When utilizing Simulink Real-Time, ns am attempting to incorporate some tradition code through custom libraries as component of the construct process. When I attempt to build the model, the following error is generated:
This signifies that the libraries that space being supplied are 64-bit, yet the target device needs to use 32-bit libraries. I then switch over to usage the 32-bit libraries, and when ns attempt to develop the adhering to error is generated:
link.exe /nologo /dll /MANIFEST /OPT:NOREF /export:mexFunction /export:mexfilerequiredapiversion /OUT:test_sfun.mexw64 /map:"test_sfun.map"
C:custom_pathcustom_library32.lib : warning LNK4272: library machine type "X86" conflicts with target machine type "x64"
NMAKE : fatal error U1077: ""C:Program records (x86)Microsoft intuitive Studio 14.0VCBinamd64link.exe"" : return password "0x460"
I recognize that both of the libraries work-related with my practice code due to the fact that I was able to compile utilizing Microsoft intuitive Studio 14.0 because that both platforms, 64-bit and also 32-bit.

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The Simulink Real-Time target is a 32-bit target, when the Simulink design executed top top a 64-bit host. For this reason, both the 32-bit and also 64-bit libraries have to be listed for the construct step the the application.
The easiest means to execute this is to usage legacy_code tool: https://www.bromheads.tv/help/simulink/slref/legacy_code.html
Utilizing this tool, the libraries have the right to be collection individually for both the host and also target utilizing the complying with options:
HostLibFiles — A cell variety of personality vectors specifying library documents required for hold compilation. You can specify the library files using pure or relative path names.
TargetLibFiles — A cell selection of personality vectors clues library papers required for target (that is, standalone) compilation. You can specify the library papers using absolute or family member path names.

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