Over 92% of every laser treatment patients room experiencing significant pain relief and also are getting far better faster.

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MLS Laser treatment Patients

Sports Injuries27592.73%
Arthritis -All Joints43591.58%

*Healed in much less than 1/2 the normal time

Heel Pain/Plantar Fasciitis11991.54%
Rotator Cuff15993.53%
Tennis /Golfer’s Elbow10793.46%
Achilles Tendonitis20289.60%
Neck/Back Pain29882.09%
Post-Surgical Patients

*Healed in less than 1/2 the common time

Total Patients:3,002Average: 92.04%

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Vision and Core Values

LKO Orthopedics is the premier provider that orthopedic care in West Bloomfield and Bingham Farms. Our highly dedicated team provides innovative nonsurgical and also surgical treatment choices for your whole family. We architecture individualized restore plans to reclaim you come a healthy active lifestyle. Get far better faster in ~ LKO!

Our core worths reflect our commitment to patient-centered care:

Compassion: we treat our patients as we would certainly our very own family.

Collaborate: We think teamwork produces the best possible results.

Customize: We do all we deserve to to gain our patients better, faster.

Cure: us go above and beyond to reclaim patients come optimal health.

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At Lederman Kwartowitz facility for Orthopedics & sports Medicine, our areas of expertise incorporate injuries and conditions of the hip & Knee, Foot & Ankle, Shoulder & Elbow, back & Neck, and Hand & Wrist. Our fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons Dr. Ronald S. Lederman, Dr. Note Kwartowitz, Dr. Collin O"Keefe, and physiatrist Dr. Stephen C. Hyman specialization in basic Orthopedics, sports Medicine, ache Management, Physical medication & Rehabilitation, Knee Replacement, i know well Replacement/Resurfacing, Minimally Invasive Surgery, PRP Therapy, Stem cabinet Therapy, MLS Laser Therapy, and Physical Therapy.