I have chose to shot research a tools to give complete closure to this game. My Struts space at around 130 each and also I have been farming S++ native the events.

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I note I still have around 100 S course soldiers in each Strut. Is it precious me instead of these v S+ guys from events, or will certainly they ultimately need to gain replaced v S++ soldiers come hit higher levels?

To reiterate, will the S+ soldiers eventually need to acquire swapped the end by S++

Last unrelated question, go infiltrating an FOB without alerts increase chances that S++ indigenous the Volunteers?


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So I mounted the video game after having actually like a year lengthy break. Simply played FOBs and also MGO. I made decision to execute a story mission out of the blue.

At the end, a huge series of cut scenes about nuclear disarmament happened and also I gained rewarded about 50,000 heroism ns think.

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Sooo..did every PS4 players actually remove the nukes at as soon as or walk Kojima simply throw us a bone?

And as soon as did this happen?

I can build my very first fob, but the video game is prompting me to do it through blocking the end my other options on the mb tab. I’ve to be reading about the various waters, but I only have actually 3 to pick from together opposed come 6 or 7 like I’ve seen online. I recognize resource-wise north Atlantic is generally preferred, however is generally taken into consideration terrible because that defense. Then there is North and South Pacific accessible as well. Which need to I go with, and can someone describe the entirety moving waters situation for far better resources and also the layouts? i have heard they don’t change, and also I really want to make sure I pick the finest option.

Hey everybody, has actually anyone had issues with next ops no appearing, there's about 4 or 5 not showing up for me and I've excellent all key missions and also every easily accessible side op, one point that prompted side ops to upgrade was as soon as I flew to the quarantine area however nothing appeared to change, I'm guessing that was simply letting me replay a next op?

??? Why does Miller threaten to kill Boss twice? as soon as with Quiet landing and also again through kids? Why isn’t Miller thrown overboard?