compliment.Discord: Oh, well, I'm certain it is. Well, I need to be off.Discord: It has nothing to execute with seeing you or not seeing you. You deserve to rest assured that that. Discord: have fun in ~ the Gala!Tree Hugger: Righteous!Discord: "Oh, Tree Hugger. You're such a an excellent friend. So lot funnier 보다 unfunny old Discord!"Discord: "No, no, here. Take it my plus-one. I insist. Before somepony else thinks he's mine friend and also expects to it is in asked instead. What's that? You're concerned Discord can be upset?" not a problem! I can make more new friend anytime ns want. It's no as if any kind of of this actually mattered! ns don't also want to walk to the Gala anyway!Parcel Post: Discord: room you perhaps trying to find me?Parcel Post: room you "Discord or present resident"? ns can't find any kind of street number in this place.Discord: my ticket come the cool Galloping Gala! i was invite after all!Discord: Why is this for this reason late?Parcel Post: Well, I obtained a tiny lost after i escaped the paris badgers... Have the right to you point me in the direction the the bottomless pit? i think I deserve to make my method back from there.Discord: Oh, over there. Somewhere. Simply go end there. Looks prefer I'll view you at the Gala ~ all, Fluttershy. Yet I can't present up alone. She'll think the she's my just friend. Who could I carry on such quick notice? Princess Celestia: I have to say, it's been an extremely nice having you take over several of the planning responsibilities for this year's Gala.Twilight Sparkle: something I have the right to do to make it less complicated on you.Princess Celestia: give thanks to you, Twilight. Ns am fairly looking forward to simply enjoying the Gala for once.Announcer: Announcing the soul of chaos, Discord, and his guest, the, uh...Discord: Announcer: The Smooze!The Smooze: Ponies: Discord: good evening, everypony! What a glorious affair!The Smooze: Discord: that does have a yen for shiny things, the rascal.Twilight Sparkle: I'll take treatment of this.The Smooze: Twilight Sparkle: What room you doing below with... That?!Discord: Now, now, now. The Smooze might be one "it", however it's one it through a heart of, well, blob.The Smooze: Twilight Sparkle: This night is extremely vital to me, Discord. keep it under control!Discord: Yes, yes, yes, the course. Call me, have actually you seen Fluttershy anywhere?Cutie mark Crusaders: We're here! We're here! us made it come the Gala!Fluttershy: Really? Tree Hugger: The aura coming off the waterfall to be so alive! So, like, magic manifestation.Fluttershy: Wow.Discord: Oh, Fluttershy. I didn't watch you there.Fluttershy: exactly how did you also know come look for an aura on a waterfall?Discord: Fluttershy: Discord! I thought you weren't coming!Discord: No. Ns actually never said that. Yet funny just how you remembered it the way. Anyway, good to see you. Tree Friend, is it? her name is slipping my mind ideal now. Just how strange.Tree Hugger: nice to fulfill you. I'm Tree Hugger. Blessings.Discord: You have actually met me before actually! Tree Hugger: Cool! Like, in one more life, maybe?Discord: You've gotta it is in kidding. Friend don't mental me?Tree Hugger: I satisfy a lot of different creatures, each among them perfect and unique.Discord: Yes, well, as I to be saying, it's just an excellent to be here with mine oldest, bestest friend.Fluttershy: Am i really your oldest, bestest friend?Discord: You? Of course not! girlfriend think ns don't have actually other friends? I'm centuries old! ns was talking about the Smooze! Smooze Face, the Smoozinator – well, I average that's what we called him ago in college. Smooze! ns would favor you to satisfy Fluttershy and, um, hmm... Tree... How'd you to speak it... Tree Embrace?Tree Hugger: Oh, I like that! It's so in rhythm v my life force! possibly I'll change it!Fluttershy: i can't think I've never ever heard you speak of the Smooze before. Sounds favor you two are so close.Discord: Well, I'm happy you acquired that, due to the fact that that's what is true. Us are.Discord: an extremely close.Fluttershy: That's wonderful! The four of us need to go the end to dinner sometime!Discord: We need to all go out to dinner sometime?! have actually you no heart?Pony: Discord: Oh, oh! the looks prefer somepony wants to mingle. We'll be back in a bit.Fluttershy: Oh, okay. Treezie and also I would love to speak to you much more later!Discord: Treezie? Really? type of a youth nickname, don't friend think?Pony: Discord: Smoozie! Wait up!Discord: Now, listen, Smooze. I have to make this a party that one because that a tiny while. Just stay out right here until ns come for you.Apple Bloom, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo and Tree Hugger: Discord: Tree Hugger: What's for this reason funny?Discord: Exactly!Rainbow Dash: Uhh... I think we're gonna walk hit the dance floor.Discord: Fluttershy, tell the Hugs here about the time the we checked out the store and came back with two cakes instead of one, because that's just how crazy us are as soon as we're together.Fluttershy: Um, we saw the store and bought 2 cakes.Discord: Oh. Well, you type of left out all the fun and frivolity there. But I'm certain you got it, Tree Hugger.Tree Hugger: I acquired that you really choose cake.Discord: We like each other. The was the point! I'm actually pretty lukewarm around cake.Rarity: let me in!Rarity: That creature took mine jewels!The Smooze: Twilight Sparkle: Discord! I believed I told girlfriend to save your friend under control!Discord: Oh, please. Ns have much better things to perform than to clock that point all night. What I mean to say is, that thing is a dear, to ~ friend, and also I'll make sure that the ooze, uh, the he can't aid but secrete doesn't gain on anypony else.Twilight Sparkle: give thanks to you. It's alright, everypony. Let's simply get ago to enjoy it this magical evening!Discord: You are making me look prefer a fool in former of Fluttershy. I'll be earlier when the Gala is over.The Smooze: Fluttershy: Oh, Tree Hugger, I've never known anypony together funny as you!Ponies: Discord: Check, check, check. Is this point on? an excellent evening, fillies and germs! I simply flew right into Canterlot, and wow, space my interspecies components tired!Discord: I've only got these tiny mismatched wings, and even I deserve to fly far better than Twilight Sparkle! Am ns right? Pchoo!Twilight Sparkle: Hey!Princess Celestia: Discord: Uh, well, maybe you're into more observational humor.

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Discord: Did girlfriend ever an alert how you constantly materialize the end of slim air? Why no thick air? What's the deal there?"Masquerade": Discord: tough crowd.Twilight Sparkle: What is the doing?!Rainbow Dash: i think they're... Jokes?Pinkie Pie: Maud! Jokes!Maud Pie: mine favorite.Discord: You could be a Ponyville pony when an plain night top top the town ends in a lesson around friendship! knock knock!Discord: You're an alleged to speak "Who's there?"! This is the most basic of jokes!Maud Pie: You're the most straightforward of jokes.Pinkie Pie: an excellent one, Maud!The Smooze: Twilight Sparkle: What is that?!Rainbow Dash: Twilight Sparkle: no one of my magic works on this ooze! deserve to you protect against it?Princess Celestia: I'm fear not!Twilight Sparkle: Discord, how can you carry him here?!Discord: Oh, he's not that bad!Rarity: Oh, my shoes will certainly be ruined forever!Applejack: That's what you're concerned about? Really?Tree Hugger: This is kind of a bummer.Discord: Isn't it, though? and to think, it would never have actually happened had I concerned the Gala as somepony else's plus-one.Tree Hugger: Seems choose something could have harshed his flow, you know? Like, his senses are agitated.Discord: girlfriend don't understand anything around rare creatures. I've recognized Smooze face for ages. He's no agitated. He's partying down! Whoo!Tree Hugger: every he requirements is some, like, quiet auditory therapy. I recognize I always feel really at peace when I'm gift bathed in positive vibes. Possibly he'll calm down v some sonic bliss.Discord: carry out you even know what you simply said?Tree Hugger: Ommmm. Ee-ee-ee-ee-ee! Ommmm. Ee-ee-ee-ee-ee!The Smooze: Tree Hugger: allow go, Smooze! Bliss out! Ommmm. Ee-ee-ee-ee-ee!The Smooze: Sweetie Belle: it worked!Everypony: Rainbow Dash: method to go, Tree Hugger!Fluttershy: the was the many magical point I've ever before seen done v animals!Discord: Tree Hugger: Oh, thanks, everypony. It makes perfect karmic feeling why magic doesn't occupational on him. He only responds come vibrations that tranquility out his energy fields.Discord: stop it! avoid it! That's it! I'm done through you, Tree Hugger!Tree Hugger: Oh, man. You're really bumming me out. Deserve to you just, like, lower your voice a skosh?Discord: A skosh? A skosh?!Tree Hugger: Whoa, dude! What is that?!Discord: Relax. I'm no going come hurt you. I'm merely going come send girlfriend to another dimension. I can't have actually you interfering in my connection with Fluttershy anymore!Fluttershy: Discord, stop!Discord: ns will, just as shortly as she's gone! climate we deserve to have a good laugh around this entirety affair end our constant Tuesday tea. Twilight Sparkle: Don't worry, Fluttershy! We'll protect against him!Main actors sans Fluttershy: Discord: I'm doing she a favor, Fluttershy! It's a lover dimension! White sand beaches, attentive wait staff... Ns mean, okay, the humidity isn't great, but where isn't that the case these days?Fluttershy: ns don't recognize why you're doing this! we were all acquiring along therefore well!Discord: and also we could, considering you've already stomped almost everywhere our friendship by inviting she to the greatest night of the year together if ns didn't matter at all!Fluttershy: go you yes, really think I'd abandon you just due to the fact that I have actually a brand-new friend?!Discord: Yes, since that's what friend did!Fluttershy: No, Discord! I invited a friend to a party! ns didn't give up you! What if you had a friend the you could comment on chaos-based magic with? would that mean we weren't friend anymore?!Discord: Uh... No, I mean not. That would simply mean the I'd have various friends for various things... Oh, oh, dear, it looks prefer I've maybe overreacted simply a skosh.Fluttershy: much more like a many skoshes! Tree Hugger, can you give us a minute?Discord: I'm just so brand-new at this totality friendship thing. It's so lot more facility than that looks.Fluttershy: carry out you think perhaps you fan somepony an apology? not me!Discord: Oh! Oh. Yes, right. The Smooze: Discord: Er, Tree Hugger, I'm sorry that you got captured in the middle of my... Er, friend know... Wrath.Tree Hugger: Oh, it's all groovy. Um, I need like a few minutes to clear out my chakras before I have the right to hug girlfriend from a place of authenticity.Discord: Oh, your chakras. fair enough.Discord: ns owe friend an apology, Smooze. I spent the whole evening thinking around my very own feelings and never thinking about yours.The Smooze: Discord: Well, friends! i think I may actually prosper to favor this multiple-friend thing.Maud Pie: I choose it too.Pinkie Pie: Hey, it's not a party until somepony spreads magic-resistant ooze uncontrollably over the ballroom! Come on, Smoozinator! Let's dance!The Smooze: Twilight Sparkle: I'm sorry, Princess Celestia. I assumed I might give friend a break tonight, but it turns out I was in over my head.Princess Celestia: You have actually nothing to apologize for. This has actually been the most fun Gala in years!Twilight Sparkle: ns know, it to be a—What?! but there to be ooze everywhere the place! and one of the guests threatened to send somepony to one more dimension!Princess Celestia: i know! have the right to you imagine how dull it would have been if i hadn't invited Discord? Come on! Whoo! The night is quiet young!