Mexico and also Honduras square turn off for the optimal spot in CONCACAF"s second Olympic qualifying group. Who has what that takes come win?

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The peak spot in team B of CONCACAF"s Olympics Qualifying competition is up because that grabs, v Mexico and Honduras squaring off even, each with six points. Mexico will gladly take a draw if it pertains to that together goal differential favors them, yet a success would assist them store momentum going right into the semifinals together they aim because that a place in the 2016 Olympic gamings in Rio to defend their gold medal native the 2012 London games.

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The many important facet of this match is who encounters the red-hot USMNT side in the semifinals. The united state secured very first place in team A on Tuesday, definition that whoever loses this match and finishes second in the team has to fight them, while the winners acquire a much easier-looking enhance with Canada. Offered that only the two teams in the last are guarantee a clues in Brazil — the third-place side needs to win a playoff against Colombia — that puts a many weight ~ above this result, so expect this one to walk all-out and also to the wire together these two talented teams jockey because that a favorable adversary in the semifinals.

Key player — Anthony Lozano (Honduras)

Lozano has actually been a hot hand in the competition so far, v a goal in each of Honduras" very first two matches. If he have the right to keep up the form, it would make life much less complicated for Honduras to understand they have actually a dependable danger male up height — yet he"s additionally played a most minutes and also may no be fresh enough on brief rest to continue to have that kind of impact. If he"s at less than 100 percent, Honduras might be in trouble.

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Key matchup — Raul Lopez (Mexico) vs. Bryan Acosta (Honduras)

Games favor this are won or shed in midfield, and also these two are likely to be crucial to seeing who comes out on optimal of that specific battle. Acosta and also Lopez have been an important to your teams" midfields, especially Lopez — Mexico struggled to break Haiti down till he subbed right into the match, and his influence was duly vested by being allowed to take it the vital penalty that won Mexico the match. Acosta has been a tank in Honduras" midfield, yet has been a bit foul-happy at times in Honduras" at an early stage matches. He needs to continue to be disciplined, due to the fact that Honduras can"t bought to offer Mexico too many chances through collection pieces.