Mexico take on Ecuador in the final round that Copa América group gamings on Friday, and neither side have the right to afford to slip up.

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Both Mexico and Ecuador have sustained pretty miserable Copa América campaigns so far. Two defeats from your opening pair of games have seen the last tumble to the bottom of the group, and also anything various other than a victory in this enhance would seal their elimination. Mexico -- who have drawn both the their gamings -- could really carry out with a win, too, as a attract would leaving them relying ~ above results somewhere else to progression as among the three ideal third-placed sides. The looks a tall order.

The great news because that the neutral is the the existing situation method their meeting in Rancagua on Friday should be one entertaining one. Both teams" tournaments top top the line, and sitting back and play for the attract is i can not qualify to do them any good. Let"s hope because that a really goalfest, in i m sorry the unfortunate party at least goes the end in a blaze of glory.

Mexico will be spring for huge performances from your two key strikers Raúl Jiménez and Matías Vuoso, who both score in their exciting 3-3 attract with Chile last time out. They have actually the ability to cause big problems because that a shaky Ecuador back line, and also could well include to their global tallies. However, Ecuador room much much better going forward than they are hanging back, and Premier organization stars Jefferson Montero and also Enner Valencia will have to be watched carefully by the Mexico defence.

Match Date/Time: Friday, 5 p.m. ET, 6 p.m. Local

TV: beIN sporting activities (U.S. And also Canada -- English), beIN sporting activities en Español, TyC sporting activities Internacional (U.S. -- Spanish), Premier sports (U.K.), Azteca 7, TDN, Planeta Fútbol, skies Mexico, Canal 5 Televisa, UnivisionTDN (Mexico), DirecTV Sports, TC Television, Gamavision (Ecuador), TyC sports Internacional (Ecuador and Mexico)


U.S.: beIN sporting activities Connect, FuboTV

Canada: beIN sports Connect

United Kingdom: Premier Live

Ecuador: DirecTV Play

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