Quest Type: Optional QuestQuest Location: Coral HighlandsQuest Rank: 5

The existence of an unusual pressure has been shown in the Coral Highlands and also it has actually been determined to it is in a Kirin.

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Materials that have the right to be acquired from the monster will certainly be put to good use and also the irritated Biologist tends to usage it because that special devices at the ecological Research Center but the an initial one will be produced you.

Your task in this quest is come head over to the Coral Highlands and also slay a Kirin as soon as you have discovered where that is located.

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Quest Info

Quest Type: Slaying QuestObjective: Slay a KirinQuest Giver: Impatient Biologist (Astera)

Other Monsters:



Begin the pursuit by beginning out in Northeast Camp (12) and head down from the camp in the direction of the ideal where a Legiana typically is found.

As you move from camp, you must come across Old Footprints that the monster however might not gain much the a trail and should rather go towards the ledge that leads to sector 8.

Wait close to the ledge and also a Kirin must arrive from sector 8, permitting you to start attacking it till you kill it.

Proceed with attacking and also chasing down the Kirin till its wellness is short which might lead that to operation to ar 15 whereby you have the right to deal the death blow.

Quest Rewards

The Gone In A flash quest will certainly be finish once you have slain the Kirin and you will be rewarded through 9,000 Zenny for your efforts.

The impatient Biologist will reward you through a Thunderproof Mantle ~ the quest has been completed.

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Bring standing removing items such together Nulberry or Cleanser Booster to remove Thunderblight if you come to be inflicted v it indigenous the Kirin’s attacks.Pay attention to the Kirin as soon as it is channeling thunder together it will generally strike you v it if you room too close or in front of it.The Kirin can conveniently be killed if you assault fast and also be sure to store combos restricted until that is stunned.