Thanks come your initiatives on Monarch, Dr. Phineas now knows whereby to get the chemicals he needs to thaw the end your frozen compatriots on the Hope. You’ve kicked turn off your following story search – The City and the Stars – and it’s time because that you to visit the seat of wealth and power in ~ the colony: Byzantium.

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Set course for Byzantium.

To start The City and also the Stars, walk to her nav terminal and also select Terra 2; Byzantium deserve to be discovered there. Together you are around to leave, Ellie will certainly ask to speak v you, assuming girlfriend recruited her ago on the Groundbreaker. She will certainly kick off her companion quest, and after a short conversation you’ll be cost-free to leaving the ship.


Enter the HHC Offices.

Leave his estate; you can select to one of two people meander on end to the Acropolis District, (where girlfriend will have to use your Holographic Shroud to stop detection, or either use dialog check or a bribe to to convince the guard to let girlfriend through), or head for the maintenance shafts listed below by heading back throughout the bridge, down, and through the tunnels by the write-up office (you’ll know you room at the right place if you check out Giles; he’ll offer straightforward side search you can complete within the shafts).

The walk indigenous the Byzantium chateaus to the HHC offices is absurdly short, and can be done with half a shroud charge if you have the id chip. If you don’t have the chip, and don’t desire to resolve the guard, however, girlfriend will require 60 Hack to actually acquire through the shafts and also around the checkpoint, therefore bear that in mind.

If you decide to brave the maintenance obelisk I have good news: it’s not nearly as suicidal as everyone make it out to be! poor news: the is still loaded with automechanicals, yet a shock weapon is more than sufficient to resolve the threat. Follow the waypoint v the shafts till you find yourself at a locked door. If you have the previously mentioned 60 in Hack, climate you are golden. If not, well, the shroud alternative is hilariously, pitifully short.

Regardless the the selection you made, you’ll find yourself exterior the HHC offices, with no one protecting against you from entering choose you own the place. There is a reason for the absence of security out front, though. Walk inside and also you’ll watch why: there is a security checkpoint you must pass with in bespeak to access the building proper. Thankfully, that key Clark offered you is enough to convince the guard at the door to let friend through.

After part bluster about registering your weapons, the safety will permit you to pass, but not before reminding friend of all the guards post upstairs. As lengthy as friend don’t uncover yourself comes down v a sudden instance of “murder-itis”, you have to be fine. Go up the elevator, and the chairman’s office will certainly be directly in front of you throughout a small lobby. If you wanna skip the foreplay with the receptionist, use Clark’s vital to enter his office top top the left; there is a gigantic hole in the wall that will certainly lead into the chairman’s office. If the receptionist does try and stop you he is basic to dismiss.

You’ll discover the chairman’s terminal at his desk. If you have actually 100 Hack you can acquire some lore that’ll impact dialog with a character later on in the game, but if no browse his messages. Friend can likewise send Clark’s article (like i said, 1-2 punch). Accessibility his priority message, publish off a keycard, and The City and the Stars will certainly update. You’ll be presented with a small cutscene once you shot and exit the terminal; transforms out the good chairman has actually his very own twisted systems to the fixed starvation developing in Halcyon.

Head come the ministry of Accuracy and also Morale.

You’ll have to head earlier outside and also travel come the to adjust of Accuracy and also Morale, where the dimethyl sulfoxide Dr. Phineas needs is being stored. Rotate left when you leaving the HCC Offices and also you’ll check out the ministry is right following door. Unlock the door v your freshly published keycard, and also go inside.

Security is quite lax, for this reason as lengthy as girlfriend don’t shoot anyone in the face, girlfriend can check out with family member freedom. Over there are minimal areas, however nothing her shroud can’t handle, presume you have the id chip, and also the dialog come replenish it. There is a fancy method around this issue, however, and it entails some HR discord. Friend can also talk to the security on the right, and also either usage high dialog checks or an high value bribe come enter. Appears every guard in The City and also the Stars takes bribes…

Assuming you want to go the simpler route, walk to the left, revolve left again, and you’ll uncover a room labeled “HR”. In ~ is a terminal you can hack for 46 Hack, and also you’ll discover that a scientist in the ministry, Caroline, has an ongoing feud through her coworker Theodore. Head upstairs and also go right; you’ll uncover a employee cafeteria, through our agitated scientist sit alone in the back corner.

Strike increase a conversation v Caroline. If you didn’t have actually the forced hack for the terminal a 70 scientific research will victory her favor immediately, and she will personally escort you right into the lab and also have the restriction gotten rid of (though the guards below in the labs will continue to be on alert). If girlfriend can’t happen this check however were able to hack the HR terminal then ask her about Theodore. Happen a 1 lie check and she will certainly take you come the limited zone. This will cause the exact same overall an outcome as the scientific research check, yet you will have deprived you yourself of utilizing cellular department as a pick-up line.

Go v the door and also ahead of you is a locked door. It’s straightforward enough lockpick at 30, and also you’ll discover a UDL identity cartridge within the lockers. This will permit you to usage your shroud in the lower floors, make infiltration easier. The door ~ above the left end is a 45 lockpick, yet is moreorless secondary infiltration path if you are trying come go about this component of The City and also the Stars v either her cloak, or pure stealth.

Go to the elevator in the big room v crates and take the down. You’re shroud will activate if friend have got the UDL keycard, but if you don’t have it you can either use timeless stealth, or go around this v your weapons doing the talking.

Follow the yellow line on the floor to with the hibernation lab. You’ll have a few routes here, but taking the elevators will certainly unlock shortcuts ago upstairs if you have to refresh your shroud or break heat of sight. It is in warned, there room automechanical drones throughout the facility: if you room using the shroud be certain if drops close to people and also not them, otherwise you’ll be exposed and a firefight will certainly ensue. As soon as at the hibernation rap you’ll watch a ban door to her left: unbar that for an easy exit.

Go to the terminal in the lab and also transfer the dimethyl sulfoxide right into the canister you just passed. You can opt to either transfer all of it – and kill every human test topic in the rap – or you deserve to transfer 26.271% of it. This is just one of the finishing affecting choices in The City and the Stars, and it’ll impact dialog later with many characters: maintaining the researchers will be seen as an ext humane, however it’ll limit what Dr. Phineas deserve to do in the end. Leaving the ministry when you have actually the chemicals and fast take trip to your ship.

If girlfriend haven’t ratted Dr. Phineas out yet you’ll receive a call from Adjutant Sophia Akande once you visit ADA. Akande will discuss Edgewater if you persuaded Adelaide to return and also run the show, but ultimately she will current you v an offer: she desires you to revolve Dr. Phineas in, and assist the Board’s setup to save the colony. This will influence what finishing you get. To speak yes and you’ll be asked to send a trace to the board via Dr. Phineas’ communication terminal; this will unlock the story quest lengthy Distance (and if she brought up Edgewater girlfriend will get the foundation quest after you finish that, both of which have a overview in our hub). Completing her searches will lug you earlier around to where you are now, to the same search you will certainly receive immediately if you to speak no come her: tricks Kept yet Not Forgotten.

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If you stay loyal to Phineas you will certainly be tasked through returning to his lab, whereby The City and also the Stars will conclude, and you’ll relocate on to keys Kept but Not Forgotten. That search is pretty much the same no issue who you room helping, yet the end results will be different. Don’t think me? examine out the guide for it and the rest of The Outer people guides here.